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Hey everyone, I’m Sera and it’s already been 3 months. I just can’t believe how the time passes so fast. I’m having so much fun here, in Canada. We started to get snow now. It’s not a lot where I live, but it is amazing. It never snows in my city, so I haven’s seen snow like this before. I’m so exiced to see more snow, and it’s almost CHRİSTMAS!!! I haven’t finished my Christmas shopping, but I’m almost there. This month was full of hockey and shopping. Besides pumpkinns, hockey is very big too. We go to a hockey game every week, and I quite enjoy it. For this month’s event we went to Halifax to watch a hockey game and to go shopping.


The second thing that I can’t forget for this month was Remembrance Day. I was very happy to be involved in that environment. We were sad, for the loss, but also proud. There was a ceremony at my school. Everyone was wearing poppys and showing there respect.
I should tell you a little about the schools here, in Canada. Schools here are totally different then the schools in my country. It is a new experience for me. First of all, I get to choose what subject I want. And I only choose 8 for a whole year. This is great because I didn't have this chance in my country. Also, there are 4 classes a day. They are long, but it feels like a shorter day to me. The second thing is that , I was very suprised to see microwaves at school. To warm up our lunch, they are very usefull. Especially if it is a cold day and you want a warm soup for your lunch.

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October in Nova Scotia

Hey everyone!
It's me, Merle. Another month has gone by and a lot has happened.
I travelled from the north of Nova Scotia to the very south in less than 3 days, got to enjoy the beautiful fall,
which is even prettier than I was told and the friends I made here make my stay even better.

Thanksgiving was on the 10th of October, the first Monday of the month.
We didn't follow the rules and had our Thanksgiving Dinner already on Sunday.
We left in the morning to drive to Halifax, where my host father's family lives. The day we spent there was great!
I was really happy to have my host sisters with me because were a lot of new people there and with them no one of us was alone.
We sat outside, because of the great weather that day and many people talked to us, interested to learn something about our home country and our experience in Canada so far. Around noon we had the big dinner, of course including the famous turkey, stuffing and so on.
All in all it was a really great first Thanksgiving, on which I got to know my host parent's family better.

Hockey Game
My first Hockey Game was our school's Home Opener Hockey Game, which means it was the first game for our school's team
to play at their "home ice rink" in this hockey season. A lot of people came, dressed in their school sweaters and face paint to support our team.
It was obviously really cold at the ice rink and so everyone brought blankets, scarfs and gloves to stay warm whilst watching the game.
It was an intense game and even though I knew hockey is a tougher sport than soccer I was surprised by all the fights. There were two fights in the audience, which led to the police coming to watch the audience for the rest of the game, and a hard fight on the rink,
so that one player was send off the rink. I had a lot of fun and was glad to spent the game with my friends, cheering on our team.


Cross Country Regionals and Provincial Championship
With my school's Cross Country team, I attended the Cross Country Regionals in Amherst. We all did a really good job with setting new records for ourselves. Our Girls Intermediate team came in 2nd and the Boys Intermediate 1st and earned us a really cool banner for our school. The Senior Girls, with me on the team, came in 5th and with that the just were good enough to qualify for the Provincials too.
One week later we met at 7am at the school to start our trip to the Provincial Championships. We drove 5 hours down to Yarmouth, where the Provincials took place. The race was on a golf course and had some steep hills, we had to enforce. It was a really hard race and unlike the other races a lot of us were feeling totally whacked and felt dizzy from trying so hard. We did not place but we were still really proud of us and we accomplished our goal, to just have fun on that day. On the way back we stopped at Big Stop and had a great supper together, before we continued our trip, back to the school.

image1.jpg image2.jpg

Trip to the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton
On the morning of the 22nd October it was raining, so we first decided not to take our trip to Cape Breton,
but when it stopped raining we all hopped into the car, with popcorn and apples, books and my camera.
We drove for around 3 hours to the Cabot Trail, stopping by an antique shop and a nice little decoration shop.
The Cabot Trail is an amazing trail along the water front, which looks absolutely beautiful in fall with all these colourful trees on both sides of the road. Because we didn't leave in the morning and it stated to get dark earlier, we soon were driving through the dark.
It started raining really hard and suddenly it got foggy on the streets too. You could barely see the road in front of us whilst on the left side it went down the hill and on the right side the hill went up. In some moments it was a bit scary, when the fog got thicker or another car passed us, but we all made it back safely and could tell everyone from our little adventurous trip to Cape Breton afterwards.

F39667A19E2D50B3C8E5C3CA8E2138C2.jpg IMG_0839.jpg

Halloween Dance and Squawktoberfest
The Halloween dance at my school was on the last Wednesday in this month. After school I went to my friend's house where we got ready for the dance. I dressed up as a scarecrow (unfortunately without a straw hat) and she as a cat.
Everyone was dressed up at the dance too and we didn't even stand out. We danced the whole time to classical Halloween music like "Thriller" and "Ghost Busters".
Squawktobrfestwas on the following Thursday, which started with our school bell was replaced with Halloween music. At the lunch break we had a pep rally, where all of the sport teams had to present themselves on the stage in our cafeteria, including me with the Cross Country team. After that we had the next two periods free to do stuff like doing a lip sync performance, playing bubble soccer, carving pumpkins, watching scary movies, getting an air brush tattoo or just eating cotton candy. It was really fun to watch people perform Hannah Montanna on stage, to eat the blue cotton candy and to see the bubble soccer players bump into each other.

IMG_0743.jpg IMG_0773.pngFullSizeRender_1_.jpg

I really hope my left two month will turn out just as great as these two past months did!
It is getting colder now and the colorful leaves start falling off the trees.
I love fall, but this time I don't like seeing this progress, which means time isn't stopping and I get less and less time to spend here,
where I found a second home.

Bye, Merle

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November 11th

Hello Travellers
It's me Celine from Germany and today I want to talk about something that was already almost two weeks ago: it's is November 11th.

You ask what is special about November 11th? I can tell you: it is Remembrance Day. Still don't know what I'm talking about, then keep reading (it is something you should know about Canada when you come).

Remembrance Day is a national holiday. How the word itself actually says, it is a day to remember. To remember the soldiers who fought in war. Not only those who died also those who came back. You don't only remember their bravery or the fact that they fought. What I heard a lot on this they were that they fought for our freedom. Our freedom to live where we want, to travel, to meet each other, in general: to do what we want!!

But let me tell you what I and most of Canadians did on this day.

I got up around 8.45am to get ready for a special service at the church. I actually needed an alarm clock to get up because beside the fact that you make this exchange year to experience a new culture (and this is definitely a part of the culture!!), I really wanted to see what they do on this day and church is just a part of this.

The service was at 9:15am and you could tell it was/is a bigger day. More people than usually showed up in church. The first front row was filled with uniformed soldiers and almost everyone wore plastic poppies (poppy is a flower that …). People in school started to wear those poppies at the beginning of November. It was not a usually service. A choir sang at the beginning, different people talked about what Remembrance Day means or what it shouldn´t mean. We heard a poem, saw a short video and of course remembered the soldiers!! The service ended around 10am. I got told that it is usually longer and people go straight to the Cenotaph.
The Cenotaph in our town is a stature of a soldier and on the pedestal are the names of the soldiers engraved which came from this town. During the ceremony the engraved names were called and the family came up to lay the wreath. All the names on the pedestal were called. At 11:11am they stopped for a one minute silence. My host mother told me that there is also an one minute silence on all TV and radio channels.

During the ceremony - we stood in the back of the stature

During the ceremony - we stood in the back of the stature

On side of the pedestal with the engraved names - also the wreaths with poppies

On side of the pedestal with the engraved names - also the wreaths with poppies

The Wednesday before November 11, we already had a short ceremony in school. The whole school came together in the gym around 10am. It was held for one hour in which the school elementary choir sang, the song “A Pittance of Times” from Terry Kelly was played and again people who talk about the meaning of Remembrance Day. Also, certain people like the mayor of the town, the cadet layer, a representative of the government etc. came up and laid the wreath. Some of them also pinned their poppy onto the wreath. Every school in Canada will probably have a ceremony before Remembrance Day.

So maybe you wonder why I wanted to write about Remembrance Day and that’s a good question.

I don't know how to sum up what I think about Remembrance Day but in general: I was impressed. I don't know where to start or what actually impressed me but I think I will list it and start:

1. So many people came together
I didn’t thought that so many people will come together to remember. Not only at the church also at the Cenotaph. In general that Remembrance Day is a ‘such a big’ day with also a ceremony at the school. I mean in Germany we never have a ceremony for any holiday we have. That leads me two the seconds point.

2. I needed to think about if we have Remembrance Day in Germany too.
During the holiday I was ask if we have something like Remembrance Day in Germany too and I needed to think about it. I actually needed to look up if we have it in Germany too (just to let you know: Yes we have Remembrance Day in Germany too). Somehow I felt bad that I didn’t know about something like that. And I specially always had in my mind that Germany get blamed for both world wars.

3. I needed to think about my family's past
My grandmother experienced World War II and she told me stories about it. She told me how she fled, how her father was kept in a Russin prison and lost a leg in war. She lost her brother at the end of World War II.
That was, I think, the only time I thought about the people who lived during that time. Maybe also in history class but as soon as you went out of class you forgot about it (and somehow I felt bad.)
You didn’t had a connection. I want to mention one thing my host mother said:

“My mother made me go to ceremony and i didn’t liked it as kid, but know I’m older and I know the family of some engraved names.”

I hope you could follow my reasons why I wanted to right about Remembrance Day. I have the feeling you should at least herd about Remembrance Day and I think it's a "great" holiday. A holiday with a 'good' meaning.

Nevertheless, this blog turned out longer than I thought it would be, I hoped you enjoyed it.

Hope to see you next time

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Hola, mi nombre es Rosa, tengo 17 años y quiero compartir mi experincia viviendo en Canadá, esta vez les cuento sobre todo lo que es nuevo.

Voy a ser honesta, este post es difícil para mí porque están pasando demasiadas cosas que quiero compartir con todos ustedes.

Empecemos con los árboles, los colores son tan bonitos, es irreal como un día son todos verdes y cuando no estás viendo empiezan a verse amarillos, naranjas, rojo; simplemente hermoso. Laura Lee está siempre diciendo que tan hermosos son y la razón es porque la clorofila necesita temperaturas cálidas y luz solar, cuando los árboles dejan de producir clorofila el color de las hojas empieza a cambiar.

La diferencia es asombrosa

Al inicio del mes tallé una calabaza por primera vez. Fue grandioso y asqueroso porque las semillas se sienten horrible. Las chicas (Sydney and Deryn) me ayudaron con la cara, pienso que hice un gran trabajo, al igual que ellas. Nos tomó como media hora, probablemente más, escogimos calabazas grandes.

Adivinen cual es la mía

Cuando fuimos a Peggy´s Cove, Laura Lee, Theresa y yo estábamos en el autobús rosado, Laura Lee es el conductor así que todo el tiempo ella estaba contando historias. Estaba muy emocionada porque si viajas a Nova Scotia no hay forma de que no vayas a Peggy´s Cove. Probablemente te estás preguntando que es Peggy´s Cove, bueno es un faro activo y una imagen simbólica canadiense, es una de las atracciones turísticas más demandada en la provincia y este faro es una de las estructuras más fotografiadas en el Atlántico Canadiense.

¿Ves que fuerte soy?, puedo sostener el faro con una mano

Todos los estudiantes internacionales fueron invitados al primer juego de la temporada en Brookfield. Estábamos muy emocionados. Fue un jueves. Todos los jueves tengo club de ajedrez así que me quedo después de la escuela. Después del club de ajedrez fuimos a Jake´s por pizza y después fuimos a la pista de hockey 30 minutos antes de que el juego comenzara.

Oh por Dios fue asombroso, hacía mucho frío, pero cada segundo que pasé ahí valió la pena. Al inicio Juliana estaba gritando muy fuerte cada vez que alguien golpeaba a alguien más, fue muy gracioso. Al inicio no entendíamos; fue el primer juego de hockey en el que la mayoría de nosotros había estado. Estábamos gritando muy fuerte, incluso cuando todos estaban callados, nosotros seguíamos gritando. Nuestro equipo (Alces de Brookfield) ganó 5-3. Ahora soy una gran fan del hockey.

AA65620BA2514D6BAB20A3FF974B42FD.jpgAA666BDFBA73A0AC5718A4E762E5C160.jpg caption5

Ahora vamos a hablar de la escuela, la diferencia es gigantesca. Hay dos miedos que puedes experimentar, el primero es despertarse tarde y no estar preparado a tiempo, el segundo es estar preparado, pero perder el autobús; desafortunadamente, los dos ya me pasaron.

Primer miedo: Al día siguiente de mi primer juego de hockey estaba realmente cansada que desperté a las 6:55am, sé que es difícil de creer, pero sí, eso es tarde, Forest está esperando para recogernos a Víctor y a mí a las 7:15am.

Segundo miedo: La semana pasada estaba lista a las 6:50am así que empecé a ver videos graciosos, cuando me di cuenta que tenía que ir a la escuela eran las 7:13am, corrí y cuando estaba en casa de Víctor, él no estaba ahí. Estaba realmente preocupada porque pensaba que ya había perdido el autobús, así que le mandé un mensaje a Julia diciéndole que probablemente había perdido el autobús. Ella me dijo que Roger estaba retrasado esa mañana. Forest también estaba retrasado esa mañana.


No sabes que tan grandiosa es tu vida hasta que cambias tu estilo de vida. Probablemente te estás preguntado que estoy tratando de decir. A lo que me refiero es que en casa nunca tengo que preocuparme por levantarme a tiempo, preparar mí comida, estar a tiempo para el autobús, lavar mi ropa, o ver como uso mi dinero. Básicamente solo tengo que preocuparme por la escuela. Aquí es totalmente diferente; no hay nadie que me despierte o haciendo todas esas cosas por mí. Básicamente mi mamá y mi papá no están aquí.


Me gusta como los maestros no nos tratan especial, pero se aseguran que entendamos lo que están diciendo. A veces es difícil entender lo que dicen porque hablan rápido, o cuando alguien dice algo, no lo dicen fuerte, estoy siempre al frente y no escucho nada. Creo que mi inglés está mejorando.

Siempre llegamos temprano a la escuela, así que nos sentamos en la cafetería. Siempre estamos siendo bobos, cada vez que alguien llega decimos “hola [nombre de la persona], buenos días” luego todos lo decimos. Es tonto pero divertido.

Solo estoy esperando que Troy Bolton aparezca y empiece a cantar

Todos los lunes voy a casa de Julia porque me ama y no puede vivir sin mí. Es broma, pero ella en realidad me ama. Después de la escuela voy a su casa a comer su comida, y hacer cosas como jugar con su hermanita, ser rara con su mamá, enseñar a Layla y Julia como jugar ajedrez y muchas cosas divertidas. Realmente disfruto cada segundo que paso ahí. Después de la cena vamos a la iglesia a jugar, aprender sobre la biblia y Dios, y después comemos más comida.

Julia es grandiosa, realmente me agrada, es tan raro y divertida, ella es solo asombrosa. Realmente aprecio todo lo que está haciendo por mí, espero que sigamos siendo amigas después de este semestre e incluso si ella no quiere, voy a ir a su casa a decirle “hey, quiéreme”. Como sea, estoy empezando a pasar mucho tiempo con ella y su familia, ellos son buena onda. De hecho, su mamá me “adoptó” el primer día que estuve en su casa, así que tengo otra mamá. Mami si estás leyendo esto, es broma, te amo.

En la iglesia estoy aprendiendo un montón y me divierto al mismo tiempo, los chicos son increíbles, antes de cada lección jugamos un poco y al principio era la chica floja que nunca quería jugar, pero ahora estoy ¡emocionada todo el tiempo!


Acción de gracias es un día para estar agradecido; pasar tiempo con tu familia, comer mucha comida. Es irreal cuanta comida hacen para acción de gracias. ¿Sabes qué es mejor que una cena de acción de gracias? dos cenas de acción de gracias. Estoy realmente agradecida por la oportunidad de tener esta experiencia; jamás voy a ser la misma persona que era antes de venir a Nova Scotia. Mamá y papá gracias por creer en mí y dejarme tener esta experiencia, voy a hacer que se sientan orgullosos de mí, los veo pronto.

Cena de acción de gracias con amigos de Laura Lee
Acción de gracias con la mamá de Theresa, Cecilia.

Fuimos a acampar a casa de Maggie y tal vez fue algo loco, hacía mucho frio. Cenamos hamburguesas y perros calientes, luego jugamos dardos y soy una experta (jaja, en realidad no) pero Santiago y Yuki son muy buenos. Después jugamos guitar hero o algo así y cenamos otra vez pero esta vez comimos pizza. Tuvimos una fogata enorme y muchos s’mores (demasiados dulces si pides mi opinión). TUVIMOS FUEGOS PIROTECNICOS, fue asombroso. La mama de Maggie quería sorprendernos y vaya que lo hizo. Estuvimos jugando toda la noche pero nos fuimos durmiendo uno por uno, recuerdo que estábamos jugando en silencio en el piso porque algunos de los chicos estaban durmiendo y la siguiente cosa que recuero es que desperté en el piso con todos los chicos. ¡DORMIMOS EN EL PISO! ¿Pueden creerlo?

Una noche que jamás voy a olvidar

Fuimos al laberinto de maíz (es enorme, el maíz es más alto que yo). El día anterior estaba lloviendo, así que pensamos que haríamos algo diferente, pero no. Como sea, fue grandioso. Gracias Hannah, eres la razón de que hayamos sobrevivido. Es realmente buena leyendo mapas.


Almorzamos ahí y convivimos un poco más con los chicos de Hants East que conocimos en la Orientación. Jugamos en todos los juegos. Todos se veían fácil pero oh por dios fue muy difícil. Lo hicimos de cualquier forma.

Después fuimos al centro comercial, en el autobús conocí a Tyler. Él es de Nova Scotia y se divirtió mucho el año pasado con los estudiantes internacionales as que este año quería relacionarse así que estaba siendo voluntario. Una cosa que jamás voy a olvidar de ese día es que Jorge estaba jugando con mi cabello (como siempre) y le dije que parara, pero él seguía jugando, entonces le grite y estaba llorando (Él está en la clase de drama y es un buen actor) así que todos estaban como “¿Qué pasa? “¿Por qué hiciste llorar a Jorge? Fue divertido porque estaba fingiendo

Quiero mucho a estos chicos.

Tuvimos un baile de Halloween en SCA y fu muy divertido. Todos estaban disfrazados, divirtiéndose, bailando, cantando (gritando), hay una enorme diferencia con las fiestas que tenemos en México, pero sigo estando genial.


Al día siguiente tuvimos una fiesta en casa de Julia y FUI UN TACO. Eso me hace muy feliz. Caminamos entre los árboles y ellos trataban de asustarnos. La primera vez no estaba asustada, pero la segunda vez Kierra me detuvo como por cinco minutos y me perdí. Estaba tratando de seguir el ruido y casi al final un chico salto de la nada y me asustó. (Y luego ella gritó muy fuerte y todos la escuchamos y nos reímos ~Julia)

Fue asombroso

Nunca me imaginé que tan divertido es dulce o truco. Aun cuando hace mucho frio, no lo sientes porque te estas divirtiendo mucho. Una señora estaba disfrazada de bruja y era irreal. Ella sabe actuar como una bruja. Ga-yeon estaba muy asustada.

Esta señora fue asombrosa
La mejor casa

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Hi, my name is Rosa, I'm 17 years old and I want to share my whole experience living in Canada, this time I'm talking about everything that is new.

I'm going to be honest, this post is a difficult one for me because there are a lot of things going on right now that I want to share with all of you.

Let's start with the trees, the colors are so beautiful and it's insane how one day they are all green and when you are not looking they start turning yellow, orange, red; just beautiful. Laura Lee is always saying how beautiful they are and the reason is because chlorophyll needs warm temperatures and sunlight, when the trees stop producing chlorophyll the colors of the leaves start changing.

The difference is amazing

At the beginning of the month I carved a pumpkin for the first time. It was amazing and gross because the pumpkin seeds feel really awful. The girls (Sydney and Deryn) helped me with the face; I think I did a pretty good job and they did too. It took us like half an hour, probably more, we chose big pumpkins.

Guess which one is mine

When we went to Peggy’s Cove, Laura Lee, Theresa and I were on the pink bus, Laura Lee is the driver so she was telling stories the whole time. I was so excited because if you travel to Nova Scotia there's no way that you don't go to Peggy's Cove. You're probably wondering what Peggy's Cove is, well it's an active lighthouse and a Canadian icon, it is one of the busiest tourist attractions in the province and this lighthouse is one of the most photographed structures in Atlantic Canada.

See how strong I am? I can hold the lighthouse just with one hand

All the international students were invited to the first game of the season in Brookfield. We were so excited. It was on Thursday. I have chess club every Thursday, so I stay after school. After chess club we went to Jake's for pizza and then we went to the hockey rink like 30 minutes before the game started.

Oh my god it was AMAZING, it was really cold, but every second I spent there was worth it. At the beginning Juliana were screaming so loud every time someone hit someone else, it was really funny. At the beginning we didn’t understand everything; it was the first hockey game most of us had ever been to. We were screaming so loud; even when everyone was quiet, we were still screaming. Our team (Brookfield Elks) won 5-3. Now I’m a huge fan of hockey.


Now let’s talk about the school, there’s a huge difference. There’s two fears that you can experience, the first one is waking up late and not being ready on time, the second one is being ready but missing the bus; unfortunately, both have already happened to me.

First fear: The day after my first hockey game I was really tired that I woke up at 6:55am, I know is hard to believe but yes, that’s late, Forest is waiting to pick Victor and I at 7:15am.

Second fear: Last week I was ready at 6:50am so I started to watch funny videos, when I realized that I have to go the school it was 7:13am, I ran and when I was at Victor’s house, he wasn’t there. I was getting really worried because I was thinking that I missed the bus, so I sent a message to Julia saying that probably I missed the bus. She told me that Roger was late that morning. Forest was late that morning too.


You don’t know how awesome your life is until you change your lifestyle. You’re probably asking yourself what I’m trying to say. What I mean is that at home I never have to get worry about waking up on time, making my lunch, being on time for the bus, doing laundry, or watching how I spend my money. Basically I just have to worry about school at home. Here is totally different; there’s no one waking me up and doing those things for me. Basically my mom and dad are not here.


I like how the teachers don’t treat us in special way but they make sure that we understand what they are saying. Sometimes it is hard to understand what they are saying because they talk fast, or when someone says something, they don’t say it loud, I’m always at the front so I can’t hear anything. I think that my English is getting better.

We always get to school early in the mornings, so we sit in the cafeteria. We´re always silly, every time someone arrives we say “hi [name of person], good morning” then we all say it. It's just silly and funny.

I’m just waiting for Troy Bolton to appears and start singing

Every Monday I go to Julia's house because she loves me and can't live without me. Just kidding but she does actually love me. After school I go to her house to eat her food, and do things like play with her cute little sister, be weird with her mom, teach Layla and Julia how to play chess and a lot of funny things. I really enjoy every second that I spend there. After the dinner we go to the church and play games, we learn about the bible and God, and then we eat more food.

Julia is pretty awesome, I really like her, she is so funny and weird, she is just great. I really appreciate everything that she is doing for me, I hope we're still being friends after this semester and even if she doesn’t want to, I’m going to her house and say, “hey, love me”. Anyways, I’m starting to spend a lot of time with her and her family and they are really cool. Actually her mom “adopted” me the first day I was at her house, so I have another mom. Mommy if you’re reading this is a joke, I love you.

In the church I’m learning a lot and having fun at the same time, the guys are awesome, before every lesson we play something and the beginning I was the lazy girl that never wants to play, but now I'm excited!


Thanksgiving is a day to be thankful for whatever you want; spending time with your family, eating lots of food. It´s insane how much food they make for thanksgiving. Do you know what’s better that one thanksgiving dinner? two thanksgiving dinners. I’m really thankful for the opportunity to have this experience; I’m never going to be the same person I was before I came to Nova Scotia. Mom and Dad, thanks for believing in me and letting me have this experience, I’m going to make you proud of me, see you soon.

Thanksgiving dinner at Laura Lee friends
Thanksgiving with Theresa mom, Cecilia

We went camping at Maggie’s house and maybe it was a little crazy, it was so cold. We went there, had hamburgers and hot dogs for supper, then we played darts and I’m an expert (haha not really) but Santigo and Yuki are really good. Then we play guitar hero or something like that and we ate again but this time we had pizza. We had a huge fire and lots of s’mores (too sweet if you ask for my opinion). WE HAD FIREWORKS, it was amazing. Maggie’s mom wanted to surprise us and she totally did. We were playing all night but we were falling asleep one by one, I remember we were playing quietly in the floor because some of the guys were sleeping and the next thing I remember is that I wake up in the floor with all the guys. WE SLEPT IN THE FLOOR! Can you believe that?

A night I am never going to forget

We went to a corn maze. The day before we went it was raining, so we were thinking that maybe we were going to do something different, but no. Anyways, it was amazing. Thanks Hannah, you’re the reason we survived. She is really good reading maps.


We ate lunch there and hung out more with the guys from Hants East that we met at the Orientation. We played all the games there. All of them looked easy but oh my god it was really hard. We did it anyways.

After we went to a mall, in the bus I met Tyler. He is from Nova Scotia and he had lots of fun last year with the exchange students so this year he wants to be involved so he was being a volunteer. One thing that I’m never going to forget about that day is that Jorge was playing with my hair (like always) and I told him to stop, but he just keep playing, so I screamed at him and he was crying. (He is in drama class and a good actor) so everyone was like “What happened?” “Why did you make Jorge cry?” It was just funny because he was pretending.

I love this guys

We had a Halloween dance at SCA and it was funny. Everyone wearing costumes, having fun, dancing, singing (screaming), there’s a huge difference between it and the parties we have in Mexico, but it’s still really cool.


The next day we had a party at Julia’s and I WAS A TACO. That makes me so happy. We went into the woods and they tried to scares us. The first time I wasn’t scared, but the second time Kierra stopped me for like five minutes and I got lost. I was trying to follow the noise and almost at the end a guy jumped from nowhere and scared me. (And then she screamed really loudly and we all heard her and laughed ~Julia)

It was amazing

I never imagined how fun going trick or treating is. Even when it’s cold you don’t feel it because you’re having so much fun. One lady was dressed like a witch and she was insane. She knows how to act a lot like a witch. Ga-yeon was really scared.

This lady was amazing
Best house ever

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