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February 2019

Embracing school activities

storm -12 °C

Everyone here in Canada told me that the best place to find friends is to join a club. And although my first few tries to find a sportsteam weren’t really successful I finally found something I really like: Rugby.

The rugby season hasn’t really started yet but practice is on! We practice Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. We start at 7.00 in the morning which can tough but it is so much fun. We are with a big group of girls. I never played rugby before but I’m learning really fast and having so much fun doing so. All the girls are so nice and even though we have just been together for 4 weeks but I believe we truly are a team.

It has been a really sporty year this far. I have also been skiing almost every weekend. I am so lucky and grateful that my host dad takes me down to ski hill so much. I love skiing so much, the speed and the cold wind. There is nothing quite like the feeling of skiing. And one of my friends has been learning how to ski so he can come with us and the only thing more fun than skiing is skiing with friends.

Another thing that is fun to do in the snow is sledding. I never really did that much as a kid as there are very little hills in the Netherlands even big enough to sled down. Sledding with my little hostsister is the most fun thing ever because it is not only sledding. The playing in the cold and the big snow fights. A true Canadian winter. -JP

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