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December 2016


Hi, my name is Rosa, I'm 17 years old and I want to share my whole experience living in Canada, this post is to say thank you.

It's hard to explain how I'm feeling right now, I cant believe its already 100 days, I would like to dedicate this post to everyone that I met so far and its being part of this beautiful experience.

I want to start with all the staff of NSISP, especially Mike, Monica, Paul, Lisa and Lacy, thanks for every activity we've done, all the help you've given me and making all this happen.

Thanks Val and Sheldon for welcoming me in your house for a week, it was nice to meet you and be part of your family a little bit, I'm so glad that we can see each other again and that Ga-yeon and Tina are having a good time living with you. Thanks Laura Lee and Theresa for let me be part of your family, I'm having an amazing time. Thanks to the girls for treating me as a sister, all of you are my family.


I want to say huge thanks to everyone at SCA for letting me be a part of the wolves. Mrs. Bruce (Principal), Mr. Miller and Mrs. O'Leary (Vice-principals) for always being so kind, for always talk to me, answer every question I made (I know they are a lot), thanks for share your opinions with me, thanks for making me feel part of SCA. Thanks for talking to me every morning, Mrs. Karen, and making sure that all my questions are answered. Ms. Lever thanks for always talking with me when I need it, always taking care of me and helping me to find a solution to all my problems.


Mrs. Whitty, Mrs. Shea, Mr. Adams and Mrs. Williams, thank you for being my teachers, for helping every time I'm struggling with something. Thanks for care and try to make sure that I'm understanding everything.

All the international students, thank you for being my friend, for handling all my good and bad moods. Thank you for every second we spend together and all the memories that we make. You all live in my heart, you are my family. Without you this adventure wouldn't be the same. I love you so much guys. Thanks to all the ambassadors for planning activities for us and making sure that we are having a good time.


All the Canadian students, thanks for making me feel part of SCA, especially; Maggie, thanks for being more than an ambassador, thanks for being a friend, I'm so glad that I'm better than you at chess (not really); Julia, thanks for being more than an ambassador, thanks for making me part of your family, you are like my sister, thanks for handling all my problems even when you have yours, I'm so glad to having you as a I friend, you are always going to count with me and thanks to your family for make me part of it; Rain, thanks for helping me in geography and thanks for finding the 2016 coin, I'm having a good time at chess club with you; Kage, thanks for being silly with me without caring what people think; Christina, thanks for handling all my weirdness; Anna, thanks for always making me laugh even when sometimes you drive me crazy; Shelby; thanks for always caring about how I'm feeling; and Emily, thanks for being weird with me, thanks for keep my secret (I'm a princess but she is the only one that knows the truth about how my parents are hiding me in Canada, well now you know so please keep my secret HAHAHA), thanks for making my days better when you sing, thanks for being my friend and you can count with me. I LOVE ALL OF YOU GUYS.


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November - being really Canadian!

Hey everyone!
November flew by and is already over.
Sometimes when I think back to when I came and I'm so surprised for how long I'm already here
because it seems like yesterday that I arrived on the plane, being super excited for the coming months.
And so far those months were even better than expected!

Remembrance Day
Remembrance Day is a day dedicated to all the fallen soldiers in the past two world wars and current wars.
When I came here I didn't know that Remembrance Day would be celebrated that much and would be taken this serious,
which I think is really great! The Remembrance Day is on the 11th of November, which was a Friday in this year.
On Thursday we had a Celebration in school, where poems were read out loud, and the band played a variety of songs.
It was the band's first performance in this school year and we were a little bit nervous but we all managed to play our best and we got a lot of really nice responses, of people saying they were touched by our performance.
Everybody wears a little stick pin poppy, to show their respect to the fallen soldiers, which I think is a really nice and thoughtful gesture.
On Friday, we had no school, so we went to the Ceremony in town.
Soldiers gave speeches and every family in town laid a wreath down to the stature in town, which is dedicated to the fallen soldiers.

FullSizeRender_3_.jpg FullSizeRender_2_.jpg

Christmas Parade in New Glasgow
The Christmas Parade is an annual celebration where all the clubs, companies and schools of the town decorate floats with pretty and colorful lights and show their floats in the parade. My school being one of the schools in the area of New Glasgow, took part too. We had a really big float, which was decorated pretty and which had place for around 20 to 25 people to sit on and that's how many people really sat on it in the end, including me and my friends. We were dressed in our schools colors plus having Christmas themed clothes on. We had antlers, bells, christmas hats and much more. All the people that came didn't fit on the float so there were some people walking next to it and handing out candy canes to the people watching the parade. We sang chants and rang our bells because we had to defend "The Spirit Award", which my school got last year and we succeeded and won it again!!

IMG_1491.jpg FullSizeRender_4_.jpg

Hockey Game
On the 20th of November all of the Internationals and Ambassadors of the CCRSB school board went to Halifax to watch a hockey game.
The Mooseheads played against Bathurst. It was nice to see some of the Foreign Correspondent girls again! The game was really exciting but the Mooseheads lost unfortunately after a really nerve wracking end.
Bathurst scored the determining goal in the last 15 seconds after the Mooseheads scored a draw in the last 40 seconds.
We were disappointed but it didn't reduce our fun! We drove to another school, where we had a dinner, including lobster,
salmon and really good cupcakes. It was a great day and an amazing experience I won't forget!

FullSizeRender_5_.jpg IMG_1642.jpg

My host sister is leaving
My host sister left in the last week of November. Just the weekend before she left we threw her a surprise party, and she had no clue! We drove "home" from the movies and instead on going home we went into another direction but we kept her talking and talking and so she didn't ask us why we weren't going home. When we stopped in front of her friends house she got confused and asked a lot of questions but we pretended to not know anything. When we cam into her friend's house and she saw everyone with the cake she was so shocked and surprised! It was really nice for her to spend a last time with all of her friends together. The day she left we all cried and we will definitely miss her!


I feel like I got to know this country even more than before this month! I got to experience the most Canadian thing - Hockey! Not just in a schools game, but a really professional game. I felt really included in my school, playing in the band and being on the float at the Christmas Parade! I just love it here and I don't want to think about having only one month left.

Bye, Merle

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Hey everyone, I’m Sera and it’s already been 3 months. I just can’t believe how the time passes so fast. I’m having so much fun here, in Canada. We started to get snow now. It’s not a lot where I live, but it is amazing. It never snows in my city, so I haven’s seen snow like this before. I’m so exiced to see more snow, and it’s almost CHRİSTMAS!!! I haven’t finished my Christmas shopping, but I’m almost there. This month was full of hockey and shopping. Besides pumpkinns, hockey is very big too. We go to a hockey game every week, and I quite enjoy it. For this month’s event we went to Halifax to watch a hockey game and to go shopping.


The second thing that I can’t forget for this month was Remembrance Day. I was very happy to be involved in that environment. We were sad, for the loss, but also proud. There was a ceremony at my school. Everyone was wearing poppys and showing there respect.
I should tell you a little about the schools here, in Canada. Schools here are totally different then the schools in my country. It is a new experience for me. First of all, I get to choose what subject I want. And I only choose 8 for a whole year. This is great because I didn't have this chance in my country. Also, there are 4 classes a day. They are long, but it feels like a shorter day to me. The second thing is that , I was very suprised to see microwaves at school. To warm up our lunch, they are very usefull. Especially if it is a cold day and you want a warm soup for your lunch.

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October in Nova Scotia

Hey everyone!
It's me, Merle. Another month has gone by and a lot has happened.
I travelled from the north of Nova Scotia to the very south in less than 3 days, got to enjoy the beautiful fall,
which is even prettier than I was told and the friends I made here make my stay even better.

Thanksgiving was on the 10th of October, the first Monday of the month.
We didn't follow the rules and had our Thanksgiving Dinner already on Sunday.
We left in the morning to drive to Halifax, where my host father's family lives. The day we spent there was great!
I was really happy to have my host sisters with me because were a lot of new people there and with them no one of us was alone.
We sat outside, because of the great weather that day and many people talked to us, interested to learn something about our home country and our experience in Canada so far. Around noon we had the big dinner, of course including the famous turkey, stuffing and so on.
All in all it was a really great first Thanksgiving, on which I got to know my host parent's family better.

Hockey Game
My first Hockey Game was our school's Home Opener Hockey Game, which means it was the first game for our school's team
to play at their "home ice rink" in this hockey season. A lot of people came, dressed in their school sweaters and face paint to support our team.
It was obviously really cold at the ice rink and so everyone brought blankets, scarfs and gloves to stay warm whilst watching the game.
It was an intense game and even though I knew hockey is a tougher sport than soccer I was surprised by all the fights. There were two fights in the audience, which led to the police coming to watch the audience for the rest of the game, and a hard fight on the rink,
so that one player was send off the rink. I had a lot of fun and was glad to spent the game with my friends, cheering on our team.


Cross Country Regionals and Provincial Championship
With my school's Cross Country team, I attended the Cross Country Regionals in Amherst. We all did a really good job with setting new records for ourselves. Our Girls Intermediate team came in 2nd and the Boys Intermediate 1st and earned us a really cool banner for our school. The Senior Girls, with me on the team, came in 5th and with that the just were good enough to qualify for the Provincials too.
One week later we met at 7am at the school to start our trip to the Provincial Championships. We drove 5 hours down to Yarmouth, where the Provincials took place. The race was on a golf course and had some steep hills, we had to enforce. It was a really hard race and unlike the other races a lot of us were feeling totally whacked and felt dizzy from trying so hard. We did not place but we were still really proud of us and we accomplished our goal, to just have fun on that day. On the way back we stopped at Big Stop and had a great supper together, before we continued our trip, back to the school.

image1.jpg image2.jpg

Trip to the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton
On the morning of the 22nd October it was raining, so we first decided not to take our trip to Cape Breton,
but when it stopped raining we all hopped into the car, with popcorn and apples, books and my camera.
We drove for around 3 hours to the Cabot Trail, stopping by an antique shop and a nice little decoration shop.
The Cabot Trail is an amazing trail along the water front, which looks absolutely beautiful in fall with all these colourful trees on both sides of the road. Because we didn't leave in the morning and it stated to get dark earlier, we soon were driving through the dark.
It started raining really hard and suddenly it got foggy on the streets too. You could barely see the road in front of us whilst on the left side it went down the hill and on the right side the hill went up. In some moments it was a bit scary, when the fog got thicker or another car passed us, but we all made it back safely and could tell everyone from our little adventurous trip to Cape Breton afterwards.

F39667A19E2D50B3C8E5C3CA8E2138C2.jpg IMG_0839.jpg

Halloween Dance and Squawktoberfest
The Halloween dance at my school was on the last Wednesday in this month. After school I went to my friend's house where we got ready for the dance. I dressed up as a scarecrow (unfortunately without a straw hat) and she as a cat.
Everyone was dressed up at the dance too and we didn't even stand out. We danced the whole time to classical Halloween music like "Thriller" and "Ghost Busters".
Squawktobrfestwas on the following Thursday, which started with our school bell was replaced with Halloween music. At the lunch break we had a pep rally, where all of the sport teams had to present themselves on the stage in our cafeteria, including me with the Cross Country team. After that we had the next two periods free to do stuff like doing a lip sync performance, playing bubble soccer, carving pumpkins, watching scary movies, getting an air brush tattoo or just eating cotton candy. It was really fun to watch people perform Hannah Montanna on stage, to eat the blue cotton candy and to see the bubble soccer players bump into each other.

IMG_0743.jpg IMG_0773.pngFullSizeRender_1_.jpg

I really hope my left two month will turn out just as great as these two past months did!
It is getting colder now and the colorful leaves start falling off the trees.
I love fall, but this time I don't like seeing this progress, which means time isn't stopping and I get less and less time to spend here,
where I found a second home.

Bye, Merle

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