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Second month in Canada

Fantastic new experiences in Canada

"Autumn, the year's last, loveliest smile" by William Cullen Bryant, and that is what I described my second month in Canada. Hi, guys is Tony here, my last month in Canada was great, I had a lot of joy and a lot of new interesting experiences. But, right now I'm in my second month, October, and is Autumn, which means it is time for the maple leafs to turn their famous color, red. The color that I heard about it many times and for the first time ever, I see a beautiful red maple leaf in my backyard trees, and after two and three weeks, their all turned to one color, and it was a chill experience to me to see all of the leafs, all red and red.
In the time when me and my family when to Comeauville, the beautiful town beside the sea, I spend three days in there and it was fun. We're all go shopping and go eat lunch together, it was fun and I also enjoy my first Thanksgiving in Canada, it was wonderful, but it was more wonderful is that I was able to have two Thanksgiving, how fun is that.

There is one special event that I forgot to tell you guys, is this event is full of spookiness and scariness. That's right, is Halloween, me and my friends are all pumped up for this event, for me it was my first Halloween, so I was so excited for it. At first, we had a Halloween dance at our school, the dance was wicked, everybody was dressing their favorite costume, that dance night was awesome.

After that, I went to the Hockey game with my friends and other schools in CCRSB. The team that we cheered to is the Halifax Moosehead, they were awesome players, they played against the Charlottetown Islander. The game was intense, there were so many penalties and so many painful tackles, but in the end, the Moosehead won with the score of 6-2, they left with happy smiles, and the crowd was also happy too. It was so fun to watch the game with my friends and also have some fun at the rink.

Finally, the Halloween day has come. My friends and I were volunteers to go asking people to donate food instead of candies. It was a fantastic night and also cold, we split off into two groups and compete whoever get many bags of food as full as possible, wins. So, the journey began, me and Anna, Domenico and Tommaso and Quang, all four of us went Trick or Eat in the neighborhoods, it was funny and also a great time too, everyone was laughing and talking and also have quite a few of snacks gave by the neighbors, seeing kids with their tiny cosstume with their adult go trick or treating, and also the experience to go trick or treat in the first Halloween night, it was scary to see all of the house we went through, decorated with lots of spooky things. After filling up our bags, we went to the Tim Hortons to meet the others, and so we went to the Food Bank and to donate all of it, the results were fantastic, we donated lots and lots of food, we're all happy and thank you for the people who donate their food to the Food Bank. Exhausted and also cold for a while, we enjoyed our hot chocolate in the kitchen behind the Food Bank where everyone goes there to relax after a long night to go Trick or Eat. After that, we're all went back to the place we met and say goodbye to each other and went home.

All of those events was my wonderful time in the second month in Canada, it was great to participate in those activities and enjoy it with family and friends. October has been so far, was my favorite season, well almost. It brings me lots up life experiences and also a joyful time in here, the beautiful view of the maple leafs on trees, the special Thanksgiving time with family, and those great events with friends, all of that was awesome, and it also make myself lots of smiles. This is my life in Canada, and I will see you in next blog.


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