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The first and the last victory.

Gaining the first banner of the new school.

all seasons in one day 10 °C

Something big happened few weeks ago. I still can not forget how happy and proud I was. Soccer was pretty much the most important club for me. I have loved playing soccer since I was very young. I used to be a professional soccer player when I was 12~13 in Korea. I wanted to be a soccer player when I was young, so I spent at least 5 hours a day to train and play soccer with some friends. However, I had an injury so I had to quit. I was very sad that I could not play soccer for a while. But Canada gave me one more opportunity to be a soccer player representing my school with my friends.

It was November fourth 2017. Bridgetown Regional Community School beat Halifax 3-2 won the provincials. Our soccer team got the first banner of the new school. At the beginning, I thought that we were not even going to get regional's banner because our team was not really good. Also, the team was not really organised. we lost the first game against Middleton with the score of 2-1. All of us in the team thought that we could beat Middleton easily. We were quite shook after the game and realized that we have to try to work more as a team. All members of the team started to work very hard. we won the next match against CK and beat them with 4-1. We started winning and winning and finally got regional's banner. We also became the host of the provincial games. Since our team had had lots of victories, we became more thirsty of victory. We wanted to win the provincials to show how much we have improved and how hard we worked together. Also we as the representatives of Bridgetown, wanted to show how great Bridgetown is.

First game of provincials, we had a really tough game. We played against Cape Breton. We still beat Cape Breton but we felt that provincial games are different. The other team was very well organised as a team and they worked really well with each other. After the game, I was a bit worried because I knew that It would be harder the next game. Furthermore, I was also so worried that I am always so nervous before huge contests and since of that, I make lots of mistakes. But I knew that my team is going to work and run as hard and much as I do so that kind of made me feel better.

It was the day. A lot of people came to watch. Yes, I was very nervous. The weather was a bit chilly and made me feel worse. "Bridgetown on 3 ! One Two Three Bridgetown!!" The game was started. I ran as much as I could. For 20 minutes, we were being overwhelmed by them because they were such a good team. But we got two goals in the first half. I felt we already won. I saw some players of them who already gave up. In the second half, we scored one more. At that time, I was sure that we won. However 10 minutes before the games finished, we gave them two goals because we were very loose. We had to wake up and start focusing on what we have to do. Everybody was very nervous and there were even few more chances that they could score. In the last minute, two players and I went to the other team's corner, kept the ball there and earned lots of time. That was a really good tactic because we earned more than 2~3 minutes there. The game was finally over and everybody started hugging each other. We were very happy. We thanked each other for hard working. After the game, we took lots of pictures and everybody got a medal. I am sure that Bridgetown will also have a really good team next year as well. I can say that this was one of my happiest moment in my entire life because I got to play soccer which I could not play anymore when I was young. Also I felt very proud that my teammates and I got the first banner of the new school. Not to mention, I was not really good but I am happy that I contributed a lot. The reason why I put " the First and the last victory" as my title is that, it was my first victory because I was in the soccer team last year but I could not get provincials and it is my last victory because I will graduate this year and will not be able to play soccer next year representing BRCS.


I am really happy to share one of my best memories in Canada. I hope you enjoyed it and I will come back with another interesting memory. Thank you and have a good day. - Chan Yoon

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