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The fun in April was great and full of smiles of joy.

The month of April was a fantastic month for me. Right at this time, I was able to participate in a trip to visit universities in Nova Scotia with Edunova program. The trip was about providing us knowledge and some experiences from the university students for us to learn and to have preparation before getting into university.

Our first destination on the trip was visiting Dalhousie University, one of the well-known university in Nova Scotia. It quite surprised me that the university had many other buildings in the city, the main building, the school of business, the school of technology, and also they have a library, which quite big, more than I expected.
Our first lab activity at Dalhousie chemistry lab

The next stop was visiting the University of King's College. The first thing that surprised me that it is located right next to Dalhousie. I also learned that the two universities have had a long co-operate connection to each other. Me, personally, describe the University as the Hogwarts of Nova Scotia.

After visiting Dalhousie and King's, we reach our next destination, The Mount Saint Vincent University. I learned a little bit about the history behind the foundation of the university. It was first built as an institution for women, but later after, it was open public for men and women. We did a scavenger hunt with other international students while doing it, it also a tour for us to discover what MSVU had. Although that my team was the last team to present, we were having lots of fun with the hunt.

After two trips to visit two University in Halifax, we headed back to the hotel and rest. The next day we went to one of the most famous University of Nova Scotia, the Saint Francis Xavier University. I was quite astonished when we took the tour around the University, it was huge, it has two football field, it has a really big pool. Visiting Saint Francis Xavier University was really fun, I realized why people called it is one of the best University, it is diverse, it has a huge facility, and also the way that the program that applies for each student of StFX to become a good student and a person in the community.

Right after we visit StFX University, we all on to a 4 hours ride to Cape Breton to visit Cape Breton University. When we arrived at there, we all don't want to get off the bus because we were too tired of the ride. CBU is a university that differs from other universities, and one thing that surprised me was the ratio of the class is 15 to 1, one of the lowest class ratio that I have ever seen, which by the way it's now a bad thing, the University has a great reputation to Canada. They also had a great view of the sea, which is one thing that I like about this University.

After a long day, we reached to our hotel and have a great nap. The following day was a pretty day, the morning sunrise wakes us up, we prepare our luggage, eat breakfast, full of energy and begin to continue our trip. We headed back to Halifax to visit our next College, the Nova Scotia Community College. NSCC has a lot of great facilities, for technology and engineer, they created an environment for students to experience, and practice their skills, and take the lessons what they realize about how it went wrong or what do we need to make it better or fix it. It is a great place for people to co-operate to learn from each other, and work together as a team and become gain more knowledge to prepare for the future.

On the final day of the trip, we went on a tour of two of the well-known Universities, Acadia University and Saint Mary University. Two of the Universities has a good reputation on them. At Acadia, we did another scavenger hunt with the group, I and my new international friends, all four of us were all felt excited and fun after having a long walk and finding lots of clues, and visiting a lot of places in Acadia.

After visiting Acadia, we went to Saint Mary University. The University itself looks very old and prestige. As for the final trip, we formed a group and do one final last scavenger hunt to know things around the University, the library, and other buildings. IMG_20180416_144226_HDR.jpgIMG_20180416_145516_HDR.jpgIMG_20180416_144232_HDR.jpgIMG_20180416_143933.jpgIMG_20180416_145802_HDR.jpgIMG_20180416_144005.jpg

For the last 3 days at Edunova program trip, I made lots of new friends. New experiences, and happier than ever. I'm very glad that I could have this one and only opportunity to join this trip, and thank you for Edunova for creating this program for us, you guys made us a trip of a lifetime.

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Achievement After This Whole Year

The time of the year is about to expire. What am I getting?

sunny 27 °C

In May, it will be a busy day for the students, because many activities will be selected in this month. On the one hand, we are going to complete a busy year of study, so this is a very appropriate time for us to show the whole year of achievement, on the other hand, as a 12th-grade student, the beginning of June also means that the end of the high school learning career, graduation promos, graduation ceremonies, and final exams will be held in the upcoming 30 days. May was very busy for us so that I didn't have the right time to finish my blog in May.
I think you must be very curious about me coming to Canada from the other side of the globe, and I’m about to graduate from here. What are my impressions and opinions about this place? What I want to say about this is that I’ve been very fulfilling this month. In a word, I'm just too busy! But I'm not busy preparing for a variety of exams or preparing for my final exam because I'm busy for things that I love(I didn't say I don't like to study).
I remember I mentioned in my previous blog, because of my passion for music, so I joined the school band, so May is the most important time for the band because we held our spring concert for 12th-grade student, this is also their graduation concert, because this is probably the last time I'll blow my saxophone at Millwood High, so I cherish this concert very much. I studied at Millwood High for two years. During the time, I participated in four large-scale concerts. I also played the Canadian national anthem on Remembrance Day. These will be very precious memories for me. This is also an embodiment of my active integration into Canadian culture. So here it is. At the end of the concert, our graduating students left this picture with our teacher:42306c30-65f6-11e8-b453-7fca3243709c.png
As a student who is also very fond of fine arts, I also actively participated in any art activities organized by the school. As an advanced art student, I attended the field trip held in the class. We visited the Nova Scotia design and The University of the Arts, and the Hall of Fame of Halifax, are very good experiences for a student who likes painting very much. This photo was us with our teacher were walking in downtown Halifax: DSC_0152.JPG
After the field trip, we also held a 2018 exhibition at the school. One of the things that I was very happy with was that I also received the first pot of life here. I sold my painting for the first time. I am so excited because there are so many people liked the artwork that I bought from China:DSC_0180.JPG
Because I knew I was about to leave here, I was always thinking that before I left, I always wanted to leave some imprints that belonged to me, or that I wanted to leave the culture of my home, so I spent a month, and a painting was left on one side wall of the school. I think this painting has a very important meaning both for me and for my school. Because the dragon is a symbol of justice, it means positive and firm belief. He is also a symbol of Chinese culture, so I chose to leave it here, which also expressed my gratitude for here.
Today is June 1st and I will leave here twenty-nine days later, leaving my place where I spent two years, so from now on I am very cherished every minute, but I know I am leaving only for the next reunion. So I will try my best to show the best of myself for the rest of the time!
Please also look forward to my last blog! thank you for reading!
----Allan Xiao from China

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April weather is changeable.

rain 9 °C

In the blink of an eye, April of 2018 has already passed. As my teacher said, three to four months before graduation are the fastest time in the four years of high school, because with the arrival of the graduation ceremony, more and more preparations need to be completed by us, and there are also Preparations for the future, such as university applications, scholarship applications, etc.
After ushering in the last snow in the spring of Halifax, the spring of Canada slowly came. Although compared to the weather in the hometown, NS was mostly spent in April in cloudy weather, accompanied by light rain at night. The temperature is maintained between 8-15 degrees Celsius, so the temperature is very pleasant. Let's talk about what happened this month. As an international student in the NSISP program, we have organized activities every month to break the classmates. Our regular study and life will allow us to integrate into Canada more quickly. Therefore, April activities are more desirable to me. The international potluck is that each student makes a representative food from his hometown or country, and then all The classmates gathered together to share these foods. As me who loves to eat good food, this is nothing more than a very good opportunity, because many international students around me are able to make very delicious food, so I am very much looking forward to this time. Activity, of course, although I am not a professional chef, I also hope to share my food on behalf of my hometown, so With the unremitting efforts of my friends and I, we finally produced a more authentic Chinese dim-sum-- Custard Bun.
Unfortunately, when I think I haven’t photographed him yet, the custard bun I made is already gone, so everyone may not see what it looks like.
In terms of learning and living, we have obtained the mid-term report card for this semester and held a parent conference. Unfortunately, my parents have no way to participate, so for me, there is an extra day of vacation. The school’s life is still As usual, but the new knowledge is constantly being updated. We expect the arrival of the graduation ceremony and continue to explore my future direction!

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One of The Greatest Achievements of My Life

I am the first international student from Middleton to have it, I do not know about the whole Nova Scotia, but that is already an enormous happiness for me! You will understand what I am talking about...


So, the picture of the paper that you have just seen on top is one of the most important things that happened to me in Canada so far, but before I talk to you guys about it I would like to start introducing myself.

Hi everyone, my name is Samuel, but you can call me Sam, I am one of the nine Foreign Correspondents by NSISP from 2017 to 2018, I am 18 years old, from Brazil. I have two brothers, and a mom and dad that I miss a lot...

Well, this is my first blog and I found a really great idea to write about that paper that was given to me a few weeks ago. If you've read the paper already you know what that is about, but I will tell you what you do not know...

Before I came to Canada I was always about sports and I am still. All the kinds of sports I've already done, I would not be the best of it in each one, but I use to be at least good. Differently, from Brazil, Canada values a lot more the sports interaction with the teenagers and my dream was to come to a country like Canada that gives a fair value to the sports and cares about people who practice it.

North American movies that showed the high school sports, such as "High School Musical" and many others, were my picture of what Canada was like about sports, and it is not exactly the same but even better, so finally, I had the chance to come to Canada and live the best experience of my life with no doubts.

Being a stranger, even though Canadians are the most welcoming people in the world, is a bit hard to fit in the world of sports here, you have to challenge yourself and challenge everybody to respect and be respected, so then you have your own space. I believe that I tried a lot to be known by people and to be the best as my dad and mom always taught me to do, it was hard, but pleasant and rewarding. I am not going to say that I deserve what was given to me and I have no clue about how to thank everyone that made it possible. It is still unbelievable.

So that you finally understand, I was chosen to be the male student-athlete at Middleton Regional School to receive an Exemplary Participation Award in Halifax on April 27. When I received that invitation, I got really emotional and cried of happiness because I never expected to receive such an honored award like this. I mainly wanted to write this blog to thank Paul Millman, the Executive Director of NSISP, Michael Rosson, the Assistant Executive Director of NSISP, Monica Nielsen, Coordinator of the Foreign Correspondents of NSISP, Lorna Mastin, my homestay Coordinator, and my parents Carlos and Daniela Caram, to make my experience come true and the best that it could be.

Special thanks to Vice Principal Mr. Greg Bower, Principal Mr. Jim Gushue, all Middleton High School teachers that supported and chose me to represent Middleton and my two host families, Danny and Cherie Townsend, Joe and Helen D'arcy. All of them helped and still helping me with everything I need.

Thank you, hope you have a good one! See you in a next blog!

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My best time in March

Trip to Toronto during March Break

-1 °C

March break is a time most of people want to relax and take a break from winter. Some of them go away from home to travel warm countries, for a ski trip or to travel other places in Canada. One of my friends from Mexico and I decided to go visit his uncle in Toronto. We were very excited to go to Toronto because we were sure it was going to be one of our best memories in Canada. Especially my friend was very excited because he had not been to other places in Canada and Toronto is one of the biggest cities in North America and he had not seen his uncle for a long time.

We arrived in the airport around 11 a.m but our flight was leaving at 9 p.m. We had to spend the whole day in the airport. It sounds very tiring and frustrating but we were too excited and happy to feel tired and frustrated. Though, it was not easy to stay 12 hours in the airport. We got in the plane and finally arrived in Toronto around 11 p.m. My friend's uncle was waiting for us in the airport and we started heading to his place. We had really good talk that night but had to go to sleep early because we were very tired and we wanted to get up early in the next day to go see Toronto.

We got up around 8 a.m to get ready and went downtown Toronto. My friend's uncle said that, since he has work through the week, he would not be able to drive us everyday. So what he did was to show us around the first day and taught was how to use buses, subway and streetcars. He even bought week passes for us. We went downtown Toronto and there was a huge parade going through the whole city celebrating St. Patrick Day. It was bigger than any other parades I have seen in my entire life. People were playing instruments, dancing and singing. I wish I was one of them.

Then we went to see the old city hall and public outdoor ice-rink. The old city hall is a really beautiful and gigantic building. Also, I was so impressed that people were still enjoying skating a lot outside on the public skating rink.

After that, we went to the mall in downtown and walked around for a bit. We could not see the whole mall because it was too big. It was so much bigger than we expected. Then we went to China town in Toronto. I realize that Toronto is really multi cultural place. China town was tremendously big and there were also a lot of people. We got really hungry since we walked a lot that day so we went to a Korean BBQ restaurant. Finally we arrived home and took rest and planned for the next day. We thought It was a great start of our journey.

We woke up early to catch the bus at 9 a.m we were a bit tired but we were still so excited to go to Ontario place and a big park by it. It was really beautiful there. It has really stunning view. We did not want to leave that place but we had to because our next move was to go to the CN tower which is really close to the park we were in. We went up to the observation of the CN tower. We could look down the whole city. Of course it was beautiful and we realized again how big the city is. There is a higher observation called the " sky pot ". It was free for us to go up there so we could look down the whole city from the higher level. We came out of the tower and my friend's uncle picked us up at the old city hall. We were happy that we did not have to go back home by subway and bus. We went home, had really good supper, watched a movie and went to bed.

We were in hurry in the morning again, we had to catch the bus at 9 a.m. our plan was to go to the biggest market called " Lawrence Market " and walk around the city. The market was very crowded. Lots of people were there to buy things. In the market, we saw lots of food that looked very nice. we were planning to have a really good supper so we did not really buy anything there. We came out and started walking around the city. We saw lots of church buildings. They seemed like it took a long time to build them. They were very exquisite classical buildings. After that, my friend's uncle came to pick us up for my friend to get his haircut. We had really good supper, lovely tacos. We were very tired that day because we had to wake up early for a few days and walk so much. We decided to sleep in the next day and take a day off and rest.

The next day, my friend and I slept in till 12 p.m. We were so happy that we could rest. We made a good breakfast with the leftover of tacos. We played some play station games and watched some movies. We were still so excited for the rest of the day because we were going to watch Toronto Marlies' hockey game. We headed out to the stadium called Ricoh Coliseum which is Marlies' home rink. There were lots of people that came to watch the game. I do not remember the other team's name and the score but anyway the Marlies won. Everybody was cheering up really hard and I loved the atmosphere very much. I was also in the screen. We came home right after the game and had to go to bed early because we had to wake up earlier than the other days because we had to catch the bus in downtown at 9 to go to Niagara falls.
[ I forgot to bring my camera so I could not take any picture :( ]

We woke up and were in a hurry because we did not want to miss the bus. We had to catch the bus at 9 a.m in downtown but we got there around 9: 05 a.m. We missed the bus and had to catch another one at 9:30 a.m. It was not that bad but the bus ticket was so much more expensive. The ticket we expected to buy was around 10 dollars round trip for each. But we finally had to buy 50 dollars one each. We arrived in Niagara falls around 12 p.m. Firstly we walked to White Water Walk. The closest trail was closed for the season but we could see beautiful water flowing. We walked for a bit to go get some subs because we did not have breakfast and were starving. After that, we started walking towards downtown. There were lots of game stations on Clifton hill. Lots of people were there as well and they mostly looked like tourists. They had a huge ferris wheel we wanted to ride on. But we could not because It was very expensive. We walked around on the hill a bit and went down to see the falls. It was my second time seeing the falls but they were really beautiful. I would never be able to get sick of seeing Niagara falls. There are usually some ships flowing around but it seemed like it was closed for the season. One of the falls had lots of snow on it's rocks so it looked a bit more natural. We stayed there longer because we could not just stop looking at the falls. We walked around very much so we needed to snack. We went back up to the hill and got beaver tail. Beaver tail is always so lovely no matter what. We had to catch a bus back to Toronto around 5:45. We went back to the bus station around 4:50 because we did not want to miss the bus again. Although we were there earlier, we were confused with another bus so we missed it again. It was a little bit frustrating because we made same mistakes twice. We had to catch another bus at 7:30 p.m and we finally arrived Toronto around 10 p.m. We still had to take subway to get to the bus stop and bus to get home. I still think that it was the best of our trip but it could have been so much better. After we came home, we were very tired but we ate burgers, played play station, watched movies and then went to bed because tomorrow was our last day and we were just planning to have a party at home.


This day was our last day in Toronto. We were tired from the last day so we slept in till 12 p.m. We woke up quite late and had brunch. This day was the day for my friend's uncle. It was the day that he became a Canadian citizen. He told me and my friend that he went to the ceremony, sang the national anthem and stuff. Since it was a great day for him, he wanted to have a party. He invited two of his friends. They were girls that are both from Canada but have background of Thailand and Malaysia. They came and made a really appetizing dish with muscle. I usually do not eat a lot of sea food but their dish was amazing. It was like a bag of chips; if you start, you can't stop easily. And then, my friend's uncle made lovely tacos. We had really good talk until late night. We started feeling bad because it was our last day and the day was like a minute. Though, we wanted to go back home to get rest and see our friends back in Nova Scotia. We did not go to sleep early that night because we had to enjoy the party and we told each other to just sleep in the plane and the whole day when we arrive home.

It was such an amazing time in my life. Actually, It was my second time going to Toronto. I already visited Toronto with the program 2 years ago. But still, I want to visit again one day. Of course it is definitely a place I recommend people to go enjoy their vacations. I think it is also a really good thing about Nova Scotia that it is really close to those places. Nova Scotia opens up more options for you to travel around other places in Canada such as Toronto, Montreal, Quebec for vacations.

I wish this blog helps those international students that are planning to go visit Toronto for their vacations.

I hope all other international students including foreign correspondents and managers had great march break ! :)
I am coming back with another blog soon. Thank you for reading hope you have a great day today !

-Chan Yoon-

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