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May 2019

Camping and prom

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Now that spring is finally here there are diffferent things to do and the most fun thing I have been doing is camping with my host family.

We go camping every weekend. We leave right after school on Friday and do not go back home until Sunday night so we have a lot of time at the camping. I have never been camping before so that it was very fun. My host parent have a trailer where we go to on a campground in the valley which is beautiful. We are really close to the look off, where you have a beautiful view of the land.

We do a lot of fun things. Last week we went to a drive in theater to watch movies. I had never done anything like that before. And beside the movies being really good the mood is very different than at a regular movie. I really enjoyed it.

We also make hotdogs and s'mores almost every night over the fire. I even helped chopping wood for the fire. I had also never chopped wood before, because at home we don't make fires. It thought it was really fun to do, but the next more my arms were really sore. I also have a lot of fun playing with my little host sister. She is 11 and at home we usually don't go outside a lot. At the campground we play outside a lot together and we play soccer and football and I am even teaching her a little bit of rugby.

Now that the end of the school year is nearing the end of my time in Canada is also coming closer and closer. But there are still a lot of fun things. Like next week, when I had prom. I was on a Friday and we didn't have to go to school that day, so we had all the time we needed to get ready. I went over to one of my friends to get ready with a group of girls. We did our make-up, hair and nails together. After we were ready to go we went to downtown Halifax to take pictures with our group and our dates.

After we had taken the pictures we went to the hotel were out prom was at. There we took more pictures with more people. After that the dinner started. The food was very good and me and my friends were sat together at a table. After everyone was finished eating, the dance started. I had so much fun. I danced with my friends, with classmates and even with some teachers.

Prom and camping are two very different experiences but for sure two I will never forget. -JP

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