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How my exchange year started

Hello Travellers

Before I start to write about my exchange year in Canada, I thought I should introduce myself a little bit and tell you how I got here: sitting 5230 km far from home on this very comfortable couch belonging to my host family in a small town in Nova Scotia, Canada.

My name is Celine. I´m an 18-year-old girl from Germany who is going to spend the next 10 months in Oxford, Nova Scotia, Canada.

I think it was almost a year ago (during my last summer vacation) when I started to think about what I could do after I graduated from school, as school was about to start again and it would be my last year. So I stumbled about an information booth where there were lots of agents, who can give you information about any kind of stay abroad. I always wanted to travel and live in another country.
I don’t know what I was looking for because I thought going back to school after completing high school would be impossible (and that’s what I wanted to do). So my father and I were walking around, talking to some agents about Work and Travel, Au pair and whatever. We were about to leave but then we saw the agent Xplore. The banner said something like “School after School” so I ask what it means. We started to talk. The agent seemed nice (and it still is ;) ). The man said that somebody from the agent in Canada would come and talk about Nova Scotia. I never heard about Nova Scotia before but why not. So a few weeks later my father and I drove to Wiesbaden to listen to what he is going to say. He presented the province, showed the beautiful landscape, talked about living abroad in a host family and lots of other stuff. Paul Millman from NSISP did a great job because I think that was the day the decision was made: I was going to spend a year in Canada.
One thing lead to another and as you can tell: everything worked.
(This picture was already taken in Canada)

(This picture was already taken in Canada)

But wait it doesn’t explain why I’m writing to you. I´m a foreign correspondent together with nine other students from 8 countries.
We received a scholarship from NSISP to get the opportunity to study in Canada. That means we try to share our experience with you, those who are interested in Canada, an exchange year or whatever brought you to this blog.
I saw the possibility for a scholarship on the day my father and I talked with the man from Xplore. In the brochure he gave me there was this information sheet. It had the title “scholarship”. So I read it and I was interested in it. To apply for the scholarship, I had to do a video and I could choose about what. I made a video about my home town and sent it to my agent. A few weeks later I got a call. There would be another applicant to choose from and he wanted to talk with me and the other boy to get an impression of us. On the same day a got an email that I’m a foreign correspondent.
To finish my short introduction and the story how I got here: NSISP is a great agent. The people I met so far are so nice. You don´t need to be afraid to ask or worry that your English is too bad. They will help you and I´m happy that I´m in Canada with NSISP.
To everybody who lives in Germany: If you want to do something abroad, I just can recommend the information booth (Jugendbildungsmesse) and if you are interested in an exchange talk with somebody from Xplore. They are really nice and will answer your question.
So I´m done with my first entry. You are welcome to follow our experience on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and of course here on Travellerspoint.
Hope to see you soon.

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