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My last days.

I hope, with every ounce of my soul, that I would be happy, one day.

storm 19 °C


Once again we are hungry for a lynching
That's a strange mistake to make
You should turn the other cheek
Living in a glass house
-Thomas Yorke

I probably agree with you, dear Thom. And I am sincere, totally honest, when I say that I wish I could underrate life.

People, nowadays, take things too seriously. Just too severely. I see everybody concerned about something, every single day of my life. Daily issues, personal business, school problems, familial accidents. Everything affects our serenity, in a different way. This is the best thing about this: your happiness is influenced differently, every time. I am really trying to experience as much as I can, while I am here; now that I realized my life-time dream, I can finally think for the others. And if you will find my behaviour overly selfless, unselfish and altruistic, be ready: this will be my goal.

Canada taught me something every day, every hour, every minute of my staying. And it helped my person to grow, mature, reinforce, be more pensive than before and even get slimmer. I do not think I am able to find the right words to express my gratitude to this amazing Country. And I should be grateful to myself, too. After all, I changed. Nothing else really alternated, while I was in Nova Scotia. My perspective, my point of view dramatically and drastically transformed. Maybe I still have to process this, but is only a detail. What I will carry forever in my heart will be the warmth and the love that I lived and felt, that fought against The Great White North's freezing weather whenever it had the chance to do it. That is what I mostly appreciate about it. Its will-power, its determination, its consciousness. Love can truly defeat every obstacle that life puts in front of us, in the vain attempt of slowing us down. With love by our side, we did not won the battle; we won the entire War.

These are my last days, before I go back to the Country that made me live for the past 17 years of my living. I am strongly thinking about my birthday here. I celebrated it there. I honoured another year of life passed away. And this is not a normal commemoration. This will be my eighteenth year of staying on this planet. In Italy it is a very important celebration, since you turn into your major age, with all your responsibilities, your rights, your duties and obligations, your payments, your independence. I thank God, or whatever his name is, for this awesome possibility. For this meaningful and viscerally important party, that will be held in my house. Without my twin sister. But, as somebody used to sing in 1977, "we can be heroes, just for one day". And my sister is my heroine. I am proud of her, since she was able to stay away from me for six months. And everybody knows how strong a twins' connection is. I am imaging her alone, without my hugs that "make her back hurts", as she used to say. But I am sure that she is strong enough to face her life in the most proper and in the cleverer way possible. She is the strongest woman that I have ever known. I am almost crying for my mother, instead. That person is impressive, incredible, extraordinary. And extremely suffering and hailing, too. Every time I receive some photos of her, my family, my friends, in order to see how their faces are changing, I can not help but look into her eyes. And all the pain comes out, all at once. But I trust my smart and sensitive friends. I am sure they replaced me in an awesome way. I hope she will have a big smile on her face, when I will be back. She can even fake it, the most important thing, is to see my mum smiling. It is been a while since I saw her doing so.

And the blistering cold...it will be forever attached to my nerves, my synapses. To my brain, my emotionless feelings. It is hard when you find yourself comfortable with this amazing emptiness that assaults you in your weaknesses and fragilities, when you least expect it. I will do the best that I can to struggle to survive. To be honest, I am barely living.

But I have learned, I am learning, and I will learn even more. After all, this is what life is all about. To mark our presence, for a little, bare moment. Leave a memory, either good or bad. But we want to convince ourselves that we lived enough to be fine with our sense of responsibility, and our instinct. If it was possible, we will all die saying “I regret nothing”. That is the worst thing I could ever hear from an human being. There is always something left undone, incomplete. Because we are so. We do not feel secure even with the love that only another person can give us.

What have I learned, then?
How beautiful life is. And remember to turn the other cheek, when you will live in a glass house. You will never be safe.


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New year new life

overcast 5 °C

Hello everyone, happy2018, I am another NSISP foreign correspondent, my name is Allan from China. Now it's January 28, 2018. I want to leave my first blog in my life here to share my Study abroad life in Nova Scotia Canada.Before I start my story, I found that the biggest difference between a blog and a writing essay is that writing an essay does not need to be honest, but the content of the blog must be real, so I also promise that the stories I have described are all real.Two years ago in the summer, I came to Nova Scotia, Canada, with full expectations and longing for western culture, and started my high school life. It is not easy for a high school student to study abroad. But for a teenager who is now in adolescence, a free life is worth pursuing. In the meantime, all kinds of worries came to my mind, language barrier, unfamiliar environment, and unknown future, but all these worries vanished when I disembarked. As a NSISP freshman, I chose to attend the ESL summer camp. Until now, I still miss the three weeks in the summer camp, living, communicating and sharing different cultures with students from all over the world. These are all things that money can not buy.
Summer camp time flies, when separated from friends reluctantly, but then comes a brand new life, then my school life began, the host family has always been to I came to Nova Scotia I think the biggest concern for many students, but when I really started living with them, I found that these concerns do not exist. Not so much a boarding life, I think becoming a member of the family is more aptly described, passionate parents, can always bring you meticulous care.
When it comes to Canada's high school life, I can only describe it in terms of variety. Here I find that studying life is not so boring. In a completely new way, I can stimulate my desire for knowledge and my exploration of unknown areas has led me to everyday Life is very fulfilling. Joining the school band is also faster for me to integrate into the life here. As a result, the rapid growth of English proficiency and the fact that I became more independent made me look forward to the future of my life.
After talking about the stories that happened over the past two years, let me talk about what happened recently. life at NSISP is only six months left. As a Canadian high school senior, I graduated very close and these two months are very much for me The enrichment, applying for college, preparing for a concert organized by the school, final exams are all my schedule matters, which also means my beautiful high school life is coming to an end, so I will cherish every minute here, Enjoy life and explore unknown areas.
I will continue to record my life here, I hope my experience can help you, but also you continue to pay attention nsisp, there are different stories.

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Despite kind people, cold winters and Tim Hortons, people told me that a Canadian Christmas is something that makes this experience complete. What is it like for an international to celebrate this time in a different country with a different family?

snow -10 °C

Christmas does not start on the 24th of December like in other countries. The 12th of November is the very first day that people get in the Christmas mood. Trees get bought and houses get decorated from that day on. People would replace their Halloween decorations with Christmas decorations the day after Halloween, but there is the unspoken rule that you can decorate your house with lights the day after Remembrance day. People literally lighted up their houses on the 12th of November at 00:01 in the morning. Just to show how important Christmas is to many families over here.

My own Christmas season had its kick-off on the 19th of November. The church in which both my host parents are highly involved, held a Fall-Fair that day. It was a lunch, provided by The Catholic Women’s League(CWL) a group of women who helps the church wherever they can. My host father was providing the music with and the lunch ended with the entrée of the one and only Santa Claus who the children could take a picture with. There’s of course no such thing as being too old to sit on Santa’s knee, so I took my chance and heard from Santa, while crushing his knee, that I was not on the naughty list this year. A personal victory.




Christmas is of course not complete without a Christmas parade. The parade in Sydney, the city I live in, was on the second of December. I went out with two jackets and extra thick pants and around me were Canadian children in shorts and a summer jacket and all they said was, “Just wait for the real winter to kick in.” The parade itself was awesome. It was like the entire city took part in it by either walking in the parade, or standing on the side watching. People spent months preparing their cars, which resulted in a beautiful show of lights and music passing by. Again, as the big final, Santa was the last car in the parade in a sled with his elves, who were handing candy to children.


The eight of December was the big day for us as a family. We had a day off from school and we bought and decorated our Christmas tree. After an hour of searching for the perfect tree, the four of us(my host parents, host brother and me) went all to the basement to grab each two boxes full with decorations. It took us about three hours to decorate the tree and the house and it was at that moment that I realised what decorating your house truly is about. With every decoration one of us grabbed out of the box, one of my host parents told me who gave that one to them and when. My host mother explained to me that every single piece of decoration has a special meaning. They even have decorations their great grandparents had, who passed them on to them. Decorating your house is partly about making your house look nice, but it is more about tradition and standing still by all the people you love. Those who are among us and those who are not anymore. Those you see on a daily basis and those who you saw for the last time 40 years ago. All these beautiful values come together during Christmas and all I can say is that I am really happy that I am able to share this with my host parents.




The next Christmas highlight was two days later. The setting was my host parents’ church and I was about to hear some of Cape Breton’s(the island I live on) best quires and singers in one afternoon. It was a full afternoon program with nothing but beautiful Christmas songs. All the singers were absolutely brilliant and it brought me and everyone around me even more in the Christmas mood than we were before.


Christmas is of course not a real Christmas if you did not decorate cookies and your personal stocking, so that is exactly what we did on the 15th of December. We came together with about 35 international students and we sat down with Christmas music in the background and started full of spirit decorating. It was something very relaxing and calm to do and even though it might not be the usual way to spend your Friday night, I can highly recommend everyone to do something like that. Because getting together and having a fun time with your friends and family is after all what Christmas is all about.


The Christmas period on your high school is also one full of excitement. My high school started their Christmas season the fourth of December with having a special Christmas related activity every day. From ‘ugly Christmas sweater day’ till ‘green and red day’, there was always something that made every school day in December special. However, there were two days that stood out. International Christmas day and the Christmas coffee house.
International Christmas day was not during school time, but in the late afternoon and evening. All the fifty-two internationals and about fifteen Canadians came together to hear what Christmas is like in other countries, to have something to eat and to just be together and laugh with each other. All the sixty-seven people that were there had the chance to say what Christmas means to them and the amazing part was that literally nobody said the same. This shows the beauty of Christmas. Even though it is considered as a holiday celebrated everywhere in the world, everyone has their own traditions and habits that are related to Christmas. For the majority Christmas is about coming together with family, but for me Christmas is about going on a vacation with my parents and friends.


The second high school Christmas highlight was on the last day of school before the Christmas break. Our school organised a so called coffee-house, basically a free concert with nothing but high school students performing in it. The acts did not necessarily had to be about Christmas, just whatever people wanted to perform. It was unreal to see all the talent my classmates have to offer. Each and every act was good enough to win shows like ‘The Voice’ or anything like that. The perfect way to start the holidays. I went to bed very early that night, because we had something planed the next day that would be, without any doubt, one of the milestones of my time in Canada.

My alarm went off at a decent 5:50 in the morning, I ran in the shower, ate a piece of toast, stopped at a Tim Hortons for a cup of coffee and drove to the church. It was still completely dark outside and there was no sign of any other people that were awake, but that was not true. A bunch of cars arrived at the parking lot, one by one. All with drivers with a Tims cup of coffee in one hand, and the other hand covered with a glove. You might wonder what we were doing at 7 in front of the church, so this is what we were up to: My host mother is a proud President of a society called the Sydney River Saint Vincent de Paul. A society that helps the poor and provides Christmas dinners and presents for over fifty families who are not able to afford that during the Christmas period. A job that takes months to prepare and that morning, Friday the 22nd of December was the big final. We first drove about half an hour to a groceries store where we would pick up all the food. After that, we went back to the church, where we divided all the food in 52 boxes, and drove to all these 52 families and brought them their food and presents. It sounds like something that would take a couple of days to do, but because of the amazing support of over 40 volunteers, the job was done in about 4 hours. It is difficult for an eighteen year old like me to already talk about life-changing moments, but seeing in what conditions a lot people have to live, even in a great country like Canada and seeing the happiness and thankfulness on the faces of those where I brought the groceries, is definitely something I will never forget and it encourages me to do more volunteering wherever I can. Whether it is handing groceries to poor people during Christmas, or something small as helping your parents empty the dishwasher.




After a month and a half of preparing and getting hyped up the day finally arrived. Christmas Eve. It started with a mass at church and even though I don’t go to church very often, I really enjoyed it. Our priest, Father Devereaux, held a very moving talk about what his idea of Christmas is. The general idea was that the best gift to give, that is given by everyone, is the gift of self. What he meant by that is that Christmas is about getting together and spending a nice time with those you love. We carried that idea with us during the Christmas period, with almost not a single moment in which we were just with the four of us. After church, my host mother’s parents came over for supper and stayed for the night. We had a delicious soup and went to bed early again, because in the highly unlikely case of us all being good the last year, Santa would come by and bring us all presents. I gave away my double-bed to my host grandparents and I ended up on the couch, which was not ideal, but completely worth because it would make it possible for us to spend Christmas day with each other.
12, the very end

12, the very end

We got woken up by Santa’s Christmas bells in the morning and when we walked in the living room, we saw bags full with presents. I guess we all did something right this year.
We unwrapped our presents and had our turkey dinner at lunch time. After a terrific lunch, we did something very unusual. Because of all the early mornings we had in the days before, we held a Spanish siesta and everyone had some time for themselves to do whatever they want. The majority decided to take a little nap.
We all were fresh and awake around 6 again and we drove to our host grandparents, where many other family members were and Santa dropped a couple of presents for us all there too. The next days were all like that. We either had family or friends coming over, or we went to family and friends.


We all got a lot presents and I realised that Father Devereaux was fully accurate when he said that the best gift to give is the gift of self. Initially, I was not able to celebrate Christmas with my real family, but now that Christmas is behind us, I realise that I did celebrate Christmas with my real Canadian family, just not with my real biological family. My family here treated me like I was part of theirs and that is the best present they could possibly give to me.


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Typical But Unusual Thoughts During A Night Walk In My City.

snow 1 °C


Sometimes I just ask to my host mom to leave, alone. She is always kind, friendly and gentle in her replies: “of course”, she is used to say. She is so sensitive. She suddenly knows when I need some time for myself. After all, everybody needs some time to dedicate to themselves. That is an human need. And she recognizes them in a more than a magistral way.
Every word coming out of her mouth, and inside her mind, is filled and charged with an unbelievable amount of love and interest, that are in contrast with the sense of mechanical loneliness that my city assumes in a random winter evening.

When nobody is interested in getting in contact with the outside world, for the weather, the time or an infinite amount of excuses and reasons, I love to discover a new feeling that I have never experienced before: walking down the illuminated, empty streets, with only the snow to keep me company.
Probably the Christmas period helps to keep my soul soft and cozy. My body is still cold. Every night I spend alone in my bed, with only my person to love, is an additional reason to find my warmth and my place elsewhere: the wreaths, the decorated trees and the flashing light hugging every house, every human repair tells me about a familial hangout, a reunion full of interest towards our most-loved people. I am afraid that I lost these sensations a long time ago. People feel so secure inside their brick houses. And I am still wonderIng why.

I personally find my internal peace in the solid, monotonous life of nature. The endless ripple of the sea, the gelid breath of the wind, the slow movement of the grass and the leaves falling down. But I can not complain. Every person is unique, in his or her own way. And I am glad for this. I thank our God for this. What a boring life with every person being the same. You can be different in many ways, just make sure to bring something to our hasty and fatigued world.

I found myself alone, in a slightly different world. Now I am here, at the waterfront, in silence. I can say I am waiting for something. And I will never be grateful enough. I had the chance to reflect a lot about myself, my life, my expectations, my ambitions, my future and my past, and how our society and the Globe is going to end, as well.

This environment is so beautiful and inspiring. It was all I needed to completely analyze my internal world, and discover a totally different side of my person. My most reflective and intimate part. And I can finally, and proudly say: “I am beautiful”.

The last thing I need is to get over the sadness and the misery that have grown inside my heart, during all this time. Yes, when I was completely absorbed and distracted by the urban, stressful and grey city life. I pray, and I hope I will not release this pain all at once.
I sincerely hope I will not release this pain all at once. Not because it could be harmful, but for the reason that is simply too much. I wish I could be carried by the ocean, once that my body will be lighter than sand. That is how I wish all my suffering would be finally gone. Lost in the sea.

Thank you Canada. You are still way more beautiful than me. But I will improve soon. I can guarantee.


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The first and the last victory.

Gaining the first banner of the new school.

all seasons in one day 10 °C

Something big happened few weeks ago. I still can not forget how happy and proud I was. Soccer was pretty much the most important club for me. I have loved playing soccer since I was very young. I used to be a professional soccer player when I was 12~13 in Korea. I wanted to be a soccer player when I was young, so I spent at least 5 hours a day to train and play soccer with some friends. However, I had an injury so I had to quit. I was very sad that I could not play soccer for a while. But Canada gave me one more opportunity to be a soccer player representing my school with my friends.

It was November fourth 2017. Bridgetown Regional Community School beat Halifax 3-2 won the provincials. Our soccer team got the first banner of the new school. At the beginning, I thought that we were not even going to get regional's banner because our team was not really good. Also, the team was not really organised. we lost the first game against Middleton with the score of 2-1. All of us in the team thought that we could beat Middleton easily. We were quite shook after the game and realized that we have to try to work more as a team. All members of the team started to work very hard. we won the next match against CK and beat them with 4-1. We started winning and winning and finally got regional's banner. We also became the host of the provincial games. Since our team had had lots of victories, we became more thirsty of victory. We wanted to win the provincials to show how much we have improved and how hard we worked together. Also we as the representatives of Bridgetown, wanted to show how great Bridgetown is.

First game of provincials, we had a really tough game. We played against Cape Breton. We still beat Cape Breton but we felt that provincial games are different. The other team was very well organised as a team and they worked really well with each other. After the game, I was a bit worried because I knew that It would be harder the next game. Furthermore, I was also so worried that I am always so nervous before huge contests and since of that, I make lots of mistakes. But I knew that my team is going to work and run as hard and much as I do so that kind of made me feel better.

It was the day. A lot of people came to watch. Yes, I was very nervous. The weather was a bit chilly and made me feel worse. "Bridgetown on 3 ! One Two Three Bridgetown!!" The game was started. I ran as much as I could. For 20 minutes, we were being overwhelmed by them because they were such a good team. But we got two goals in the first half. I felt we already won. I saw some players of them who already gave up. In the second half, we scored one more. At that time, I was sure that we won. However 10 minutes before the games finished, we gave them two goals because we were very loose. We had to wake up and start focusing on what we have to do. Everybody was very nervous and there were even few more chances that they could score. In the last minute, two players and I went to the other team's corner, kept the ball there and earned lots of time. That was a really good tactic because we earned more than 2~3 minutes there. The game was finally over and everybody started hugging each other. We were very happy. We thanked each other for hard working. After the game, we took lots of pictures and everybody got a medal. I am sure that Bridgetown will also have a really good team next year as well. I can say that this was one of my happiest moment in my entire life because I got to play soccer which I could not play anymore when I was young. Also I felt very proud that my teammates and I got the first banner of the new school. Not to mention, I was not really good but I am happy that I contributed a lot. The reason why I put " the First and the last victory" as my title is that, it was my first victory because I was in the soccer team last year but I could not get provincials and it is my last victory because I will graduate this year and will not be able to play soccer next year representing BRCS.


I am really happy to share one of my best memories in Canada. I hope you enjoyed it and I will come back with another interesting memory. Thank you and have a good day. - Chan Yoon

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