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February 2018

February's excitement

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[b]Time flies, and the shortest month in 2018 has passed. Although February is only a short 28 days, the experience and knowledge I have gained are beyond measure. I do not know if I had mentioned before Have been to Canada's more unique education system (at least with China there is a big gap), in two semesters a year, each semester students will complete four courses in the new semester to start a different course of study, Such an approach to education has greatly reduced the pressure on students' study and given us more time to understand and master everyday learning. Therefore, February is not only the beginning of the new year but also the beginning of the new semester.
     So at the beginning of this month, I also ended my previous course and the related final exams, and of course, I am happy to be able to keep the average score of over 90 at the end of the course. I am curious about the new course, of course, but there are also some courses with some challenges, such as calculus 12, as the most difficult level math course offered by high school, it is full of challenges for me, of course There are other courses I like, such as fine arts and woodworking. These courses allow me to use my creativity as much as possible and relax my mood. Several other things that make me very happy and that I want to share with you are: As an international student, if you want to stay in Canada or other countries where English is the official language, IELTS is another challenge we face beside school grades, and the rating, of course, in the good language Environment of Nova Scotia and after my efforts, I also received my IELTS score in February: an average of 6.5, so I also recently received offer letters from four other universities, including the University of Toronto and Dalhousie University. For me to achieve my goal is a step closer.
      In addition to learning, this February is also very important to the Chinese because this year's Spring Festival is just this month. The Chinese New Year is a very important holiday for us and the most important and grand occasion for all Chinese holidays. Holiday, although we are in a foreign country we have no way to return home and spend the Spring Festival with our families, but in Halifax also has a different taste of the Spring Festival here, because each year the University of Nova Scotia several well-known universities will jointly hold the Spring Festival Evening, to foreign students who live in the warmth of their homes.
     Of course, there are also my most anticipated student activities in February --- skiing. We can ski with foreign students from other countries and from different countries. And if you come to Canada, it is essential to visit Canada in the winter. It is also a pleasure to ski here.
   Finally, there are too many things to celebrate in February. With these joys and joys, we will work hard to move forward and start a new tomorrow. Hello March !

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1st semester of 2nd year

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Hello everyone! My name is Phatcharida Thonglat (Mindy). I’m from Thailand and I’m also in Foreign Corresponding Nova Scotia International Students program (nsispfc). And today I would like to share my experience in Canada. This year is my 2nd year in Canada now, but this is my first writing in travel blog, so at first I want to talk about my 1st year it was nice to meet new people, but sometimes it such a really hard time to get friend because my english was very bad but when my english getting better I have got friends from other countries and we just talk about are counties,it was fun to hear something new and something that I don’t have in my country.

Time to live without parents, it’s sad when you have to leave your parents, but it’s also a good thing to learn how to stay without parents and how to help yourself with so many things, for example, you have to know how to use your money, how to adapt yourself to other people, and of cause you have your English skill. For me I have to change my thought a lots, because the culture, food, language, and friends everything is different from my country. It was a hard time to change but it not too bad to do it. :)

New place new activities! Yes like what I said new place new activities, in Canada have so many activities to do and it’s fun, for example go to watch ice-hockey, going out to the beach so often, enjoy my time with snow, halloween, and go to skiing. It’s fun because those are new for me , and in Thailand we don’t have snow, so I really like snow. For skiing at first I didn’t it at all because I just played once, but when I tried it in the second time I became to like it, it was very fun to try something new. And don’t think that you can’t do it, while you never try it.

Last but not least, I just want to tell you that I very enjoyed to spend my time in Canada to learn new things and have some new experiences. Let’s go out and have fun with your life.

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New Semester, New exciting things.

The fun time for the last months was really great, now let's continue to enjoy it with new friends and new fun.

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For the past six months in Canada, I has experienced lots of things that I'd never have in my home country. From the first snow to experienced my first Christmas with my host family. I was so excited like little kid, it was the most wonderful time that I get the chance to know how real Christmas is. The things that I know about Christmas was not much to describe, cause we don't have actual Christmas in my home country. I was surprised that on Christmas, families went out together to find the perfect Christmas tree for their house, and that's what my family have. A big and tall 6 foot 8 Christmas tree, it was quite fascinate for me cause, my host mom said that the tree has a quite unique smells to it. After we bought it and placed in the living room, we started to decorate the tree with whole lots of Christmas decorates, there's a snowman, an angel, Santa clause with his reindeers. The tree was lighted with our star on top of it, it was so beautiful, and I was really enjoy decorate it with my host family, doing this tradition for the first time. Also we putted on our cats with Christmas clothes, it was so funny to see their face when we putted on them.
The Cat's Santa
And her fellow reindeer

There was some of my host family's relatives came to stay for Christmas, we were having a traditional Christmas meal, a big turkey dinner, it was so delicious, after that we were playing our family traditional game Monopoly. I was really hate that game cause I was always the second one that came broke, but I also enjoy played it with my host family. The day I woke up, got out of bed, went to the living room. First thing I saw was a lot of presents putted under the tree, me and my host brothers opened our gifts, it was that feeling that I felt really happy to received such gifts that from my host family. It makes me now knowing the important that Christmas bring family together, the happiest time, talking and laughing, it was really an amazing time for me to get to experience this time of the year.

After Christmas time, I went to a trip that my school board organized, go skiing and skate boarding on Wentworth Skiing Hill. Me and my friends was so excited, this is also my first time go skiing on a real skiing hill. After 45 minutes on the bus, we arrived. I was mind blowing when I see the hill covered with white snow on it, it just like a real life painting in my eye. We went to the building where we gonna put our bags behind, then we continue went on to the other building, where we ask for the gear for the type sports that we're gonna have on the trip. I chose skiing because that is basic for everyone, beginners must have some lessons and practice on the small before you can go to the top of the big hill. The first lessons i was taught how to stop. Me and my friends try our first time, it went well. Next, we get on to the top of the small hill to practice how to ski and stop while skiing. I myself, fail for the first try, I was going too fast and ended up smashed myself to the big tube that protect the escalator. I went on to the second, it was fine on the second try, I finally know how to control my speed when skiing down the hill. After the lessons, we went to practiced in our own. I was practiced myself until lunch time, I was sweating and tired. After having lunch and enjoying break time, the bus came to pick us up and drive us back to school. The trip was fun, I felt great having to know how to play a new kinds of sports that I've never experience it before.

The time I spent with my family on Christmas was really wonderful, also the trip to Wentworth hill. I backed to school, met my friends, each of them was really happy to have their first Christmas together with their host family in Canada. But it also means that it's the time to say farewell to some of my friends. They all gonna go back to their home country to continue their education and working on their future career. There was lots of drama, cries and tears and hugs, but in the end, it was really happy to met those great people, to know them and to be friends with them, as long that we still have connection together, this is not the goodbye, it's just to say: " I'll see you again, it's a promise".

The new semester has begin, and my school has some new international students come here, in CEC to study in the second semester. All 15 students, come from Germany, Japan, Columbia, Slovakia, Spain, Brazil, China and India. They all has the same feeling of shyness just like me and my friends the first time we came here, now we're gonna make them happy and comfortable, teach them about new things and the experiences we learned in Canada.

Canada has brought lots of new experiences, new friends from all over the world, new cultures and traditions. It's really hard to describe the word, cause I myself had never have this kind of fun before, but now, I can say that I'm happy to be here. Thank you Canada.


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