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August 2019

Foreign Correspondents camp in Truro


20 °C

Foreign correspondent camp truro / ESL summer camp

7 students from all over the world were selected from NSISP and the local agency in their home country to be this years’ “foreign correspondents”. As foreign correspondents it is our job to give students who are thinking about doing a high school year an idea of what it's like to live in another country for a long time. It is our job to give you special insights into the life of students studying abroad.

This years’ foreign correspondents are: Ines Sanchez Rodriguez from Spain, Emilio Andres Alvarez Suazo from Chile, Gunho Kim (Patrick) from South Korea, Beatrice Cioffoletti from Italy, Adriana Lizette Quijano Avila from Mexico, Zhixian Huang (Amy) from China, Tim Burkhardt from Germany.


After this introduction, we are going to tell you about the first days of camp.

All the foreign correspondents arrived on August 23rd throughout the day. The other international students were already at camp for their ESL training.
At first, no one knew each other so the camp directors prepared some ice breaker games for the students to get to know each other better. After dinner there was a casino night for all the students, but no worries we did not play with real money. The camp directors made a competition out of the casino night, so whoever got the most chips, wins a great price. Casino night was so much fun. There was roulette, poker and many other cool games. At the end of the night there was a winner with 23 cups of chips, it was incredible. After a really fun evening, we all went to sleep.

Next day at the camp breakfast started at 8 am. After breakfast the program coordinators gave us correspondents an introduction for all social media accounts we are supposed to post and document on. After lunch we started our trip to Halifax, the capital of Nova Scotia. We visited the citadel of Halifax , it was really impressive to see. We also went on a “harbour hopper tour” , which is like a city and harbour tour all in one. The harbour hopper was able to go into the water and swim like a boat.

The tour was really cool and we learned a lot of interesting facts about the city of Halifax. As a final ending of the day , we ate dinner at “Salty’s” which is a fancy restaurant located right at the harbour with a very nice view. We tried typical Nova Scotia seafood.
After that day we all were really tired. And went to bed quickly.

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Foreign Correspondent in Camp


sunny 16 °C

First day of ESL summer camp

On the nice and peaceful 24th of August, all foreign correspondents met up together in NSCC classroom. Ice breaker was our first activity, though this activity we knew each other well.


And then we went to a hotel which was across from the camp to see over hundreds ambassadors from different schools in Nova Scotia.


We ate lunch in the cafeteria. There were a lot of delicious food. For instance, pasta; ham; vegetables and so on. Student can choose whatever food that their like.


After lunch, we went to lovely city named Halifax. We visited Halifax Citadel National Historic Site.



What’s more exciting was that we went to Harbour Hopper Tour of Halifax. On the Harbour Hopper we can easily to see how beautiful of Halifax downtown views. Furthermore ,we took harbour hopper to sea to see different perspectives of amazing Halifax.


Foreign Correspondents were hungry after Harbour Hopper Tour, so we decided to go to a fancy restaurant called Salty’s. In Salty’s we ordered a lot of yummy food. For example, salmon; lobster chowder, shrimp...


Additionally, we had dessert which was very famous in Canada called Beavertails. People who ate it will fall in love with it immediately.
All in all, it was an amazing day, seven of us enjoy the first day of the camp a lot, it was a fantastic trip of Halifax.


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NSISP Foreign Correspondents 2019-20


We are pleased to introduce our Nova Scotia International Student Program Foreign Correspondents for the 2019-20 school year.

Our Foreign Correspondents have been carefully selected by representatives from agencies in their home countries to share their NSISP adventure with the world!

Please welcome:

Adriana Quijano Avila - Mexico, HRCE
Amy Huang - China, AVRCE
Beatrice Cioffoletti - Italy, SSRCE
Emilio Alvarez Suazo - Chile, AVRCE
Ines Sanchez Rodriguez - Spain, HRCE
Patrick Kim, Republic of South Korea, CCRCE
Tim Burkhardt - Germany, AVRCE

Journey along with them:

Travellerspoint: http://nsispfc.travellerspoint.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nsispfc/ #nsisp #nsispfc
Youtube: NSISP Foreign Correspondents
and on the official Nova Scotia International Student Program Facebook Page

Best wishes to all of our 2019-20 NSISP Foreign Correspondents

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