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Achievement After This Whole Year

The time of the year is about to expire. What am I getting?

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In May, it will be a busy day for the students, because many activities will be selected in this month. On the one hand, we are going to complete a busy year of study, so this is a very appropriate time for us to show the whole year of achievement, on the other hand, as a 12th-grade student, the beginning of June also means that the end of the high school learning career, graduation promos, graduation ceremonies, and final exams will be held in the upcoming 30 days. May was very busy for us so that I didn't have the right time to finish my blog in May.
I think you must be very curious about me coming to Canada from the other side of the globe, and I’m about to graduate from here. What are my impressions and opinions about this place? What I want to say about this is that I’ve been very fulfilling this month. In a word, I'm just too busy! But I'm not busy preparing for a variety of exams or preparing for my final exam because I'm busy for things that I love(I didn't say I don't like to study).
I remember I mentioned in my previous blog, because of my passion for music, so I joined the school band, so May is the most important time for the band because we held our spring concert for 12th-grade student, this is also their graduation concert, because this is probably the last time I'll blow my saxophone at Millwood High, so I cherish this concert very much. I studied at Millwood High for two years. During the time, I participated in four large-scale concerts. I also played the Canadian national anthem on Remembrance Day. These will be very precious memories for me. This is also an embodiment of my active integration into Canadian culture. So here it is. At the end of the concert, our graduating students left this picture with our teacher:42306c30-65f6-11e8-b453-7fca3243709c.png
As a student who is also very fond of fine arts, I also actively participated in any art activities organized by the school. As an advanced art student, I attended the field trip held in the class. We visited the Nova Scotia design and The University of the Arts, and the Hall of Fame of Halifax, are very good experiences for a student who likes painting very much. This photo was us with our teacher were walking in downtown Halifax: DSC_0152.JPG
After the field trip, we also held a 2018 exhibition at the school. One of the things that I was very happy with was that I also received the first pot of life here. I sold my painting for the first time. I am so excited because there are so many people liked the artwork that I bought from China:DSC_0180.JPG
Because I knew I was about to leave here, I was always thinking that before I left, I always wanted to leave some imprints that belonged to me, or that I wanted to leave the culture of my home, so I spent a month, and a painting was left on one side wall of the school. I think this painting has a very important meaning both for me and for my school. Because the dragon is a symbol of justice, it means positive and firm belief. He is also a symbol of Chinese culture, so I chose to leave it here, which also expressed my gratitude for here.
Today is June 1st and I will leave here twenty-nine days later, leaving my place where I spent two years, so from now on I am very cherished every minute, but I know I am leaving only for the next reunion. So I will try my best to show the best of myself for the rest of the time!
Please also look forward to my last blog! thank you for reading!
----Allan Xiao from China

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