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NSISP Foreign Correspondents 2017-18

We are pleased to introduce our Nova Scotia International Student Program Foreign Correspondents for the 2017-18 school year.

Our Foreign Correspondents have been carefully selected by representatives from agencies in their home countries to share their NSISP adventure with the world!

Please welcome:
Phatcharida (Mindy) Thonglat - Thailand, TCRSB
Pengfei (Allan) Xiao - China, HRSB
Evrim Uygar Gol - Turkey, CBVRSB
Ewout van Waasbergen - Netherlands, CBVRSB
Lorenzo De Simone - Italy, TCRSB
Ximena Castillo Sanchez - Mexico, CCRSB
Toan (Tony) Nguyen - Vietnam, CCRSB
Chanjin (Chan) Yoon - South Korea, AVRSB
Samuel Alberti Caram - Brazil, AVRSB

Journey along with them:
Travellerspoint: http://nsispfc.travellerspoint.com
Instagram: nsispfc #nsisp #nsispfc
Youtube: NSISP Foreign Correspondents
and on the official NSISP Facebook page

Best wishes to all of our 2016-17 NSISP Foreign Correspondents

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Making a dream come true

The packing, the goodbyes, the long flights, all was worth to be in Canada, the land of oppottunities.
Hi everyone, this our blog where we are going to be posting about our experiences in Canada.

We are a group of nine students all from different countries,we are all foreign students because we all here for scholarships some of us are going to stay here in Nova Scotia for six months and others for 10 months.
First day- august 25
After the long flights we had to take we arrived to the Esl camp at Nova Scotia community collage, some of us arrived in the morning and others at night, everybody giving us a warmly welcomed, the same day at night we had a party where we meet the embassadors which was fantastic and very exciting. Everybody had a wonderful night dancing and having fun it was an incredibly fist day in Canada, even tough some of us who are not used to this whether were freezing.
Saturday- agust 26
On Saturday we woke up and went to breakfast at 8. After that we had an indrotuction where we meet Paul Millman, Mike Boston and Monica Nielsen. They explained us the responsibilities that a foreign correspondent. After the introductions we had a game of scarbenger hunt with the embassadors where we had to Take a bunch of pictures doing Canadian stuff. After that we grab a quick lunch and went to Halifa, there we had the opportunity to go in the Harbour Hopper, where we heard some amazing stories like the life of the famous artist Maud Lewis and the sad story of the Hallifax explosion. After having the amazing experience we went to another adventure in the Citadell Hall in there we made some observations between Canada and our countries like the lack of motocicles in Canada. We had a lot of fun there playing with the canons and following the piper. Following that we went to a marvelous dinner where we tried a lot of different things like lobster and shrimp pasta. Then we went for a piece of heaven that Canadians called beaver tails and we ate them on the way back to camp, that was another fantastic day.
Sunday Agustin 27
On Sunday we had a class of photography where we learned some tips on how to take pictures with the magnificent photographer Tyler Rogers. After that we had another challenge with the embassadors we had to make a video explaining things about our countries, then we went to Victoria's park, a beautiful park in Truro we walked on the park and we got to see the waterfalls which was fantastic. after the adventure we grabbed dinner on bubba rays we had a Christmas dinner we ate a fantastic meal a little diffrent from what we usually eat for Christmas In our country's but still delicious.
Back at ten camp we did an esl comedy theater where we had to do a sketch with the other embassadors and international students, it was really fun and the perfect end for a perfect day.
Monday- august 28
The last day at the camp a very exciting and at the same sad because we had to say goodbye to the friends we meet here but also excited to meet our host family.
We wished all of the students a wonderful year and we hope you have fun and enjoy your stay.

See you soon.

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Last Blog


Hi everyone, I’m Sera and I only have 16 days left to go back to my country. I know I didn’t write a blog for May, but I figured that it would be better if I write one last big one instead. It’s the end of the school year so I have to study for my exams. Canada is warming up. The weather can be so good that I just want to stay outside all day. I couldn’t do that in May because it was raining quite a bit. We did have some good days in May but you can’t trust that, it might snow the next day. But I got to enjoy those days with my friends.
I also went to Peggy’s Cove that month. It is a really pretty area and if you are ever coming to Canada I recommend that you should go there. It was a bit windy but it was worth it. Luckily the weather was pretty good that day.

There was a day that we did a “Turkish Day” which I invited my Turkish friends to my place and we cooked Turkish food together. I had so much fun that day and doing that made me feel like I was home. We gave some of the food that we cooked to my host family too. I’m happy that they enjoyed it.
While I was here, in Canada I got used to going shopping. And I’m not a person who really likes going shopping, but now I don’t mind going because I’m having lots of fun with my friends. Friends make everything better and Canada gave me lots.

My first prom was amazing!! Everyone was all dressed up and they were taking photos. I get to see beautiful and colourful dresses and it was a great atmosphere. I got so tired after dancing all night. I ‘m really glad that I get to have this experience.
After prom we had a Foreign Correspondent Trip which I had lots of fun. Eventhough we don’t really know each other I felt close to them. It lasted for 3 days. Thank you to Monica and Mike, it was a long drive for a few of the correspondents and they were driving. I ate sushi for the first time with them and I liked it. We stayed in delhousie residence. ı think it’s our luck, but the receptionist was an ambassador student. She helped us a lot. We even took a photo with her. Anyway the next day we went on a boat trip and saw 100 islands. They were beautiful. We also saw seals too. They were cute!! The third day we went to an art gallery and to Peggy’s Cove. We couldn’t do a lot of outdoor activities because it was raining all day. We still went to Peggy’s Cove and got wet, but it was fun. ıt was a good opportunity to see the things that we still haven’t seen in Canada. Oh I almost forgot. We also went to a library that was bran new in Halifax. I told Monica that she could leave me in there for the night so that I could explore. That never happened but we did wonder around a bit. I have to tell you it was one of the best librarys that I have ever seen in my entire life. I still think that if she let me there I could spend a couple of weeks just reading!
IMG_5744.jpg IMG_5785.jpg
After that it was time to leave and it was a little upsetting, but the friends that you have made in Canada would still be your friends and you will not lose contact with them. I have to keep reminding that sentence to myself or otherwise I will burst into tears.
Now it is my last week in Canada. I feel excited to see my family(I missed them so much) but I’m also sad because I don’t want to leave.Yesterday was the last day of school and I had to say goodbye to everyone. I was nearly crying. But I knew this day was going to come so I try to think that I would still be able to talk to my friends threw the internet.I can cry after the exams. Right now I have to focus on them.

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Blog #8 by Sohrab Ayan

Trip to Cuba

When I first came here I'd never thought that I'm gonna see more than just Canada, but thanks to my amazing Host family I got to experience something of what not many other people can say..... I did a trip to Cuba!

Yes the small country down in South America which is known for the beautiful beaches and the sun. While there were blizzards and a lot of snowing going on here we just took of and visited Cuba for a week. It was amazing. On the first days we just enjoyed the beautiful weather and the resort we stayed in. On day we had a Jeep Safari trip to some unique places close to Varadero and they sure are breathtaking. Visiting Havanna was awesome, it is such a unique city and the people are lovely.

Two Rivers Wildlife Park
Together with all the exchange students and ambassadors of the Strait Regional School Board we visited the Two River Wildlife Park by Sydney in Cape Breton. First thing we did after we arrived was having lunch. We left pretty early because it is a long drive to Sydney and so we were all pretty hungry. Watching peacocks walking next to the windows while we were eating was pretty funny. It was actually the first time I saw peacocks so close.
After a ride on the carriage we had some time for ourself to explore the park. From Moose over to skunks the park had a big variety of animals who you were actually allowed to feed as well. My favourite animal of the park was definitely this one.

These were my absolute highlight of this month...really excited for the next one, you never know what you are going to experience next.

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Hi everyone I’m Sera and this is my 8th month in Canada! So exciting. I finally get to know how spring is like here. The weather can really suprise you. One day it’s 21 degrees and one day it’s 7. I enjoyed my last time ice skating this month. I can go faster on the ice now!! But I really need more practice to actually skate. IMG_5047.jpg
I went to a birthday party with my friends and had a blast!!
I also went to my second dance in Canada. It was the Spring Formal Dance and it also gave me a chance to more. I really had fun and I might have lost a couple of pounds that day :) We danced and danced. I can’t say all night because it was only until 9pm. But it was enough for us. I took a lot of photos that day. I met some crazy people and had lots of fun.
As an international event we did an amazing race, it was something unusual for me to do. Because we had missions to do in only a few hours. We had to find places and certain people in Halifax. Our coordinator divided us in groups and there were host families that volunteered to drive us. It was really hard but so much fun. My group couldn’t finish in the first place but we weren’t last either.
We had to ask people at the streets to find our way and most of them were laughing at us because we were running and trying to be quick. I have been to Halifax a few times but couldn’t figure out where we were going for an hour. With this trip I get to go to places that I never knew it existed.

This month I also went bowling with my friends too.It was my second time playing bowling in Canada. I’m not really good at bowling but I did win the first game. I have to include that the balls here are smaller than the usual balls that I’ve played in my country.

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