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April 2019


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Last February I tried out for the girls Rugby team in my school and I got in! I couldn't help but notice that there are a lot of differences between playing sport in Canada and playing sports back home in the Netherlands.
I love how much sport there is in Canadian schools. My school has volleyball, soccer, basketball, lacrosse, football, hockey and even more. But my favorite by far is rugby. I think it is really nice that everyone is so involved in what the sports team at their school do. The school is also really supportive. If I need to leave early to make it to a game the school allows that, as long as we keep our grades up.

We have had two tournaments so far and I've had a lot of fun so far. Rugby is a tough game and you will end up with some bruises but its totally worth it. The team is also really nice because everyone is really devoted to the team and really supportive towards each other. Our coached are also amazing because they find the perfect balance between having fun and being serious.

In the Netherlands sports are done very differently. First of all there are no sports in school, there are no schoolteams. It is just not a thing. All sport are done through clubs. The difference between a schoolteam and a clubteam is so different and it is amazing to experience that difference.

In the Netherlands a played a sport called Korfbal, which is barely played in Canada, or in North-America in general. It is a game that is kind of like basketball and it is mainly played in Europe and Asia. It is also one of the only sport that is played in teams with both men and women in one team on all levels. I have played it since I was 4 and I had never done a different sport than korfbal. Suddenly playing rugby was very different and I took some time adjusting to being on a all-girls schoolteam. But everyone has been so nice that it has not been hard at all to adjust.
I am so happy that I joined the team because it feel like it really adds something really special to my experience in Canada and I am so proud of my team. GO CHEETAHS.

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