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Came back to my second home.

looking forward to having a great grad and the third year in Canada.

all seasons in one day 10 °C

When I came back to Canada after having a great summer back in Korea, I was more nervous than when I was first here.
Do you know why? It is because this is my grad year. I have been studying in Canada since 2015. I started from grade 10 and now I am grade 12. I will probably have a lot of schoolwork but I am pretty sure I will enjoy learning in the new school called Bridgetown Regional Community school. ( my school was Bridgetown Regional High school but they built a new building and changed the name of the school). I also feel a little bit pressured that I have to graduate the school with good grades. If I were here for just experience, I would not be too much pressured about my mark in school, but I am planning to go to a good university in Canada as well, so I am making so much effort to have good grades in Canada. However, this schoolwork does not bother me or make me feel super frustrated at all because I love learning things in English.
I can not believe that the time flew so fast. It took lots of time for me to settle in different food, life pattern, culture and mostly time. Sometimes I felt homesick because I wanted to see my family back in Korea so much. But as I started to make lots of Canadian and international friends, I started to feel home and adjust myself in this culture just fine. The hugest cultural difference between Korea and Canada is that in Canada, greeting other people on the street is very normal but in Korea we do not usually do it. That is where I started to think that Canadians are very friendly and nice. Also, In Canada, majority of people are very open-minded that they express how they feel or think about something freely. How I felt about this? ' This is the country of freedom'.

Canada has taught me a lot of things and I have learned a lot of things from Canada.
When I came back to Canada, there were lots of Canadian friends who greeted me with their love as well as my host family.
' Why do I feel more home here in Canada than South Korea?' 'Why do I feel like I was born here?'
Everybody here respects me more than I deserve so I learned how to respect other people fully here.
Not to mention, by being involved in multiculturalism, I have learned that everybody is equal and should not be discriminated whatsoever.
And I was very happy to interact with a lot of different people.
( I was not a racist back in Korea though. I am saying that this culture is the most awesome culture that Canada should keep forever.).

Two years ago, my first year here, I was very shy so it took so much for me to make friends here but now, It has been a month, I have made more Canadian friends and became close friends with new international students. I help new international students out with schoolwork and settling in a lot because I know how it feels to have a person who helps me out a lot in unfamiliar situations, circumstances and places. Those international students are so happy that I became their friend and I am also very happy to have new friends. Sometimes I miss my old international friends who used to stay here with me but I know that I have to be focused on new friends because missing them being sad does not bring those old friends back here.

I feel like I just came to Canada but almost two months have passed. This year would also pass very quickly but I have to make sure that I have good memories before I go back. I perhaps won't see these great people around me after graduation. That makes me very sad and that is the reason why I have to make lots of memories so that I do not regret the past in the future. I am very happy to share my memories here with a lot of people who are looking forward to coming here and experience Canadian culture. I also wish I was a foreign Correspondent last year, then I could have shared a lot of great memories I had last year.

I will be updating my next blog the end of this month as soon as I make a great memory I want to share. Also, I will write other blogs to share good memories that I already had but not shared yet. I hope you guys have a good day and thank you for visiting my first blog!
-Written by Chan Yoon. 10/16/2017

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