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The fun in April was great and full of smiles of joy.

The month of April was a fantastic month for me. Right at this time, I was able to participate in a trip to visit universities in Nova Scotia with Edunova program. The trip was about providing us knowledge and some experiences from the university students for us to learn and to have preparation before getting into university.

Our first destination on the trip was visiting Dalhousie University, one of the well-known university in Nova Scotia. It quite surprised me that the university had many other buildings in the city, the main building, the school of business, the school of technology, and also they have a library, which quite big, more than I expected.
Our first lab activity at Dalhousie chemistry lab

The next stop was visiting the University of King's College. The first thing that surprised me that it is located right next to Dalhousie. I also learned that the two universities have had a long co-operate connection to each other. Me, personally, describe the University as the Hogwarts of Nova Scotia.

After visiting Dalhousie and King's, we reach our next destination, The Mount Saint Vincent University. I learned a little bit about the history behind the foundation of the university. It was first built as an institution for women, but later after, it was open public for men and women. We did a scavenger hunt with other international students while doing it, it also a tour for us to discover what MSVU had. Although that my team was the last team to present, we were having lots of fun with the hunt.

After two trips to visit two University in Halifax, we headed back to the hotel and rest. The next day we went to one of the most famous University of Nova Scotia, the Saint Francis Xavier University. I was quite astonished when we took the tour around the University, it was huge, it has two football field, it has a really big pool. Visiting Saint Francis Xavier University was really fun, I realized why people called it is one of the best University, it is diverse, it has a huge facility, and also the way that the program that applies for each student of StFX to become a good student and a person in the community.

Right after we visit StFX University, we all on to a 4 hours ride to Cape Breton to visit Cape Breton University. When we arrived at there, we all don't want to get off the bus because we were too tired of the ride. CBU is a university that differs from other universities, and one thing that surprised me was the ratio of the class is 15 to 1, one of the lowest class ratio that I have ever seen, which by the way it's now a bad thing, the University has a great reputation to Canada. They also had a great view of the sea, which is one thing that I like about this University.

After a long day, we reached to our hotel and have a great nap. The following day was a pretty day, the morning sunrise wakes us up, we prepare our luggage, eat breakfast, full of energy and begin to continue our trip. We headed back to Halifax to visit our next College, the Nova Scotia Community College. NSCC has a lot of great facilities, for technology and engineer, they created an environment for students to experience, and practice their skills, and take the lessons what they realize about how it went wrong or what do we need to make it better or fix it. It is a great place for people to co-operate to learn from each other, and work together as a team and become gain more knowledge to prepare for the future.

On the final day of the trip, we went on a tour of two of the well-known Universities, Acadia University and Saint Mary University. Two of the Universities has a good reputation on them. At Acadia, we did another scavenger hunt with the group, I and my new international friends, all four of us were all felt excited and fun after having a long walk and finding lots of clues, and visiting a lot of places in Acadia.

After visiting Acadia, we went to Saint Mary University. The University itself looks very old and prestige. As for the final trip, we formed a group and do one final last scavenger hunt to know things around the University, the library, and other buildings. IMG_20180416_144226_HDR.jpgIMG_20180416_145516_HDR.jpgIMG_20180416_144232_HDR.jpgIMG_20180416_143933.jpgIMG_20180416_145802_HDR.jpgIMG_20180416_144005.jpg

For the last 3 days at Edunova program trip, I made lots of new friends. New experiences, and happier than ever. I'm very glad that I could have this one and only opportunity to join this trip, and thank you for Edunova for creating this program for us, you guys made us a trip of a lifetime.

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