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Hello Travellers

A few days ago my countdown to the day I leave Canada showed me that I have less than 100 days left. Don’t understand me wrong when I say countdown. I’m not counting the days till I leave Canada. I really enjoy it here and I don't want to imagine what it will be like when the day of the takeoff really comes.

But ok let’s look ‘a little bit’ back. I want to talk about the last past seven months and what I think. Do I regret it, would I do it again ...?

Do be honest the question if I regret my exchange year is maybe a little bit stupid if I already said that I don’t want to think about leaving :), but here my top 5 reasons why (not in a particular order).


Of course my English has improved. That’s probably one of the main reason why I wanted to do an exchange. It doesn’t matter if your English is bad or already good. I started to think in English and since then I didn’t had trouble to say what I want without searching for the words. It becomes so much easier and one day I caught myself, thinking what that word is in German or I suddenly used an English word while speaking German (still doing it). Also, good English skills are important in nowadays jobs.

Self-Confidence, Independence, open-minded etc.

I can definitely already say that I chanced during the last seven months. I have more confidence in myself and are open-minded to other people or cultures. Also you learn to be independent. Sure your host parents can help you but they won’t help you with every problem. I can’t really explain in which way I changed, but a friend from Spain told me that she has the feeling she changed too. My host sister from Brazil said she learned and gained patience, to respect differences, that accepted that she can’t know everything and many other things.

I’m young

It sounds weird when I say that but remember that person who always said “Do it while you are young”? He/she is so right. I had so many opportunities to spend one year abroad and I chose High School. I had doubt if that was the right choice but i really never regret it!! After this year a new “chapter” will start for me. I’m really excited for it and my year abroad helped me in some way to decide what I want to do.. Travel when you are young and you will learn from it. Also you might not get the chance again.


It’s a huge adventure even when your adventure on day becomes your normal life and it doesn’t seem like an adventure anymore. But since I’m here I want to travel. I want to experience new cultures and this becomes a little bit easier with the friends I made. I have three places in this world I definitely want to visit because of my friends: Japan, Spain and Brazil. But I got interested in so much more.

My host family

Last but not least my host family. I personally cared more about the home and the
people I will spend 10 months with than the school and the place I will go to. And I had so much luck with my host family. There are so many good things to say about them but all in all I’m just a part of the family and that probably makes it the hardest thing to say goodbye. At least 50% of my memories are together with them (that’s a huge part ;) ).
I think you can make friends everywhere. I'm also so lucky in this aspect too. I have great friends and it's going to be weird when we will live in different countries. They all will make saying goodbye sooooo hard.

So, maybe it is obvious but I would always do it again!

Thanks for having patients with me and reading this blog entry.
See you next time maybe than on one of our other accounts ;) (Instgram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube)

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Blog #6 by Sohrab Ayan



This is my sixth month here in Nova Scotia and it was a rough but also fun one.

Canadian Winter
This month I've experienced the entire magnitude of a Canadian winter. The roads were full of snow and all the houses were covered in white. Our little Sherbrooke turned into a Winter wonder land. I probably have never seen so much snow in my entire life.



But snow has always advantages and disadvantages.
I think we can all agree at what the disadvantage could be.....yes, shoveling. But honestly, after all this time I'm actually really getting used to it and it has become a good exercise for me.

But when you are sitting inside during a snowy and frosty day and you are watching a movie and drinking a cup of hot chocolate, that is really one of the best things on earth!

Semi Dance
Every year there is a so called 'Semi Dance' that is not just a dance, but a formal one. Everybody has to dress up and I was really looking forward to this dance. I went there with some friends and all in all it was really fun and we had a nice night.


Ice Skating & Hockey
Back in Germany I didn't skate a lot. And I have to admit my ice-skating skills were accordingly bad. But since I'm here I do lot more ice-skating and I am actually pretty proud of my progress so far. I am getting much better and the better I'll be the more fun it is!


Besides that I actually played ice-hockey for the first time. We played it before in our Physical Activities class in school but that was just in the gym. It is a COMPLETELY different thing on ice. I have to admit that this is a really difficult sport, especially with my ice-skating skills. It was small court and everything just went so fast, we Germans couldn't keep up with the Canadians at all....
But it was fun and I hope that as soon as I'm getting better at the skating part, I could get better at playing hockey.


New international students
At the end of the month they had an orientation weekend for the new international students that came for the second semester. At one point they had an activity where they invited the other international students to come, too. So we went to meet the new international students and watched games of the St.FX's "X-Men" and "X-Women" basketball team.


Afterwards we had a little buffet and a party which was really fun because we got to know each other better and we also got to meet some of our other friends.

I am really excited for the second semester with all the new international students.

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Feeling like a Canadian

Hi everyone, I’m Sera and this is my 6th month in Canada. I really felt like a Canadian this month. For the first time I shoveled snow ! It was exhausting. The snow was up to my knees. My host family has a snow blower, but the snow was just too high so we had to shovel. But I get to build my first snowman!! It was wet and cold; still, it was worth it. I named him “Bob”. I know it’s not creative, but I like it. He had a “Bob” look to him. Anyway, he only survived for 2 weeks.(RIP Bob)

I am also getting better at snowboarding and ice skating. I can actually go down the big hill now!! At first I was so afraid to go down but my friends encouraged me and helped me a lot. So I went down. Well I fell like 7 times, and went down in 15 minutes. I didn’t give up and I kept going down. And now, I can go down without falling. I’m so happy. No more bruses!!
This is me and my friend going up on the chairlift.

I wasn’t really keen on ice skating because I’m a very clumsy person, and I believed that I would break my ankle. That never happened(so far), but I got rid of my fear and I tried it . I didn’t fall but it was really hard. Also, my host family bought me skates for my birthday. So now I can go ice skating more often and practice.
The only problem was that I was missing my country and my family. So me and my turkish friends planned to go to a turkish restaurant in Halifax. We were only 4 peolpe at the start. And then one of my friends said that there was another group going to do the same thing. So we decided to gather up. Honestly, I didn’t know who they were. I was a bit shy at first but they were really good people and I had so much fun that day. I’m glad that we met and now I feel much better.

I’m meeting new people every day. I went to a birthday party that was for an international student that I didn’t really know well. So I was nervous a little. I did have friends in common, but most were people that I didn’t know well. It was fun. I know have new friends and I’m not as shy as I used to be.

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===Hey everyone. I’m Sera, and this is my 5th month in Canada. I am half way through. It was a busy month. First of all, I went to a ski hill with the international students. I met lots of new people there. Especially when I was taking snowboarding lessons there were a few that couldn’t snowboard or it was their first time. I had so much fun there. But the most important thing is that now I can SNOWBOARD. Well, I’m still on the bunny hill, but I can still do it. I just need a little bit of practise that’s all !! Anyway, after a day full of snowboarding and falling, I couldn’t walk properly for a few days. But it was worth it.===

Secondly, this month I had a few friends leaving. It was hard to leave them, but we promised to see each other again. One of them was leaving soon, so we organised a supper with my friends for him. Took lots of photos and had lots of fun. And then it was time for the others to leave too. So we were going to plan something for them. But a few days later we learned that the ambassador students had a surprise for us. They had organised a small party for us. There were games and snacks. We danced, laughed, and played games. It was so much fun, and a good way to say goodbye. I had to say goodbye to my host sister too. We spent a lot of time together and she was leaving on my birthday!! So we celebrated my birthday a day earlier with her. My host family bought me a cake too. We had a cake fight. The cake was pretty good but I didn’t like the part when it was on my face. Anyway, it was my first birthday without my family. but I really had fun. The next day I said goodbye to my host sister. İt was hard but we still keep in contact .


Another big thing this month is that I met my new host sister and new international students. I love meeting neew people from around the world. Now, I have friends freinds from everywhere!!

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Blog #5 by Sohrab Ayan


A very happy new year everybody! This is my fifth blog about my fifth month here in Canada.
A lot of other great people had to leave us this month and I just want to take a moment to wish them all the best in their lives and that it was a pleasure to meet them all! Hope that everybody had a great semester.

Polar Bear Dip
One of my resolutions for this year was to become braver and I think I did a good start. The first thing I did on the very first day this month was the Polar Bear Dip a very traditional thing here in Canada at New Years Day! Jumping into the ice cold water here at the St.Mary's river. Me and my host mother Tonya were brave (or crazy) enough to do this and without any toe-touching the water we just ran into the water and it was super funny. I have to admit that I expected the water to be colder than it was but our feet were still freezing afterwards. We left the car running and jumped into the car right after we came out of the water. Such a great moment.


New family member
Yes, for the new year we got a new family member as well, It's our beloved cat William. He is some sassy sometimes but he is an amazing cat. Away from his old home he came to us. It sounds weird but I saw myself in this cat. But it didn't take him long to feel like home and is now a full member of this family and I'm really happy with him having here. :)


Sugar Moon Farm
One day we went to the so called "Sugar Moon Farm". It is a maple syrup farm and because I had to do a project about maple syrup it was just perfect to go there. First of all we had an awesome breakfast and almost everything that was on the table had to do with maple syrup!
I had some pancakes with maple whipping cream and an iced-maple tea. Oh, and some awesome bisquits with maple butter!


Afterwards I had a tour and they told us a lot about maple syrup production. It was really interesting and I was suprised when I saw that the sap of the trees they use for the maple syrup looks just like water and after boiling it it turns into the colour we know.
But that wasn't all we did. After the tour we went hiking along the Rogar Mountain Trail. It was a really long trail but it we had a perfect weather and it was such a beautiful trail!



Another big thing this month were the exams. I had to write two exams in English and in Mathematics about all the stuff we did this semester. I have to say that I expected them much harder but it was fine. After a semester of school I can definiteley say that school in English became much easier for me now and that I don't even feel like an international student anymore. I'm looking forward to the new subjects I get next semester and how the next semester will look like.

As I said at the beginning we had to say Goodbye to some of the international students that stayed until the end of this month. We had a ski trip with our region and had a lot of fun but afterwards we had a big meeting with all the students and ambassadors that came and we had so say goodbye to them. We had some cake and tears....



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