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Hi, my name is Rosa, I'm 17 years old and I want to share my whole experience living in Canada, now I'm going to talk about my experience in sports so far.

The last weekend I went to a baseball tournament with Theresa, SHE PLAYS, her team “Bat Benders” are so cool, on Saturday we woke up at 6:30am because we live like hour and a half from were the tournament was, when we arrived they were four teams already playing, they were just waiting for one of the teams to play; one of their players get hurt days before the game but even that she was there supporting her team. Angie one of the players lends me one of her shirts just to feel part of the team, it was so cool.



The fist game was versus “The Giants” and they won with a score of 6-2, then they played versus “Prospect Ladies” and they won again with a score of 10-9, after that they played versus “TBR”, obviously they won again with a score of 14-1. The hours were passing and when we didn’t expect it the game for the championship was about to start, everyone was tired but even that they play like if that was the first game and they won with a score of 15-4.



After the awards ceremony, we went to Trudy´s house to celebrate and eat something, we ate pizza around a bonfire, it was everything so beauty.



The last Friday I went to a volleyball practice at SCA and I can tell you that when I listen everything we had to do I knew that I was done, the good notice is that Aschaelle is the coach and it was wonderful saw her again. As I watched the girls of the team how they practice I was distracted while I lost sight of balls, thanks Aschaelle for hit me in the face (I know it was an accident, haha), now I know the rule number one, NEVER lose sight of the ball and also thanks because in two hours I did more than what I have done in 17 years and I still alive, THANKS.I hope to see you soon.
After the practice Theresa and I went to her parent´s house to spend the night because the next day we would go to another baseball tournament.



I’m never going to get tired of the highway in NS

That tournament was different, it was a tournament where men and women can play, it was a very tiring day, when we start the trip was 5:00am, there were no light. They won the first game, to be honest it was hard to follow the game, because there were new rules and there were a lot of people and the noise distracts me. They lose the second one but they won the third one.



At the game for the championship we made a minute of silence because one of the players passed away days before the tournament and also it was late and it started to be dark, they start playing but at the end they decided that both are the number one because they didn´t wanted anyone get hurt.



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My Canadian experience

My first three weeks!!

[i] Hi, everyone! I'm Sera, and I come from Turkey. I am 15 years old. It's my third week in Canada and I'm having so much fun that I've haven't even realised that it has been nearly a month. First of all, I was at a camp with the correspondents (it was fun). We get to learn more about blogs and how to take photos in a better way. I also met new friends and enjoyed it all. Second off all, I met my host family and they are great. They have four cats and two dogs. They took me shopping cause I needed clothes for winter. I had my first peanut butter and jam sandwich that day! I was very exited(mostly nervouse) for the first day of school. My host sister helped me a lot and I didn't have any trouble. I met my coordinator and she's awsome!! Most of the time she mix us up because there are a lot of international students in our school, still she's getting there. After the first week of school we had a picnic that weekend with all of the international students at our school, my coordinator and the ambassador students.(photo below) thanks for them, we had a water fight and I was soaking wet. After the picnic we had a camp and we went to Brigadoon. We stayed there for a night in different cabins. I get to meet the other international students from different schools(photo below). 20160911_183552__1_.jpg .
Two days ago there was an exhibition and we went there after school with my host sister and a group of international students. I tried poutine(tasty). We won prizes(bloubs), we didn't realize how the time past. We walked for 5 hours, it was great(photo below)! Overall I had great time in Canada and I can't wait for my next adventures!! 14368870_3..119899146_n.jpg

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My first week in my hostfamily and school

Hello everyone,
It's me, Merle, again. I will tell you about my first week at my hostfamily and the first days at school.
Everything is still exciting and new and I am so happy to be here in Nova Scotia.

The first days at my hostfamily -everything is new

The first days were very exciting, everything was new, looked different and is used differently than it is in Germany.
Even the fridge is something new, it makes ice cubes itself, how cool is that !?
On my first days I got to know my hostfamily, the house and the area we live in.
We had a little surprise party for my hostsister on her birthday. We went to the beach and even tough it wasn't warm, we went into the sea !!
It was freezing cold but my hostsister, hostmother and I had a lot of fun.
On the next day we all drove to Halifax to pick up my second hostsister from Italy.
In the next couple of days I met more family members and we all went canoeing together. We put the canoes on the back of the truck and drove to a very beautiful lake, we even found an isle on the middle of the lake and explored it. In the evening we made a little bonfire in the back of the garden, and ate marshmallows.
On the day before school started our hostparents took us to the Pictou Colchester Exhibition. We walked through the stables, saw and pet goats, ducks, cows and horses. We watched the firemen’s competition and the horse barrels show.
In the end we went home, a bit disappointed but with a lot of popcorn.

180_IMG_9918.jpg IMG_0086.jpg


7th of September -School Orientation

To let us not go unpreparedly to school on the 8th, my school’s ambassadors, invited all the internationals to school on the 7th. We played some games to get to know the other exchange students and afterwards we made a tour through the school. The ambassadors told us a lot about our school and made sure we are not totally lost, the next morning at school.


8th-9th of September -Fist days of school

We went by bus to school, that was my fist time ever driving in one of the famous „yellow school busses“.
The schoolday was very chaotic for me. We got our schedules and I had to change two of my classes and couldn’t find the classrooms.
But all in all it was a great day, and very different to the school in Germany. Instead of having 11 classes, I only had 4 classes and the majority of homework the teachers give us is online, with the „Google Classroom“.
On the second day I went to a cross country meeting in the break. And…I signed up for being in the Cross Country Team!!! The second day of school was on a friday so, after these first days of school we already had weekend, and we were really tired from learning and experiencing so much new.

10th of September -Runaway Run and Multicultural Fusion Festival

On Saturday we woke up at 4 o’clock in the morning and met the other internationals at 6 o’clock to drive with two busses to Halifax, because we all would participate in The Runway Run. The Runway Run is organized by the Lung Assosiation (http://www.ns.lung.ca/site/) and took place at the Halifax Stanfield International Airport. The purpose of this run is to raise money for The Lung Assosiation, to help those with lung diseases.
After we arrived, we prepared to run and then the run started. We all ran 5 kilometers, it was hard, because only a few of us internationals were used to run long distances. But we all did it!!! We were tired but at the same time really proud of us!
After the run we drove to the Multicultural Fusion Festival in Pictou (http://commmapc.wixsite.com/fusion-festival).
You could find food and meals from all over the world, like India and Japan. At the same time there were little music performances on a little stage. It was a great atmosphere and we enjoyed staying there for some hours.
It was a great day, we had a lot of fun and were really proud of what we achived on this day.

IMG_9278.jpg IMG_9270.jpg

That's my little update about my last week here.
I look forward to the next school week, my first cross country practise and an orientation for the internationals in some days.
I will tell you about it in the next post.

Bye, Merle

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3658 Miles Apart || My first days in Nova Scotia!

Hi, I'm Giulia and I'm 3658 miles apart!
I'm 16 years old and I'm from Italy. I actually live an hour away from Venice.
On August 27th I arrived to Canada. I was very excited and I still am. My flight was from Venice to Toronto and then from Toronto to Halifax.
When I arrived to Halifax some people from the NSISP staff were waiting for me and took me in a campus in Truro, where I stayed the next two days with the other 10 foreign correspondents.


Here it is a video about it!

Now I'm staying with an host family and they're amazing! I'll stay here until June 30th.

These are some photos I took visiting Yarmouth:


Last friday we made S'Mores!

And finally, this is my host-sister Alicia!

If you want to know more about me, here you are My YouTube Channel (It's almost everything in italian, but I'm planning on adding the subtitles!)
and also my Facebook profile!
If you have any questions, just let me know!

Thanks to NSISP for this amazing adventure!

With love, Giulia

Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.

-Paulo Coelho

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Hi, my name is Rosa, I'm 17 years old and I want to share my whole experience living in Canada.

When I go to the college it was 1am and it means that I didn’t have time to realise that I was in Nova Scotia, the next day, basically the same if we talk about the hours we take the breakfast at the cafeteria and I was very afraid because everyone there knows each other and I was the new girl who doesn’t knows nobody and who doesn’t have a roommate so it was bad. I had the breakfast with the teachers.
After that we go with Mike to have a little bit introduction about what is our job as a foreign correspondent, we were wondering what he means when he said “all of you are here working”, to be honest I was so confused, then he explains that our job is to write about our experience in Nova Scotia to our friends, family and for students all around to world, Monica teach us how to us the social media and they bring a photographer to teach us how to take cool photos even if you don’t have a professional camera, because she said the best camera you have is the one you can carry with you everyday. Then we met the famous Paul Millman, he is awesome and I feel so proud to say that I come from Campeche, Mexico because for they Campeche is the capital from Mexico even when they know that the capital is Mexico City, because we have an amazing brotherhood.



In Campeche we have the brotherhood tree to represent this relationship.

All of the foreign correspondents are having this huge opportunity because they give us a scholarship but we get it in different ways; I was on a Leadership Camp in Campeche, when the Camp ends all of us had the opportunity to apply for a scholarship, I made an essay and that’s the way I get the scholarship and then after a lot of paperwork I’m living this huge experience with people from all around the world. Together we go to Halifax to Citadel and to have trip on the Harbour Hopper, it was insane and Alex, the tourist guy is so funny and handsome, to be honest. After the trip we went to McKelvies Restaurant and I ate panko crusted haddock with creamy garlic shrimp, it was my first time eating fish after 5 years and I really like it, the return to the college was so cool, just Mike and me talking about music because the guys were sleeping. The next day we do the passport scavanger hunt and after that each of us was going with our own host family.



Phatcharida from Thailand
Jiaqi from China
Celine from Germany
Sohrab from Germany
Sera from Turkey
Javier from Spain
Giulia from Italy
Merle from Germany
Michal from Netherlands
Rosa from Mexico

Mike introduces me to Sheldon, I was with his family for a week, the first day we went to Halifax for shopping. They are a cute family and it was hard to eat somethings but Sheldon made a good job, I like most of the things he made. We play phase 10 at nights and I loved it, even when it was hard to understand all the rules. Now I’m with Laura and Theresa and they are so funny, I met Laura daughter’s, Deryn and Sydney are twins and even that they are so different, we had an ice cream cake for their birthday, I met Leah at the afternoon, she is so cool, she had a good sense on books, she has really good books. I’m waiting to meet Teralee.


The first day with Laura and Theresa, they made this bonfire and it was so cool.

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