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Embracing school activities

storm -12 °C

Everyone here in Canada told me that the best place to find friends is to join a club. And although my first few tries to find a sportsteam weren’t really successful I finally found something I really like: Rugby.

The rugby season hasn’t really started yet but practice is on! We practice Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. We start at 7.00 in the morning which can tough but it is so much fun. We are with a big group of girls. I never played rugby before but I’m learning really fast and having so much fun doing so. All the girls are so nice and even though we have just been together for 4 weeks but I believe we truly are a team.

It has been a really sporty year this far. I have also been skiing almost every weekend. I am so lucky and grateful that my host dad takes me down to ski hill so much. I love skiing so much, the speed and the cold wind. There is nothing quite like the feeling of skiing. And one of my friends has been learning how to ski so he can come with us and the only thing more fun than skiing is skiing with friends.

Another thing that is fun to do in the snow is sledding. I never really did that much as a kid as there are very little hills in the Netherlands even big enough to sled down. Sledding with my little hostsister is the most fun thing ever because it is not only sledding. The playing in the cold and the big snow fights. A true Canadian winter. -JP

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On the halfway point of the adventure

sunny -3 °C

Today I am exactly halfway through my adventure in Canada and the time is going crazy fast.

Life has been amazing in Canada so far. I am loving school, which is a seemingly strange thing to say as a teenager. But my school is so relaxed and everyone is so nice, that I really enjoy going there. This week I have exams and Im not as stressed as I used to be because our teachers prepared us very well. I am also very exited for the next semester. I will finally get my favorite subject again: history. I am very curious to see how they see history from Canada and if it is seen differently.

I'm also very exited for the weather to get better. There are so many beautiful places in Nova Scotia I still want to see and discover and so many adventures. There are so many thing still to do and with the better weather that will be a lot easier.

Before the spring come I have still plenty of time to enjoy my favorite hobby: skiing. In The Netherlands it is really hard to ski, since there are no mountains or hills to ski on. You always have to travel to go to a place to ski. Here I go skiing almost every weekend and that makes me extremely happy. I am so lucky and grateful that I have a family that goes skiing with me as much as we do. I also think I got a lot better at skiing since I got here. That will impress my parents when I'm back home.

I am so happy that Im staying another 5 months to see more of beautiful Canada

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My latest full month in Nova Scotia, December

In December I've made a lot of different activities for the school, basketball team and family.

For a start, in the first week I played a lot of games in my school and in other places. I played a tournament in NNEC, another one in our school (we won this tournament) and more games in Truro.

We made a meeting in our third week of December with all the international buddies where we made some gingerbread houses. Unfortunately, Derrick and I couldn’t go all the meeting because we were having a basketball practice at the same time, so we could only go for a few minutes. We saw a lot of other internationals from other schools that were making the same activity as us.

And in my last week and a half of December (Christmas time) I went to Toronto to visit some friends. I saw a lot of different places in Toronto such as The CN Tower, The aquarium, the Niagara Falls and some Christmas markets. And to finish my trip one of my dreams came true: I saw a NBA game, Raptors v Bulls. Álvaro Carceles Ortega #nsisp #nsispfc

When I arrived in Halifax and I was taking my suitcase, I turned around and I saw all my Canadian family waiting for me. And when we got home they gave me a lot of Christmas presents and at night I went to my friend's house (Polly) where we made a New Year's party.large_8920A8DA-105F-4C85-9CEE-D10F245C90BD.jpegDE81D94B-BE76-40A8-9A88-04F182FB31F4.jpegD37541FB-B860-4634-8CB5-2FEE53FBCFC0.jpeg1F96D436-9759-42E9-981E-7E7133811DC8.jpegF8178F21-D280-4F9F-A618-6750347E4115.jpeg630EAEA8-8C01-4999-A19A-A21BBD084B57.jpeg9A18C6BF-4B69-4CB6-ADFF-6AA019E477F6.jpeg4F606368-6F4C-4E31-8106-722491B4C58F.jpeg32C7E4A1-E702-457E-A5BC-C3787FC650E6.jpegC1FA7C08-9BA0-4989-B74F-2AF09ACB26B3.jpegBF90FBBE-A7CF-4778-923C-6EA4D9559416.jpegF896656E-0CB8-46CC-98D8-40176566ADA8.jpegF44F5DFD-BE1E-4F3E-A057-E5A44EA21FC4.jpeg8AB23933-8A1F-4E08-9B1F-6E641094D16D.jpegD25CB8E3-D923-43FD-B914-A44E7C9B0A3F.jpegA932F256-792A-483D-95D5-7BDC20194B27.jpeg3A9E351F-B767-4723-A4A5-3A6F3439A948.jpeg

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A New Page

The end of 2018 chapter, a new beginning of 2019 chapter

" Adventure is worthwhile in itself"- Amelia Earhart. Hello everyone, my name is Tony, and this is the story of my two months experience of November and December.

November was a busy month, I was very excited about Christmas, although that the season just a month away, myself still excited. In November, I went to a lot of activities with my school board. We were having lots of fun playing curling, I and my friend learned rules about curling, the technique on how to push the curling rock, and we compete for each other in groups, we were tired, but, we did have a fun time.


After that week, we all went on a trip to Halifax to watch the hockey game, on the home court of the Halifax MooseHead. The game was very intense, the player was hurtling each other to the side, there was also some physical contact happened at the game. The result was very sad, the Mooseheads lost to their opponent, despite that they lost, we still love the energy that they bring to the game.


December was the month that everyone was waiting for this one special season, Christmas Eve. But, before we all going to stay in our home for Christmas, the school board decided to open a Christmas party for host families and international students to participate. We created some hot chocolate jar to go home to drink, building stuff snowman, and also dressed up and have some fun time.


A tradition day for our international student in CEC is the Christmas dinner at our school. Everyone wear formal dresses and suits. At the dinner, there was the principle and also the school staff, with some of our Canadian friends in the international club. The night was fun and fine.


My experiences with November and December was fantastic. It was an unforgettable memory to me to see snow, even though I had seen it before, to see the view covered by snow in the beauty. The year 2018 is almost over, I did have some fun time and a bad time. But, for the most time, I enjoyed every day, to be at school, to be with friends, and to be with my family. I'm so excited to set my goals and start my new journey in 2019. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone, and I will see you guys later.


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December differences

snow -7 °C

December has always been one of my favorite months in the year. It is a month of celebration and reflection, but it's also a time where we can look forward to new things.

My favorite part of December is a Dutch celebration called Sinterklaas and I have been explaining it to my Canadian friends as Dutch Christmas.
Sinterklaas is the name of our Santa. Every year in late November her travels to the Netherlands form Spain in boats with presents and his helpers the Pete's. Every night till December 5th he walk the rooftops of all the houses to bring presents to the kids who put their shoes out by the door or the fireplace. On December 5th he makes his last round and leaves a bag of present at every house.

Sinterklaas is really big in the Netherlands and it comes with special food and festivities. My favorite food is are cookies called 'pepernoten' which are small and crispy cookies which are giving to children by the Pete's. Sinterklaas is also celebrated in the schools. Most of the times with games. There is even a Sinterklaas news that airs on national television every night for a whole month.

Another fun part is our way of doing 'Secret Santa'. We do a secret santa where you buy something for someone, but the biggest part of it is the 'surprise' you make for them. The surprise is the way you wrap you present and this is often very creative. A surprise is often related to hobby's or someones personality. You craft it form cardboard or paper maché. It can take a lot of effort but the most beautiful thing are made.

I celebrated Sinterklaas a tiny bit with my host family. I made them put their shoes out by the door so Sinterklaas could fill them with present, which he of course did. My parents also sent some of the traditional food and I everyone loved it. It is really fun sharing a part of you culture with others.


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