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Goodbye March, Hello April !

Enjoying time with wonderful people and wonderful time.

Hello, everyone, my name is Tony, and I'm one of the Nova Scotia's foreign correspondent, and today I would like to share my experiences.

From the cold winter and frozen ice, with lots of fun on the field with friends, having a snowball fight and a fun slide down the hill, I was found myself so cherry to have such fun. It was during the March Break when my host family decided to travel to Cuba for their vacation, I was transferred to another host family in order to have someone look after me. Couple of weeks before the break, I have received a letter from my host coordinator that I was chosen to stay at the Wheller's house, I was excited to see them because they also hosted three international students, which all of them are my close friend. In the last day of school before March Break, I was really happy to stay with them during the March Break, get to hang out with my buds, knowing new people and having fun. The days on March Break was amazing, I have done lots of things like go filled woods, go sliding down the hill, making a snowman, and I also have a boxing teaching lessons, for free. I was able to make many memories that I have with my friends during March Break, playing with them and get to know the guys were awesome.

After the amazing and memorable March Break, it was the time for the lovely spring to come, well, sort of. Winter came for a few short days but after that, it didn't. During a few weeks till the end of March, there was a playoff season tournament between the hockey teams. Our Truro's BearCats were fire, their effort, and great teamwork, they were able to make it to the 6th round of the playoff season, but sadly they didn't make it to the final round, the team was very excellent in the game and even they didn't promise to the international, they still in many of Truro's fan heart as the best team.

The things that I've heard from all of my Canadian friends is when you are here, in Truro, you must visit the Sugar Moon Farm. The Farm was known for exporting one of the best production sugar, it also known by many of the Canadians in Truro. I and my friends were so excited about this trip, most of us never went to the farm before, even though we'd stayed here for almost eight months. The day has finally come, we're all packed up and ready to roll. Our international students are gonna go with the life skills students, they were wonderful people, we're all having fun with each other, singing on the bus, laughing, it was a pleasure to have this trip together with them. The trip was wonderful, we went to see the horses couple of walks away from the house, we went to hear an interesting history of the maple tree and how they export it, and it makes me really curious about how the technique and the factors that impact to the maple tree like temperature, wind and depends on how the tree will develop and grow. After that, we went to have lunch with delicious pancake, hot out of the pan, and some Sugar Moon Farm amazing syrup, it was a good lunch. Finally, we're all went out for a break and enjoy a good, cold and sticky dessert, sugar stick, they pour sugar on a surface of ice, we have to take a stick and roll it from bottom to the end.

In many countries in Europe or America or North America, there is this traditional culture that I have never experienced before, that is Easter. You know what I'm talking about, the day that kids with their parents and their friends, go into forest or backyard of the house, to look for eggs. Not just ordinary egg is Easter egg with chocolate flavor inside every Easter egg. The tradition has been long last for centuries, and so as the legend about the Easter Bunny. I myself was so excited about this because this is my first Easter ever. Our family also arrived with an old member, her name was Ms. Kim from Korea. Having her around, we would never lose our laugh, she was funny and kind and also skills in cooking. We all have a big supper together on the night before Ms. Kim 's flight, there was all member of the family, grandpa, grandma, and my host brother big brother, too, and his friend. Together we eat with joy and laughter, the food was great, the dessert was delicious, everything seems to be better when you have so much happy and warm feelings around you.

Times went by really fast, it's been eight months since I arrived here, in Canada. I have captured many of great moments with my host family, my friends, this whole new life has changed me, to be a better person, to be more acknowledge about myself, to be more responsible, to be more kind and to be happier, more smiles, and more laughter. Thank you for everything NSISP.


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19th Birthday in Canada.

celebrating my birthday with my friends and family for the third time in Canada.

I could say it was one of my best days in my whole entire life. March 9th was my birthday. I never really cared about my birthday before because back home in Korea, it is still a big deal but we do not really celebrate as much as in Canada. I feel like I became more special in Canada. Nearly everybody in school made birthday wishes for me and was very happy for me just like it was their birthday. Some of my close friends gave me birthday presents that I would never be able to get in Korea. In Korea, we do not really share presents that much. Also my friends bought two big boxes of pizza and made a birthday party for me. I invited them in my house. We had pizza together, played ping-pong and pool, watched a comedy movie, had really fun talk and they sang happy birthday for me with the cake that my host parents got for me. I don't know how my host parents figured out that Oreo cakes are my favorite. I was so happy. It was the shortest day for me. I was also very busy that day because the next day of my birthday was the day I was going to Toronto with one of my friends to visit his uncle and have fun together. The flight ticket was the birthday present from my mom back in Korea. This birthday was more special for me because it was my 19th birthday which means I became an adult. I can't believe it. In one side, I am happy because I am free to do what I could not do when I was not an adult and I feel more mature. However in the other side, I feel sad because I feel like I am very old. My friends are like, 15 16 and oldest 17. They still have lots of time to enjoy their school-life. I wish I was like one or two years younger because I do not want to feel I am old. Though, really good thing about this was I could became an adult in Canada and celebrated with my friends. Of course I wish I could celebrate my first birthday being an adult with my friends and family back home in Korea. However I would not be as happy.
I am always so surprised with how people here celebrate birthdays for me and other people. In Korea, my birthdays were always same but here in Canada, they always do different and more and more interesting things for me on my birthdays. That is why I always agree with people that say Canada is one of the most friendly countries in the world. I became a different person. I used to just say "happy birthday" for my friends' birthdays but Now I celebrate my friends' birthdays just like they are mine. I organize great events for friends on their birthday and I am happier to celebrate for them. I think I became more Canadian.
I am extremely thankful for those people who celebrated my birthday for me and Canada that let me have this great experience.

- Chan Yoon-

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My "last" semester

second semester of grad year

all seasons in one day -1 °C

The time has flown so fast. I feel like the day when I first came to Canada in 2015 was just a week ago. I can't believe that 3 years have been passed. I think I feel like that because I was having such great time in Canada so that the time has flown very fast for me. ' Didn't I just start this new school year in Canada? I met all other foreign correspondents in the camp in Truro and had great time together like, yesterday.' The half of my last year in high school is gone. Despite the fact that I feel the time has gone too fast, I still have made lots of unforgettable memories. Although the weather was very cold, I was never lazy and always went out with my friends to hang out. And of course, I am ready to make more memories.

I was very busy in my first semester. I took a few courses that are very important for me to graduate. Lots of quiz, tests, assignments and homework. I had to put lots of time on things I had to get done. I never got really stressed thanks to the happiness, sense of accomplishments I feel after I get things done. I even felt happy doing them. Also, I love learning things so it was way easier to enjoy time in school than other students. Furthermore, I do not only learn things in the school, I started to continue learning Spanish by myself this semester. I learned Spanish back home in Korea but I stopped learning because I became a little bit lazy in learning and I had to learn English first. But since I got so much more comfortable with English, I started having time for learning other languages. Whenever I have free time, I watch some videos on Youtube to study Spanish. My goal was to get marks with 95 average. I guess I could not achieve but I still have good enough mark to enter universities here and I am really satisfied with my mark.

I expect my second semester to be better than the others because this is going to be my "last" semester. I chose courses that I don't have to put so much time on because I wanted to spend more time with my friends and host family. I am going to miss the school so much after I leave. School helped me get so much more comfortable with my English and adjust myself in Canadian culture. There are also lots of fun activities for grads in second semester such as prom, grad trips and graduation. I am very looking forward to those. Moreover, the weather is suppose to get warmer and better soon. I will be able to do things that I could not do because of the weather such as going to the beach, picnics, and lots of other outdoor activities. Canadian summer is the best season for me. It is not cold at all and also not too hot. I will start doing lots of activities and posting lots of photos and blogs. I hope I wrap up my last semester well and graduate without any problem.

-Written by Chan Yoon, Foreign Correspondent 2017-2018-

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February's excitement

overcast 4 °C

[b]Time flies, and the shortest month in 2018 has passed. Although February is only a short 28 days, the experience and knowledge I have gained are beyond measure. I do not know if I had mentioned before Have been to Canada's more unique education system (at least with China there is a big gap), in two semesters a year, each semester students will complete four courses in the new semester to start a different course of study, Such an approach to education has greatly reduced the pressure on students' study and given us more time to understand and master everyday learning. Therefore, February is not only the beginning of the new year but also the beginning of the new semester.
     So at the beginning of this month, I also ended my previous course and the related final exams, and of course, I am happy to be able to keep the average score of over 90 at the end of the course. I am curious about the new course, of course, but there are also some courses with some challenges, such as calculus 12, as the most difficult level math course offered by high school, it is full of challenges for me, of course There are other courses I like, such as fine arts and woodworking. These courses allow me to use my creativity as much as possible and relax my mood. Several other things that make me very happy and that I want to share with you are: As an international student, if you want to stay in Canada or other countries where English is the official language, IELTS is another challenge we face beside school grades, and the rating, of course, in the good language Environment of Nova Scotia and after my efforts, I also received my IELTS score in February: an average of 6.5, so I also recently received offer letters from four other universities, including the University of Toronto and Dalhousie University. For me to achieve my goal is a step closer.
      In addition to learning, this February is also very important to the Chinese because this year's Spring Festival is just this month. The Chinese New Year is a very important holiday for us and the most important and grand occasion for all Chinese holidays. Holiday, although we are in a foreign country we have no way to return home and spend the Spring Festival with our families, but in Halifax also has a different taste of the Spring Festival here, because each year the University of Nova Scotia several well-known universities will jointly hold the Spring Festival Evening, to foreign students who live in the warmth of their homes.
     Of course, there are also my most anticipated student activities in February --- skiing. We can ski with foreign students from other countries and from different countries. And if you come to Canada, it is essential to visit Canada in the winter. It is also a pleasure to ski here.
   Finally, there are too many things to celebrate in February. With these joys and joys, we will work hard to move forward and start a new tomorrow. Hello March !

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1st semester of 2nd year

sunny -3 °C

Hello everyone! My name is Phatcharida Thonglat (Mindy). I’m from Thailand and I’m also in Foreign Corresponding Nova Scotia International Students program (nsispfc). And today I would like to share my experience in Canada. This year is my 2nd year in Canada now, but this is my first writing in travel blog, so at first I want to talk about my 1st year it was nice to meet new people, but sometimes it such a really hard time to get friend because my english was very bad but when my english getting better I have got friends from other countries and we just talk about are counties,it was fun to hear something new and something that I don’t have in my country.

Time to live without parents, it’s sad when you have to leave your parents, but it’s also a good thing to learn how to stay without parents and how to help yourself with so many things, for example, you have to know how to use your money, how to adapt yourself to other people, and of cause you have your English skill. For me I have to change my thought a lots, because the culture, food, language, and friends everything is different from my country. It was a hard time to change but it not too bad to do it. :)

New place new activities! Yes like what I said new place new activities, in Canada have so many activities to do and it’s fun, for example go to watch ice-hockey, going out to the beach so often, enjoy my time with snow, halloween, and go to skiing. It’s fun because those are new for me , and in Thailand we don’t have snow, so I really like snow. For skiing at first I didn’t it at all because I just played once, but when I tried it in the second time I became to like it, it was very fun to try something new. And don’t think that you can’t do it, while you never try it.

Last but not least, I just want to tell you that I very enjoyed to spend my time in Canada to learn new things and have some new experiences. Let’s go out and have fun with your life.

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