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This month was a great one. Well I think I'm gonna say this to every month...however I had a great month and I'm gonna tell you a bit of what I did.

Yes, we had Thanksgiving. Many of you will probably gonna say 'Isn't Thanksgiving in November?' No. For the Canadian Thanksgiving is on the first Monday in October. They celebrate the end of the Seven Year's War. But it's not different in the meaning of Thanksgiving and the tradition is the same. We come together with people you are close to, be thankful and eat some great turkey. It was lovely and really nice and it became better when we had a power outage and we had no school for two days. At this point I was really thankful.

Fear Farm
This was definitely one of my favourite things I did last month, the Fear Farm. Close to Truro is a Fear Farm and a cornmaze that is open during the Halloween time. You have to go through different courses and there are traps and actors who are going to scare you. Once an actress was trying to scare us and was stopping us from going further but I found a way to escape her so I ran away and that was so funny that even the actress started to laugh :D. But before we went to the Fear Farm we've gone to Peggy's Cove. A beautiful spot close to Halifax. This place was right at the coast and the famous lighthouse of Nova Scotia stands right there.
But I'm sure that I'll never forget the Fear Farm, it was such a fun adventure.


This is a place in Cape Breton, an island in the north of Nova Scotia. We went to Baddeck for a weekend because my host mum had a conference there and I'm so glad that she had this conference because Baddeck is a really nice place. We stayed at a huge resort with sportfields, swimming pools and restaurants and it has a beach, too. But it is not just beautiful it is a special place, too. Have you ever heard about 'Alexander Graham Bell'? You should have because this guy was the inventer of the telephone. And he had a house in Baddeck and lived there. We went to the Alexander Graham Bell museum and it was more interesting than I thought it would be! So many intersting things were exhibited and a lot of stuff you could do to find out more about Bell's life. We had a lot of fun.

This might be the most known thing of the month October, Halloween. Same as in America the Canadian celebrate Halloween really big. At first we had this Halloween Dance at our school. When I went there I couldn't believe what I saw. Almost everybody dressed up for the dance! I always thought that it is sad that there is not that much willingness to dress up at a dance in Germany. So much the better I enjoyed the dance with all those crazy people!


At October 31st we did the most traditional thing of Halloween. We went Trick or Treating. We dressed up with a few friends and went around the community and collected a lot of candys. But the most fun thing was that we all dressed up and had so much fun 'bumming around'.


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