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My first fantastic month in Canada

n this blog I’m going to write about mi first weeks in Canada.

First of all, my name’s Alvaro Carceles Ortega I’m a Spanish funny guy I live in Almería in a small city next to the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. I live with both of my parents and with my brother but know he’s in the university. I love basketball and all kind of sports.

This has been my first month in Canada and here I have met a lot of new friends international and Canadians. The first days of my journey was in Truro in the summer Camp. Four days after this, we went to our new houses where I met an amaizing family and two incredible host brothers.

At school, I’m making new friends and I’m joining in some sport teams such as soccer and basketball. My marks are really good and my relationship with my teachers is awesome. School it’s too different from Spain, in Spain I used to have 11 subjects and 6 classes per day here I got 4 subjects and only 4 classes in a day so I like it. My favourite class is Canadian History because I really like the history and the Canadian one it’s really exciting. But I really like them all

I’m really happy with my family we make a lot of things in special with Derrick my host brother. We play basketball and soccer in the same team we are really friends. Actually I can’t say that with my other host brother Ibrahim because he arrived 2 days ago but he is really nice too. We have visit halifax all together too so I’m really happy

That’s all for today see you all soon !



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It was just a dream before it really happened

11 °C

I have always carried thoughts in my mind about how would it be if I study abroad because I was curious to see what people are doing and how do they live in kilometres away. What do they eat? What do they wear? Where do they go? And even what kind of jokes they laugh at? There are seven billion people in the world but why we kind of stuck into certain ones? Why there would not be new people and culture? These things are always ruffled me and through them, I am where I am right now: 7000 kilometres away from my home country, meeting and living with new people and living a new life, which is always what I would like to try. Right now, I am in Nova Scotia, Canada, making my dreams came true and giving myself a chance to learn new people from different countries that I just have heard their names of. People are the reflections of their countries, which gives me a hope about that I can get to know our world better.

My name is Sebnem and I will be 18 years old in October. I am having a great experience with my new house family and friends in Lower Sackville, Halifax. I go to Sport Stadium frequently which is right beside to my school. It is amazing place for sport lovers like me that I can swim, skate and go to fitness room. Except that, I go to Halifax downtown with my friends, it is a nice little city which you can have lots of fun after learning the bus system. I also have free-time for myself so I can write, read, watch new movies and take photos and give myself a space to embrace all these new family-friends-school-environment stuff. I am also so excited to share about the upcoming holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and so on. I love all about these because it is always celebrated with all family together. I also know that there will be lots of different activities coming on for us, internationals, I am looking forward to participate.

I will update here as I have new experiences to share, keep on following!


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Every great dream starts with a dreamer.

sunny 27 °C

That dreamer is me. My name is Jiske, I’m 18 years old and I will be in Canada for the next 10 months. I was born and raised in a small village in the Netherlands. By my awesome parents and my two extra moms; my older sisters. My biggest hobby is korfball, a typical Dutch sport on which I will probably make another blog post. I’ve been playing korfball my whole life and I will miss it a lot since it is not played here in Nova Scotia. But I will probably find something else that I love to play. I also really enjoy music, mostly musicals.

Now that we talked about me, let’s talk about the dream. The dream started a few years ago. A friend a mine travelled to the US to go to high school for a full year, she came back with the most wonderful stories and made friends for a lifetime. The moment she started telling about her year abroad I knew that it was something a wanted to do too. So, I started looking into the options. We looked into several options and different countries and after some research we came across this option to go to Canada after graduating Dutch high school. This was the perfect option for me.

And here I am ready to have the time of my life in Canada and share my adventures with the world.


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Nova Scotia Exchange Program Foreign Correspondent Camp

This is how we enjoyed our foreign correspondence camp!

sunny 20 °C

Most of us arrived on friday evening to Truro. We are staying in NSCC’s residence with lovely roommates. This place is so green, fresh and big. We have lots of people here to help us and make us comfortable such as ambassadors and program managers. Everyone is socializing and we also became close friends with each other, other internationals and some Canadians, of course. Now, we are having and education about what we are going to do for the rest of our exchange program: foreign correspondence. It is for sharing our experiences with Nova Scotia, our home countries and the next exchange students who should be following us to learn what is waiting them here ;) We are on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and this blog for you guys to follow us.

Our first trip was to Halifax on Saturday afternoon. We went to the Halifax Citadel which was quite interesting because there are lots of people who still “live” in that century with their amazing old clothes and items. The castle is in the middle of the City and it is surrounded by high walls so nobody would attack them. They still have old guns and old rooms and furnitures for exhibition. There are some touching stories about war-time heroes which you should read once you get there.

After Halifax Citadel tour, we went on a Harbour Hopper tour. It is something that makes you learn all about Halifax city. The vehicle was so fancy that we started our tour on land and we went on the water. There was an amazing girl who told all about the city so we enjoyed it a lot.


Dinner at McKelvies was totally delicious! Sebnem ate “blackened salmon” which they cook with some special spices and Alina and Alvaro had a salad and steak because they are not fan of the sea food but we all enjoyed sweet potato fries :)


On Sunday, we have visited the Victoria Park in Truro. It was so big and nice with lots of waterfalls that people enjoyed the cold water after a hot day. At Park, all of the foreign correspondence students were together with following each other on basements to climb up and see the better view of the nature.


Now, we are little bit sad because we have to say goodbye to each other and to you but we are also happy because we will say hello to our host families! We will stay in touch so we will always now what kind of experience we are having in our exchange life. See you soon!

Sebnem Atci, Alina Grons, Alvaro Ortega.


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NSISP Foreign Correspondents 2018-19


We are pleased to introduce our Nova Scotia International Student Program Foreign Correspondents for the 2018-19 school year.

Our Foreign Correspondents have been carefully selected by representatives from agencies in their home countries to share their NSISP adventure with the world!

Please welcome:
Alina Grons - Germany, TCRCE
Alvaro Carceles Ortega - Spain, CCRCE
Felipe Jorquera - Chile, CCRCE
Francesco Chukwuma Ide - Italy, HRCE
Jiske van Piggelen - Netherlands, HRCE
Judy (Manrong) Li - China, HRCE
Pablo Kantun Estrada - Mexico, TCRCE
Sebnem Atci - Turkey, HRCE
Seung Hyeon Woo, Republic of South Korea, HRCE

We also welcome back:
Phatcharida (Mindy) Thonglat - Thailand, TCRCE
Toan (Tony) Nguyen - Vietnam, CCRCE

Journey along with them:

Travellerspoint: http://nsispfc.travellerspoint.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nsispfc/ #nsisp #nsispfc
Youtube: NSISP Foreign Correspondents
and on the official Nova Scotia International Student Program Facebook Page

Best wishes to all of our 2018-19 NSISP Foreign Correspondents

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