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My first month in Nova Scotia

It's unbelievable!
My name is Sohrab Ayan and I'm an international from Germany and I'm here in Nova Scotia since a month ago. And how I already said, it's unbelievable!
I will tell you a little bit about my first month being here and how I handled this new world.

My host family
I am so lucky that I have such a nice hostfamily.
I'm living here in a house in Sherbrooke, a little community in Nova Scotia. My hostmum is the owner of one of the stores here in this community, what gives me a lot of advantages ;D. My host siblings are very nice and I couldn't imagine better siblings. They welcomed me with open arms since day one and give me the feeling, that I am part of their family and I really appreciate that.

My school
I'm going to a little school here in Sherbrooke, called the St.Mary's Education Centre. The school is small and has just about 200 students. But this is nothing bad! I'm just a month here in Sherbrooke and I already know everybody in this school! They are so kind and open and I really see that they are happy having me in their school and that is what makes my sometimes boring school day a perfect day! And I can't believe how many activities they have. Since I'm here they were doing something special once a week. No matter if it's a theme day we're everybody dress like something specific or a fun day were everyone is going outside and play games and stuff like that. I can tell you guys...this school is everything, but not lacking in variety!!

Activities with my host family
Remember I told you I just came here a month ago? But in this month I had so many activities I would have at home for like a half a year. Every weekend my hostmum is planning something great and it's always so much fun. In the first week I had tour through the so called Sherbrooke Village. It is a part of Sherbrooke that is built like in the 19th century. In the second weekend we went to a beautiful beach where I went swimming. It was pretty cold but it was fun anyway. In the next weekend we went to the capital city in Nova Scotia, Halifax. This city is really unique and I felt in love with it the first time I saw it. Maybe it's just because I miss my city in Germany but anyways it is a beautiful city. We spent a night in a luxurious Hotel and had a great time there! The day after that we went to an OnTreePark in Windsor. In this Park you have to go on different courses and it has stuff like climbing, zip lining and many other things. It was really fun but after a hard course I was pretty done for that day :D.

My opinion so far
My opinion is that just after a month I already feel like home. This month went so far because of all the stuff we already did. But it also feels like I would be here for a really long time. The kindness and love they give here is so amazing that I feel like being home.
I love it.

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