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August 2017

Nova Scotia: expectations, first impressions and surprises.

The beginning of our great adventure

After a year of waiting and dreaming about it, it was finally time to leave our homes and family to start this adventure. Expectations about the weather, the outstanding views, the high quality of life and the kind people filled our hearts with desire to life the life of a Canadian student.

One of the first things we noticed when we arrived in Halifax and drove to Truro, the city where our social media camp took place, was the fresh air we breathed. Something that’s missing in the countries we live. We saw a lot of beautiful nature and mesmerizing views on the road to Truro. There were moments we saw nothing else but forests or lakes around us and for a brief moment, it was like we were the only people alive within miles. According to the Canadian people we spoke at the campus in Truro, there’ll be far more beautiful landscapes waiting for us.

A thing that we were a bit surprised about is the nice weather. When you think about Canada, most people will say that the weather is very cold and not pleasant to live in.
Our first days in Canada were the opposite actually. Not a single breeze of wind, sunny days and about comfortable 22 °C. Almost the perfect circumstances to make a city trip through Halifax.

In Halifax, we met with the Canadian culture for the first time. We were a notable company with 9 people from all across the world. Everywhere in the city, whether we were on the harbour hopper, in the citadel or at a restaurant, people asked us where we all come from and they were always very interesting in the stories we all have to tell and why we are here. This shows the open minded culture and the friendly people that makes Canada the country as we know it.

We also noticed that with a trash bin on every street corner, the streets and the city were very clean, which makes Halifax a nice place to live. This shows how much the Haligonians (the people from Halifax) care about the environment and the high quality of life.
The clean streets and the absence of any form of poverty in downtown Halifax gives the city a caring appearance.

A small anecdote that shows how caring the Canadians are.
When we drove to Halifax, there was a bridge where you need to pay a fee to pass it. Normally, there’s someone at the toll or a barrier to make sure that everyone pays the fee. Here, there was none of those. Everyone just pays the fee, because you’re supposed to.

The thing we were the most surprised about is the sort of food for breakfast, lunch, dinner and the time dinner takes place.
Breakfast for example consists of ham, baked potatoes and pancakes.
For lunch, we have fries with a hamburger and cooked vegetables.
These are a bit strange but I’m sure we will get used to it real fast; however, the most surprising thing for us the first days in Canada is the time we eat dinner. 5pm is dinner time here. That is 5 hours earlier than they do in Italy.

All things combined, our expectations of Canada have been surpassed. The weather is nice, the people are kind, and the nature is beautiful. The perfect setting for what is about to be the greatest time of our life.

Mindy, Lorenzo and Ewout














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New home

16 °C

Leaving our home and families behind, we arrived in our new home which is full of love and respect. we are going to start our new journey in Canada as members of Canadian societies. We are for sure really happy to spend time with our host families and friends.
Hi everyone, we are Evrim, Chan, Tony and we would love to share our experience and feelings of being foreign correspondents.
First of all it is such a huge honor and pleasure to represent the whole program and our countries. We are really happy to be able to share our memories and introduce the Canadian culture to those of you who are really interested in joining our program. It is only our third day in Nova Scotia; however, we have made a lot of friends and unforgettable memories. We have been respected more than we expected and deserve. People here are extremely polite and nice.

We have met a lot of Canadian Ambassadors, we have done so many fun activities together as well as with other international students. Even though we are from different countries and cultures, we could get along with each other without any problem . We got to know each other better by being curious of each other and showing each other respect.

On the first day, we left our hotel in Truro to visit downtown Halifax. We went on a boat trip, went up to the Halifax Citadel Fortress and had supper at McKelvie's. It was one of the best days we had in our lives. It would've even be the best if we were not jetlagged. The view of downtown Halifax and Harbours from the Citadel Hill was brilliant and stunning. Also the food we had at the restaurant was awesome. It was typical Nova Scotian seafood. After supper, we went for a walk to the waterfront and had beavertail which is one of our favorite snack now.

Second day, we made videos about our culture with Canadian ambassadors interviewing us. It was a really good opportunity to share our culture with others. After that we visited Victoria Park which was wonderful enough to blow our minds. We could see the real Canadian nature. After we arrived at the hotel we headed to Bubba Ray's to have traditional Canadian Christmas meal. We went back to the cafeteria where we have lunch and breakfast to have fun activites with all the ambassadors and international students. We did the mannequin challenge and made our own comedy shows. Chan was the funniest in that and he got the prize as well as Samuel. We brought our tired bodies back to hotel and got good sleep.

We can't believe that today is our last day, the time has flown even faster than we expected. Everyone is really sad to leave because we might not be able to see each other forever in our lives. But at some point, we are really happy to see our host families and looking forward to making precious memories that we will carry forever in our lives.

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NSISP Foreign Correspondents 2017-18

We are pleased to introduce our Nova Scotia International Student Program Foreign Correspondents for the 2017-18 school year.

Our Foreign Correspondents have been carefully selected by representatives from agencies in their home countries to share their NSISP adventure with the world!

Please welcome:
Phatcharida (Mindy) Thonglat - Thailand, TCRSB
Pengfei (Allan) Xiao - China, HRSB
Evrim Uygar Gol - Turkey, CBVRSB
Ewout van Waasbergen - Netherlands, CBVRSB
Lorenzo De Simone - Italy, TCRSB
Ximena Castillo Sanchez - Mexico, CCRSB
Toan (Tony) Nguyen - Vietnam, CCRSB
Chanjin (Chan) Yoon - South Korea, AVRSB
Samuel Alberti Caram - Brazil, AVRSB

Journey along with them:
Travellerspoint: http://nsispfc.travellerspoint.com
Instagram: nsispfc #nsisp #nsispfc
Youtube: NSISP Foreign Correspondents
and on the official NSISP Facebook page

Best wishes to all of our 2016-17 NSISP Foreign Correspondents

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Making a dream come true

The packing, the goodbyes, the long flights, all was worth to be in Canada, the land of oppottunities.
Hi everyone, this our blog where we are going to be posting about our experiences in Canada.

We are a group of nine students all from different countries,we are all foreign students because we all here for scholarships some of us are going to stay here in Nova Scotia for six months and others for 10 months.
First day- august 25
After the long flights we had to take we arrived to the Esl camp at Nova Scotia community collage, some of us arrived in the morning and others at night, everybody giving us a warmly welcomed, the same day at night we had a party where we meet the embassadors which was fantastic and very exciting. Everybody had a wonderful night dancing and having fun it was an incredibly fist day in Canada, even tough some of us who are not used to this whether were freezing.
Saturday- agust 26
On Saturday we woke up and went to breakfast at 8. After that we had an indrotuction where we meet Paul Millman, Mike Boston and Monica Nielsen. They explained us the responsibilities that a foreign correspondent. After the introductions we had a game of scarbenger hunt with the embassadors where we had to Take a bunch of pictures doing Canadian stuff. After that we grab a quick lunch and went to Halifa, there we had the opportunity to go in the Harbour Hopper, where we heard some amazing stories like the life of the famous artist Maud Lewis and the sad story of the Hallifax explosion. After having the amazing experience we went to another adventure in the Citadell Hall in there we made some observations between Canada and our countries like the lack of motocicles in Canada. We had a lot of fun there playing with the canons and following the piper. Following that we went to a marvelous dinner where we tried a lot of different things like lobster and shrimp pasta. Then we went for a piece of heaven that Canadians called beaver tails and we ate them on the way back to camp, that was another fantastic day.
Sunday Agustin 27
On Sunday we had a class of photography where we learned some tips on how to take pictures with the magnificent photographer Tyler Rogers. After that we had another challenge with the embassadors we had to make a video explaining things about our countries, then we went to Victoria's park, a beautiful park in Truro we walked on the park and we got to see the waterfalls which was fantastic. after the adventure we grabbed dinner on bubba rays we had a Christmas dinner we ate a fantastic meal a little diffrent from what we usually eat for Christmas In our country's but still delicious.
Back at ten camp we did an esl comedy theater where we had to do a sketch with the other embassadors and international students, it was really fun and the perfect end for a perfect day.
Monday- august 28
The last day at the camp a very exciting and at the same sad because we had to say goodbye to the friends we meet here but also excited to meet our host family.
We wished all of the students a wonderful year and we hope you have fun and enjoy your stay.

See you soon.

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