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October 2018

Experiencing Canda

I have been in Canada for almost two months now, and I am having so much fun.

In celebrated Thanksgiving for the first in my life and it was amazing. We started preparing all the food on Friday. I helped with peeling the appels for pie and the potatoes for the Turkey filling. It was so exiting, since I never made most of these dishes before. I never had a real big turkey in my life, so that made it even more exiting. Fulling the turning was kinda scary at first, because you have to remove the neck and the inside, but it is totally worth it.


The day itself was so much fun. Family and friends came over for supper and stayed to whole night. As it is a tradition to say what you're thankful for at Thanksgiving, this is my turn to do so: I am very thankful for the amazing time I am having in Canada. I am thankful for my new international family and I am thankful for the fact that when this years ends, I will have friends for life all over the world.

The fall is beautiful here in Nova Scotia. I always loved the colors of fall, but they're even more beautiful here, better than I've ever see in my life. I especially love it when the sun is going down and the light is warm and golden. At that moment the light reflects on the leaves and you can just feel how calm it makes you


I have been loving my time here so much. I treasure the memories I already made and I hope to make many more in the coming months.


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A little bit of Autumn&Halloween

Autumn can be your best month ever if you live in Canada, because it is b e a u t i f u l. You can see how dazzling is the perfusion of the nature.


I became fascinated everytime I saw the beauty in the trees all around me. You can see many shades in different colours like red, green, yellow, drab, orange, brown... Besides this, there is no extreme hots anymore which humidity causes. You can feel the freshness and coolness of this season. Necessarily, autumn brings the rain too, it is not the best news for people who does not like rain unlike me, however, everybody loves the amazing smell comes from the soil after the rain.

One of the best things to do in this season is definitely the apple picking. You can get various kinds of apples in there. When we got home, we had 5 big bags of apples and we knew what to do: Apple crisp and apple sauce. I never had the apple crisp before and I did not guess it tastes that good. Homemade apple sauce is also really good, I whis we can have it all the time.

Also, there is another little thing that makes this month charming to me: I recently celebrated my birthday, it was on 24th October. Happy 18 to me! I did not expect from people to remember and give importance to this matter because I have been here for only two months, but they did! All my friends, even people in the school hall and surely my house family here have celebrated it and I have received bunch of gift cards and cute special presents from them. My house mom gave me a necklace with the Nova Scotia borders on it, plus, everbody’s initials in the family are on it: S, K, T, B. My house sister bought me stuff from my favorite store and my friends bought me coffee and cupcakes from Tim Hortons. I felt like everyone around me cared about my birthday and I can say that I had one of the best birthdays in my life here, in Canada. I know that I always will remember it.

We also had a Halloween Party! I became a celtic warrior and had so much fun in there. I met with the other foreign correspondents and realized how much I missed them because it’s been two months already, since the camp. Time flows by and I do not even realize because we always have interesting stuff going on in our lives.

See you next time!

Sebnem A.

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My first fantastic month in Canada

n this blog I’m going to write about mi first weeks in Canada.

First of all, my name’s Alvaro Carceles Ortega I’m a Spanish funny guy I live in Almería in a small city next to the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. I live with both of my parents and with my brother but know he’s in the university. I love basketball and all kind of sports.

This has been my first month in Canada and here I have met a lot of new friends international and Canadians. The first days of my journey was in Truro in the summer Camp. Four days after this, we went to our new houses where I met an amaizing family and two incredible host brothers.

At school, I’m making new friends and I’m joining in some sport teams such as soccer and basketball. My marks are really good and my relationship with my teachers is awesome. School it’s too different from Spain, in Spain I used to have 11 subjects and 6 classes per day here I got 4 subjects and only 4 classes in a day so I like it. My favourite class is Canadian History because I really like the history and the Canadian one it’s really exciting. But I really like them all

I’m really happy with my family we make a lot of things in special with Derrick my host brother. We play basketball and soccer in the same team we are really friends. Actually I can’t say that with my other host brother Ibrahim because he arrived 2 days ago but he is really nice too. We have visit halifax all together too so I’m really happy

That’s all for today see you all soon !



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