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First month living in Canada

Experiences and fantastic joys and fun.

"If you can dream it, you can do it", and that is what I have succeeded. Hello, everyone, my name is Tony, I'm from Sai Gon, Vietnam. I'm 16, and I am one of nine " foreign correspondent" of the Nova Scotia International Student Program. Studying abroad and experience new kinds of things is always my big dream, and finally, I've reached that dream and take on another step. Having the first time to go study in a different country alone is really a challenge for me, and I was really nervous and scared, but that thought can't take me down, so I step on to continue my adventure. After joining the ESL camp with other friends around the world, I was really happy to make friends with them and it was a fun experience to me, we were having lots of fun together, then I met the other eight foreign correspondents, all nine of us are all from nine different countries, one is from Brazil, one is Italy, Netherland, Mexico, South Korea, Thailand, Turkey, China and me, from Vietnam. We all having ourselves get along with each other, we all have a lecture about our duty, then we introduced ourselves to the Canadian Ambassadors, who were chosen to guide us in our years in high school, after that we all went out to see the downtown Halifax, it was a beautiful town where you can go hang out with your friends and your family, it is a place where tall buildings and restaurants are open for guesses and also have the most magnificent library I have ever seen.

I'm attending Cobequid Educational Centre, the school which I will spend 2 years to study until I graduate. I went to a school tour with the ambassadors and other international students, there were a lot of them and they were all first time went to study abroad like me. CEC was huge, it was so huge that I got lost on the first day of school. The school offers the IB program which is the program that I will learn and graduate from it. Graduate the IB program and earning the IB diploma is my goal to make the next step to University. My school is full of amazing teachers and also amazing friends, the school had been welcomed international students from all around the world, from Europe, US, and also Asia.
The place where I'm going to stay is a little town call Truro, Truro is a beautiful and peaceful place, the streets are clean, there are shops, churches, and markets, also pizza stores. On every Thursday, the church near my school will have a free meal for everybody, me and my friends usually go there and eat together, and also, if anyone who rode this blog, if you want to eat the best chicken wings in Truro, in my opinion, go to Bubba Ray's, that is place where you can taste the best wings.
In the first week was so amazing, I and my host family went on a camping trip at Sunset watch, it was a perfect camping place, although it was kind of cold when we arrived there. We set our trailer near the beach, it was the most beautiful place I have ever seen, and when sunset, it is more beautiful. At night, we have marshmallows and hot dog grilled on the fire camp, it was a fantastic experience for me and I will definitely be revisited again.
Canada is famous for their national sport, hockey. And that is the first thing that I want to do in my "stuff to do list in Canada", to see a hockey match and see how is it be to be a hockey player. I and my family went on to the hockey stadium to see the match between Truro's hockey team, Bearcats, against the other team. The match was amazing, seeing players skating on the ice, movements to steal the puck and swing to the net, and some tackles too, but the most important things were the players, they play with all of their passion to their sport and together with their teammates. Being able to see this national sport was fantastic.

After two days in the new school, I joined with my international friends for a bonfire at one of our ambassador's house. The bonfire was fun, we had so many activities and also fun together and having marshmallows again, but I still love the texture of the marshmallows when its grilled on the fire.
All in all, it was a great month in Truro and it will be more fantastic in the next month so I will write another one in the next month, this is the story of my life in Canada. See you guys.


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