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My latest full month in Nova Scotia, December

In December I've made a lot of different activities for the school, basketball team and family.

For a start, in the first week I played a lot of games in my school and in other places. I played a tournament in NNEC, another one in our school (we won this tournament) and more games in Truro.

We made a meeting in our third week of December with all the international buddies where we made some gingerbread houses. Unfortunately, Derrick and I couldn’t go all the meeting because we were having a basketball practice at the same time, so we could only go for a few minutes. We saw a lot of other internationals from other schools that were making the same activity as us.

And in my last week and a half of December (Christmas time) I went to Toronto to visit some friends. I saw a lot of different places in Toronto such as The CN Tower, The aquarium, the Niagara Falls and some Christmas markets. And to finish my trip one of my dreams came true: I saw a NBA game, Raptors v Bulls. Álvaro Carceles Ortega #nsisp #nsispfc

When I arrived in Halifax and I was taking my suitcase, I turned around and I saw all my Canadian family waiting for me. And when we got home they gave me a lot of Christmas presents and at night I went to my friend's house (Polly) where we made a New Year's party.large_8920A8DA-105F-4C85-9CEE-D10F245C90BD.jpegDE81D94B-BE76-40A8-9A88-04F182FB31F4.jpegD37541FB-B860-4634-8CB5-2FEE53FBCFC0.jpeg1F96D436-9759-42E9-981E-7E7133811DC8.jpegF8178F21-D280-4F9F-A618-6750347E4115.jpeg630EAEA8-8C01-4999-A19A-A21BBD084B57.jpeg9A18C6BF-4B69-4CB6-ADFF-6AA019E477F6.jpeg4F606368-6F4C-4E31-8106-722491B4C58F.jpeg32C7E4A1-E702-457E-A5BC-C3787FC650E6.jpegC1FA7C08-9BA0-4989-B74F-2AF09ACB26B3.jpegBF90FBBE-A7CF-4778-923C-6EA4D9559416.jpegF896656E-0CB8-46CC-98D8-40176566ADA8.jpegF44F5DFD-BE1E-4F3E-A057-E5A44EA21FC4.jpeg8AB23933-8A1F-4E08-9B1F-6E641094D16D.jpegD25CB8E3-D923-43FD-B914-A44E7C9B0A3F.jpegA932F256-792A-483D-95D5-7BDC20194B27.jpeg3A9E351F-B767-4723-A4A5-3A6F3439A948.jpeg

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