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My first week in my hostfamily and school

Hello everyone,
It's me, Merle, again. I will tell you about my first week at my hostfamily and the first days at school.
Everything is still exciting and new and I am so happy to be here in Nova Scotia.

The first days at my hostfamily -everything is new

The first days were very exciting, everything was new, looked different and is used differently than it is in Germany.
Even the fridge is something new, it makes ice cubes itself, how cool is that !?
On my first days I got to know my hostfamily, the house and the area we live in.
We had a little surprise party for my hostsister on her birthday. We went to the beach and even tough it wasn't warm, we went into the sea !!
It was freezing cold but my hostsister, hostmother and I had a lot of fun.
On the next day we all drove to Halifax to pick up my second hostsister from Italy.
In the next couple of days I met more family members and we all went canoeing together. We put the canoes on the back of the truck and drove to a very beautiful lake, we even found an isle on the middle of the lake and explored it. In the evening we made a little bonfire in the back of the garden, and ate marshmallows.
On the day before school started our hostparents took us to the Pictou Colchester Exhibition. We walked through the stables, saw and pet goats, ducks, cows and horses. We watched the firemen’s competition and the horse barrels show.
In the end we went home, a bit disappointed but with a lot of popcorn.

180_IMG_9918.jpg IMG_0086.jpg


7th of September -School Orientation

To let us not go unpreparedly to school on the 8th, my school’s ambassadors, invited all the internationals to school on the 7th. We played some games to get to know the other exchange students and afterwards we made a tour through the school. The ambassadors told us a lot about our school and made sure we are not totally lost, the next morning at school.


8th-9th of September -Fist days of school

We went by bus to school, that was my fist time ever driving in one of the famous „yellow school busses“.
The schoolday was very chaotic for me. We got our schedules and I had to change two of my classes and couldn’t find the classrooms.
But all in all it was a great day, and very different to the school in Germany. Instead of having 11 classes, I only had 4 classes and the majority of homework the teachers give us is online, with the „Google Classroom“.
On the second day I went to a cross country meeting in the break. And…I signed up for being in the Cross Country Team!!! The second day of school was on a friday so, after these first days of school we already had weekend, and we were really tired from learning and experiencing so much new.

10th of September -Runaway Run and Multicultural Fusion Festival

On Saturday we woke up at 4 o’clock in the morning and met the other internationals at 6 o’clock to drive with two busses to Halifax, because we all would participate in The Runway Run. The Runway Run is organized by the Lung Assosiation (http://www.ns.lung.ca/site/) and took place at the Halifax Stanfield International Airport. The purpose of this run is to raise money for The Lung Assosiation, to help those with lung diseases.
After we arrived, we prepared to run and then the run started. We all ran 5 kilometers, it was hard, because only a few of us internationals were used to run long distances. But we all did it!!! We were tired but at the same time really proud of us!
After the run we drove to the Multicultural Fusion Festival in Pictou (http://commmapc.wixsite.com/fusion-festival).
You could find food and meals from all over the world, like India and Japan. At the same time there were little music performances on a little stage. It was a great atmosphere and we enjoyed staying there for some hours.
It was a great day, we had a lot of fun and were really proud of what we achived on this day.

IMG_9278.jpg IMG_9270.jpg

That's my little update about my last week here.
I look forward to the next school week, my first cross country practise and an orientation for the internationals in some days.
I will tell you about it in the next post.

Bye, Merle

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