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November - being really Canadian!

Hey everyone!
November flew by and is already over.
Sometimes when I think back to when I came and I'm so surprised for how long I'm already here
because it seems like yesterday that I arrived on the plane, being super excited for the coming months.
And so far those months were even better than expected!

Remembrance Day
Remembrance Day is a day dedicated to all the fallen soldiers in the past two world wars and current wars.
When I came here I didn't know that Remembrance Day would be celebrated that much and would be taken this serious,
which I think is really great! The Remembrance Day is on the 11th of November, which was a Friday in this year.
On Thursday we had a Celebration in school, where poems were read out loud, and the band played a variety of songs.
It was the band's first performance in this school year and we were a little bit nervous but we all managed to play our best and we got a lot of really nice responses, of people saying they were touched by our performance.
Everybody wears a little stick pin poppy, to show their respect to the fallen soldiers, which I think is a really nice and thoughtful gesture.
On Friday, we had no school, so we went to the Ceremony in town.
Soldiers gave speeches and every family in town laid a wreath down to the stature in town, which is dedicated to the fallen soldiers.

FullSizeRender_3_.jpg FullSizeRender_2_.jpg

Christmas Parade in New Glasgow
The Christmas Parade is an annual celebration where all the clubs, companies and schools of the town decorate floats with pretty and colorful lights and show their floats in the parade. My school being one of the schools in the area of New Glasgow, took part too. We had a really big float, which was decorated pretty and which had place for around 20 to 25 people to sit on and that's how many people really sat on it in the end, including me and my friends. We were dressed in our schools colors plus having Christmas themed clothes on. We had antlers, bells, christmas hats and much more. All the people that came didn't fit on the float so there were some people walking next to it and handing out candy canes to the people watching the parade. We sang chants and rang our bells because we had to defend "The Spirit Award", which my school got last year and we succeeded and won it again!!

IMG_1491.jpg FullSizeRender_4_.jpg

Hockey Game
On the 20th of November all of the Internationals and Ambassadors of the CCRSB school board went to Halifax to watch a hockey game.
The Mooseheads played against Bathurst. It was nice to see some of the Foreign Correspondent girls again! The game was really exciting but the Mooseheads lost unfortunately after a really nerve wracking end.
Bathurst scored the determining goal in the last 15 seconds after the Mooseheads scored a draw in the last 40 seconds.
We were disappointed but it didn't reduce our fun! We drove to another school, where we had a dinner, including lobster,
salmon and really good cupcakes. It was a great day and an amazing experience I won't forget!

FullSizeRender_5_.jpg IMG_1642.jpg

My host sister is leaving
My host sister left in the last week of November. Just the weekend before she left we threw her a surprise party, and she had no clue! We drove "home" from the movies and instead on going home we went into another direction but we kept her talking and talking and so she didn't ask us why we weren't going home. When we stopped in front of her friends house she got confused and asked a lot of questions but we pretended to not know anything. When we cam into her friend's house and she saw everyone with the cake she was so shocked and surprised! It was really nice for her to spend a last time with all of her friends together. The day she left we all cried and we will definitely miss her!


I feel like I got to know this country even more than before this month! I got to experience the most Canadian thing - Hockey! Not just in a schools game, but a really professional game. I felt really included in my school, playing in the band and being on the float at the Christmas Parade! I just love it here and I don't want to think about having only one month left.

Bye, Merle

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