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October 2016

Home of the Nighthawks!

Hey everyone,

it's me, Merle and some days ago I realized, that I'm already here for one month!
Unbelievable how the time flies!!
Now, that I have been in school for some weeks,
I thought I will tell you a bit about my school.

Home of the Nighthawks

My school is the Northumberland Regional High School.
Our maskot is a Nighthawk, named Squawk and whose birthday is celebrated on June 6.
Our school colours are red, black and white and the school has a guiding principle called:


This helps us students and teachers to live in a safe and respectful learning environment.
A variety of sports and clubs are offered, after school and in the lunch break, like basketball, soccer, volleyball, art club, band, and community events.
Other than in Germany, a lot of homework and so on is possible to see with the Google Classroom and to check your grades and marks for tests you can just go onto Powerschool.
And the best of all, we got a geofilter for Snapchat last week, isn't that amazing ?! ;-)


A day at the Northumberland Regional High School (NRHS)

My hostsisters and I go to school by bus, the yellow schoolbus. The ride to the school is about 45 minutes and gives us a possibility to do forgotten homework ;-). When we arrive at school the foyer is already packed with students.
When the bell rings at 9 o'clock, everybody goes to their classes. We have different "pods", parts of the school for different subjects, like the math pod, the social studies pod and the fench pod.
As soon as everybody is in the right class the announcement asks us to stand up for "O Canada", the national anthem. After that, we sit down again and watch the "morning announcements", which are projected on every classe's board and where students tell us everything important for the day. For example what meetings are in the lunch break or who won the yesterday's soccer game and so on.
Every period is one hour long and we have two breaks. The second one is 45 minutes, where we can buy a meal in the cafeteria, go to the clubs or just hang out with our friends. Then we have two periods, until the bell rings and the schoolday ends. Everybody rushes out to find their bus and with all the students, busses and cars it get's really full in front of the school.
I go home with my hostsisters or I stay at school to have Cross Country practise.
We always have a short meeting, talk about our goal for the practise, warm up and start running. The regular goal is 3 to 5 kilometers, which was very hard for me at the beginning, but I feel how I'm getting better and better. Every week we have a race, 2 weeks ago in Trenton, last week in Truro, next week in Antigonish. Running in a team is really great because you can celebrate wins and I met many great people.
Races are always very hard for me but when I finish, no matter which place I am really proud.
Go Nighthawks!!!!

sovielneues_race.jpg IMG_0675.jpg

Academic Award Celebration

The Academic Award Celebration is an event in September to honor all the students that had good grades in the last year.
There are two levels, distinction and excellent. Which determine, how good your grades were. My friend and my hostsister were both nominated,
so I had the possibility to go to the celebration, and it was really great. There were a lot of students and the whole school was decorated, and they even had a red carpet and a cake with the school logo!! The event was very formal, everybody was dressed well and I like that it was taken so seriously.
We ate the cake (soo delicious) at the buffet after the show and talked a bit with the other students, parents and teachers.


International Buddies

The international buddies are a club, like Art Club or Dance Club, to meet canadian students, and for the canadian students, to meet the international students. Everybody is welcomed and together we have a lot of fun, like we had last week when we had a "Games Night".
We all met in the school, brought a lot of board games, chips and pop, and started to play. We played many games like Twister, Monopoly and we all got to know each other even more.
Some days ago we went together to the movies, to "Miss Peregine's Home for Peculiar Children".
We were about 17 people, and it was really great to see everybody having fun and liking the movie.

IMG_9836.jpg 180_IMG_9849_1.jpg

Spirit Week

The Spirit Week is organized by the Spirit Club, and the week was so much fun.

Monday: Ice-Cone Day, you could have ice cones in the lunch break
Tuesday: Twin Day, dress the same as your friend or your group of friends
Wenesday: Tie-dye day, bring a white t-shirt and tie dye it in the lunch break
Thursday: Spirit day, come dressed in the school colors
Thursday Night: Spirit Dance, bring your dance moves and wear black, red, white
Friday: Compfy Day, you can come in your pyjama, sweatpants or just in comfortable clothes

IMG_9510.jpg IMG_9570.jpg

Especially the Spirit Dance was great, to see everybody taking part in the dance showed me how much the school community supports the school,
and I really love this school spirit here.
School in gerneral is so much more interesting and fun, compared to the German schools!!

I just can't believe that I'm here, already for a month.
I already experienced so much new and still it feels like I arrived a week ago!
I hope you liked now read about my school here.


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