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How everything began - The Foreign Correspondent Camp

My first days in Nova Scotia at the Foreign Correspondent Camp.

Hi guys,
I’m Merle, one of the 10 Foreign Correspondents.
I am from Germany and in the end of August I flew many miles across the ocean to do what I have dreamed of for such a long time.
To live in Canada.
My job is to take you with me on my 3 months adventure.

How everything began
My family comes from all over the world, so I was introduced to many countries at a young age. All these different countries are so interesting to me and when my cousin made a Work&Travel year in Canada, I knew I want to do that too.
But it wasn't that easy. My family couldn't afford a stay abroad for me, so I needed a scholarship to make my dream come true. I applied to two other sholarships, before I found NSISP's scholarship. The description said I would be a Foreign Correspondent. I was very interested in that, so I made a video, applied for the scholarship, went to an interview with other potential students and some days later I got the call. I got the scholarship. Everytime I told someone I would go to Canada, I told it to myself, because I couldn't realize it.
When I sat down on the airplane I was nervous and excited at the same time. But all in all I was just happy and I thought:
„My adventure can start now“.


Foreign Correspondents
We are a group of 10 students, from 8 different countries. We are all Foreign Correspondents because we got the NSISP-scholarship, which gives us the possibility to stay for 3, 5 or 10 months in Nova Scotia.
As Foreign Correspondents we are responsible to show students in your country, how it is like to live in Nova Scotia as an international student.
And maybe to get them interested to find out themselves too.
But no one of us did a job as a correspondent yet so we had a lot of questions.
How can I show what I am doing and experiencing here?
How do I use all the social networks ?
How do I take good photos, that show important things?
How can I keep the reader interested in my posts?
All these questions were answered in the Foreign Correspondent Camp.


27th of August -Arriving to Nova Scotia
We all arrived on the 27th of August in the evening. Monica Nielsen and Mind, a student from Thailand, were waiting for me and warmly welcomed me. We went to Tim Hortons and had something to drink, while we were waiting for the others.
When the rest of the students arrived we drove from the airport to Truro, to the ESL Camp at the Nova Scotia Community College. We were all really tired from the change of time zones and so we fell asleep as soon as we came into our room.

28th of August -Introduction, learning and a trip to Halifax
We woke up early, had breakfast and then our questions were answered by Paul Millman, Mike Rosson, Monica Nielsen and Danique Roswell, a photograher. Paul and Mike introduced and explained to us what a Foreign Correspondent has to do and what our responsibilities are. Monica showed us how to use social media platforms and how to keep the viewers interested. Danique showed us how to take really good photos, even if you only got your phone-camera with you. We all met the Ambassadors, who were having their camp too, to learn how to help exchange students to conquer the first time in Canada, a new country with new people and a new culture.


After Lunch we went to Halifax. We visited Citadel Hill, where we got an amazing view over Halifax. Then we made a Harbour Hopper Tour with a vehicle that can drive on land and in water. We learned a lot about Halifax, its buildings and important people. When we went into the water we met a very stubborn seagull, it just didn’t want to leave the road and wasn’t interested by the fact that our car could kill it. We all had After 4 trys we could finally drive into the water, with a big splash that made us all wet. To finish the day with a nice meal, we all went, very hungry from exploring so much, to McKelvies Seafood Restaurant. I tried the famous lobster and even though I don’t like fish that much it was really good. We all had a fun day and in the evening, when we came back we sat down to work on our video presentations for the next day.


IMG_8085.jpg IMG_8126.jpg

29th of August -Goodbye and Hello
We had a really busy day, but we were better adjusted to the time , so we were all more awake than the day before. We worked on Communication Strategy Plans for the coming months in Nova Scotia for us.
We also had the chance to continue working on our video presentations and a photo challenge. At the end we all presented the videos and our photos.
Then we all had to say goodbye and we went on different busses, that brought us to our hostfamilies. I had a lovely and fun bus ride sitting next to one of my school’s Ambassadors Abigail. When the bus stopped I could already see my hostmother standing there with a sign „Welcome Merle Hermanns“. Everybody in the bus got excited, asked if I am Merle and cheered when I hopped out of the bus. I hugged my hostparents and I was so happy. The worries I had, how I would meet them and how they would react, were directly gone.


This were my first days in Nova Scotia at the Foreign Correspondent Camp. I met so many nice people and I really enjoyed the time there. Thank you NSISP for making this adventure possible for me !!!!

I can't wait to share my life in Nova Scotia with you.
I will try to let you have the best insight to my stay abroad as possible.


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