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December differences

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December has always been one of my favorite months in the year. It is a month of celebration and reflection, but it's also a time where we can look forward to new things.

My favorite part of December is a Dutch celebration called Sinterklaas and I have been explaining it to my Canadian friends as Dutch Christmas.
Sinterklaas is the name of our Santa. Every year in late November her travels to the Netherlands form Spain in boats with presents and his helpers the Pete's. Every night till December 5th he walk the rooftops of all the houses to bring presents to the kids who put their shoes out by the door or the fireplace. On December 5th he makes his last round and leaves a bag of present at every house.

Sinterklaas is really big in the Netherlands and it comes with special food and festivities. My favorite food is are cookies called 'pepernoten' which are small and crispy cookies which are giving to children by the Pete's. Sinterklaas is also celebrated in the schools. Most of the times with games. There is even a Sinterklaas news that airs on national television every night for a whole month.

Another fun part is our way of doing 'Secret Santa'. We do a secret santa where you buy something for someone, but the biggest part of it is the 'surprise' you make for them. The surprise is the way you wrap you present and this is often very creative. A surprise is often related to hobby's or someones personality. You craft it form cardboard or paper maché. It can take a lot of effort but the most beautiful thing are made.

I celebrated Sinterklaas a tiny bit with my host family. I made them put their shoes out by the door so Sinterklaas could fill them with present, which he of course did. My parents also sent some of the traditional food and I everyone loved it. It is really fun sharing a part of you culture with others.


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Fastest November

Xmas and more

2 °C

IMG_2552.PNGIMG_2551.PNGIMG_2550.PNGIMG_2549.PNGFirst, sorry for the late post but this November could be the fastest one ever for me.

This month, I have dealt with my classes a lot to get higher grades because I am to apply some universities inside and outside of Canada. It has also been a very stressed month for me because application process in tough. I have been doing good with my grades I guess but there is an exam called 'IELTS' and it is such a burden for me and I am still preparing for that.

Except that, me and my host family had started Christmas decoration on November 12, it is totally done now and the home looks amazing. Also, there was a parade in the Halifax city which was quite fantastic. By the way, it's been snowing frequently since November.

I also have tried my first Ramen in a ramen restaurant in Halifax and I loved it. I realized how nice to have many international friends again because one of my Japanese friends brought me there to try it. Now, it one of my favourite places.

Lastly, I have volunteered with one of my friends, Ester. It was an organization for children to have nice time together and my duty was to polish their nail. We got our faces painted and watched children to get their gifts, it was one of the cutest volunteering experiences for me.

Time passes by so quick but I am sure I will be filled many other experiences and news for the next entry. See you till then!

Sebnem A.

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November with a lot of sport!

Hi everyone it’s Alvaro and I’m going to talk about this month in Canada.

Im going to focus in 1 really important thing that I’ve done all this month and it’s basketball.
For start we start our games the first week of November and our last game was yesterday. Last weekend I went to a tournament in Fredricton where we played against a lot of really good teams and we finished it in 2nd place I was so happy. I really like my team and we are one of the best teams of this zone. Andy relationship with my teammates is great!

For the rest of the month I didn’t do a lot of things I lose some days of school because of the snow and I made a lot of snowmen. Right now it’s snowing so this is a non-stop Season! It’s really beautiful to see but it’s too cold outside so I don’t used to do a lot of things only basketball. Well and that’s all for this month and one of the last ones I can’t believe that we’re in December yet.

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2nd month in Canada

In this blog I’m going to talk about my second month in Canada.

Hi everyone here I am another month to talk about my month of October, for start I celebrated thanksgiving with all my family and it was a really emotional moment for me , and I ate a lot of food!

The next weeks I didn’t do anything really interesting only some meetings with my friends and some tests at school. I really like school here and my marks are really good.

The last week of October I got my Halloween dance at school that was so good and I had a really good time with all my friends. The last day of October I went with all my friends to do trick or treat and fit me that was a magic moment with all my friends and all the guys in the street knocking doors

And for finishing this blog of October i want to say that I’m in the basketball team and I’m super excited because I’m starting the league in a few days and my host brother Derrick is in the team too!

That’s all for this month bye!!A2C66324-342C-4F80-AEE2-BF5A72FD26EA.jpeg2E0AD1AE-E4AE-45DC-918C-66C39C4A4ABA.jpegE0C50014-0DC4-4CCD-9263-8F670D623B59.jpeg2620E4CE-E060-4E60-A0BD-98260B2BFE3D.jpegB80C151B-906F-4A83-B96B-899A0322E93F.jpeg4AF2FBDC-31EF-4259-B3C2-FC61D5E35146.jpeg4067384F-243C-4238-A683-232CF0E578CF.jpeg4129CF39-4FFB-4971-910E-0B8DB1BBB592.jpeg25E3AA89-B10E-4CA4-8285-397CA4CD85BA.jpegC45BE1FD-E706-4041-9F90-BB6D539972F3.jpeg2206567A-BC8A-4A42-BCF5-B11983C86111.jpeg21370788-0701-4ED8-91EA-50C9CC476BDB.jpeglarge_C7ECA00D-925A-4127-874D-68D0BEA44F8D.jpeg3C116B5C-9555-45BA-B537-DA6931C4A8DB.jpeg01359A61-F239-4498-B4A2-183E373D47F4.jpeg2A5631F2-ACED-4274-86B0-B92BF6E52C69.jpeg31A2A007-D882-42AB-BFDC-D1D9F14B0DBB.jpeg5EB55078-FFD8-4941-B984-1FBCD37EB6A6.jpeg921FCDA0-807E-448F-90BE-57D5AA88F96C.jpeg9C1DDA9A-6060-4C68-B775-808826A057BD.jpegCF1D0BA4-6417-4E0C-93E6-576FEEAAC446.jpeglarge_ED52E897-CC75-4CB2-8606-BA279AEB17C0.jpeg5A9DB6FC-6D37-43BC-93C5-0550818C8DF0.jpeg03BBCB14-E318-4E7D-A17D-BD8D7C5F32EA.jpegB316E7E3-3B0C-4250-8225-A0C324B3102F.jpegF7E7B308-9C76-4F1A-BF31-1109507C13F4.jpeg6F844491-9F79-4D6C-81AD-3BFF216C93C7.jpeglarge_7C70B0FE-03A1-498C-AEDF-E4E1450C1FD0.jpeglarge_8A07A194-BA14-4E65-A801-64ED7D93E485.jpeg4848E8F0-BC76-4468-99FC-ED2650E78B0E.jpeg133276FD-37ED-4717-9580-7B321DA4F01E.jpegA942F7C5-57AB-4118-A336-C67386E3E720.jpeg217248ED-1A51-4638-A2C8-3539AE179944.jpeg25D1739A-23EF-4533-AB95-9D95AB15EE48.jpeg0C3F9455-134E-427A-B2AE-4D6D5863BFBD.jpeg96128A33-2F64-4AE6-8EAF-A81EFD32A246.jpeg7A83C9ED-CC3E-4003-A240-C14148F2E017.jpegA16F4FA5-B9C1-4EE3-8E89-14E462B7E589.jpegA1A00DBB-C3B8-48BC-95B7-D4BC01D4ABA2.jpeg8E953FE2-7DDC-44A6-89F6-9AD54BE907C0.jpegA4E53AD1-EA98-4BC4-8493-A663E665AB64.jpeg9C0CFC58-7B5C-4843-8745-F9D759881B14.jpegB97E8A07-B75B-4BF1-AEC5-C498DAD99F68.jpegD08013D1-BAFA-49BA-B0F9-022D10854ABA.jpeg5472C092-35E3-495D-9B97-6B5EE31F1B05.jpeg0D756698-1753-4745-A7AA-15A3E4A366D1.jpeg0E48C8B6-A561-42D0-B55E-43D6C78CF400.jpeg3CC617A1-AB32-4600-9C12-127F5C4865E0.jpeg1A70721D-85C7-4294-AF4C-5108E0FB46D4.jpeg21CD8157-C208-4354-844B-7057B8C10D01.jpegA2C66324-342C-4F80-AEE2-BF5A72FD26EA.jpeglarge_2E0AD1AE-E4AE-45DC-918C-66C39C4A4ABA.jpeglarge_E0C50014-0DC4-4CCD-9263-8F670D623B59.jpeglarge_2620E4CE-E060-4E60-A0BD-98260B2BFE3D.jpegB80C151B-906F-4A83-B96B-899A0322E93F.jpeg4067384F-243C-4238-A683-232CF0E578CF.jpeg4AF2FBDC-31EF-4259-B3C2-FC61D5E35146.jpeg25E3AA89-B10E-4CA4-8285-397CA4CD85BA.jpegC45BE1FD-E706-4041-9F90-BB6D539972F3.jpeg4129CF39-4FFB-4971-910E-0B8DB1BBB592.jpeglarge_2206567A-BC8A-4A42-BCF5-B11983C86111.jpeg21370788-0701-4ED8-91EA-50C9CC476BDB.jpeglarge_C7ECA00D-925A-4127-874D-68D0BEA44F8D.jpeg01359A61-F239-4498-B4A2-183E373D47F4.jpeg3C116B5C-9555-45BA-B537-DA6931C4A8DB.jpeglarge_2A5631F2-ACED-4274-86B0-B92BF6E52C69.jpeg31A2A007-D882-42AB-BFDC-D1D9F14B0DBB.jpeg

Alvaro Carceles Ortega

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Coming back to Canada

It's great to be back home. New friends, new experiences, new start.

It's been two months since I last stayed in Canada, and now I'd return to continue my journey. Hi everyone, my name is Tony. I'm 17 years old, I come from Vietnam, and I'm currently studying at Cobequid Education Centre in Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Coming back to Canada after two months of hot sweaty summer in Vietnam, I was very happy, I'd been to Truro for almost a year. After summer, the town was having some new changes around, we gonna have new restaurants, new convenience store, but for me, Truro was still a peaceful town, with friendly people, and beautiful park, it is the same to me. On the second day, after a long flight from Vietnam to Canada, I visited my international friends, those who are coming back, also to continue their study. I was very joyful to see them, and meet them again, plus, I get the chance to meet new friends. We had a little lunch at Yoka restaurant, where our favorite " all you can eat " portion, and then went to Victoria Park to have some fun time with some sports activity.

The first time coming back to school, I felt great, I met many old friends back, they haven't changed a bit. Also, I get the chance to meet new friends, all of them came from Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Italy, France, China, Japan. Some are returning students, are the rest are new to Canada, I had a very fun time meeting them, having lunch with them, and also make friends with them. For the next few weeks after that, we had a bonfire as our first international group activity, it was so much fun having games and laughs with each other.

Not long after that, we went apple picking. Nothing better than go apple picking, on a sunny day with light cool wind, with friends. It was so fun, although that we only have one bag to fill up the apples, but we get the chance to taste the apples before we pick, so, that's worth it. Then, we got a trip to went around the cornfield on a tractor, it was a bumpy ride.

On Thanksgiving, it was the time that family gathered together, to have a wonderful supper, and also a fun time talking. I was really glad to go with my host family, to have Thanksgiving at my host mom's mother. I was joyful to meet them, to have a nice supper with everyone, and at the end of supper, we had a long chat with each other. I was surrounded with happiness, and the atmosphere of the whole family, it was at that moment that I felt, I was becoming one of the members of the family.

One of the experiences that I'd never had in last year was to have a cooking night with my friends. It was on the weekend, my friends and I decided to have a meeting together at Victoria Park. We had some fun together then we went to the mall to get something to eat. Suddenly, we met our other friends at the mall, then we decided to have cook night at one of our friend's house. That day was crazy, we cooked, we had fun, we had supper together, what a great day it was.

The week before I write this blog, our international group was having a youth group activity at the church. We had games began with squirrels and the hound dog, I was tired and also excited, plus joy with my friends, and then we had some more games, like "Me sir, no sir", and also a game of "Tag" with a plastic noodle. It was a blast, in the end, we had our treats of candy apple, and water, for hydrating.

On October, everyone knows there is a night, where they would dress up their costumes, and go out at night, to knock at each of every house's door, with scary, spooky costume, they each opened with the opened words: "Trick or Treat". The Hollyween night was the night, where very children go with their parents to go Trick or Treating. However, there is also a phrase for this night, and it was "Trick or Eat". The phrase was used for the event, where groups will go to each house to ask for un-perishable food to donate to the Food Bank organization, to provide it to the homeless shelter. I was with my Trick or Eat group on this night, we scattered around Truro, asking each house to donate for the Food Bank. It was a night we'd never have before, everyone was happy and also had fun with each other.

All these two months was a blast to me. From the very beginning to the end of October, I have never been so much fun. Meeting new friends, having so much activity, and also, I had new experiences. But, this is just the first two months, for the rest of it, it's gonna be a long ride for me, and by then, my journey will continue to the end. Hope you guys have a great day forward. My name is Tony, and this is my journey to Canada.

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