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Hi, my name is Rosa, I'm 17 years old and I want to share my whole experience living in Canada, this post is about winter activities.

Polar Bear Dip 2017
On the 1st of January people jumped in the freezing water of the Atlantic Ocean, also donating money to Feed Nova Scotia. Every year in Herring Cove, they organized the Polar Bear Dip to keep the tradition alive and raise money from the crazy jumpers. At the Dip there was a man who is 82 years old and has been jumping for 20 years; he is my hero

With my friends we went to Herring Cove for the registration. Even though we went early a lot of people where there already. We waited for hours and I was feeling the emotion going through my veins. After every second I was getting more excited, but when there were just 10 people before my number (I was number 89), the nervousness took the place of all the emotion I was feeling. Ten people later, it was my turn. I was shaking and not because I was cold, it was because I was nervous. I went to the waterfront and the only thing that was on my mind was “why am I here?” I was telling to myself the same thing that the old man told us, “don't think about it, just jump”. I did. I stopped thinking and I jumped. I'm not able to explain what I felt because I wasn't feeling anything. I knew I was alive because I was seeing everyone cheering and I was breathing, that was the only way I knew I was alive. When you are walking to get your clothes change, your body starts getting warm and you get used to the cold, but the pain that you feel in your fingers, feet and all your body in unbelievable.

The Polar Bear Dip is an experience that you can tell tons of times and it's going to sound crazy, but you have to experience it to know how great it is. All the emotion that comes with the jump, all the people having fun. There is no better way to start a new year than jumping in the freezing water.

After we jumped in the freezing water

Tim Hortons
I learned something in Canada; it’s never too cold for an ice capp. It doesn't matter what the weather is like, there is always time to go to Tims for coffee, tea or hot chocolate too.
I might have an addiction with tims

I saw snow for the first time in Nova Scotia. The way the snow makes me feel is amazing, it’s just beautiful. The trees full of snow, going for a walk and see everything cover with snow, its amazing.

The snowball fights take more energy that what it looks like and holding the snow is more difficult that what people think.

Running outside to play in the snow just wearing pjs is one of the most amazing experiences in my life, and it's not about being crazy is about making memories with your friends.

Snow sledding; the way the air hits your face makes you feel alive.

Snow angels; I always thought it was really easy. I was wrong, it takes time and effort, because it's hard to move the snow without messing up the angel. It’s fun though.

This one might be worst one. I CAN'T EVEN STAND WITH THE SKATES! It's really hard and I saw Hannah doing it really easy and that makes me wonder how does she do it? But she said she was just like me in her first time, so I guess I just need to keep practicing.

Jackets, gloves, winter hats and temperatures in the negatives numbers
Good news, we went already to -21 and I’m still alive. Some days I need to wear two pairs of jeans, a shirt, a sweater, a jacket, gloves, a hat and two pairs of socks; but there's nothing that warm clothes can't handle. After the Polar Bear Dip I will never complain about the cold, but getting dress for the school is a challenge every morning.

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Jingle Bell, Christmas Bell, Birthday Bell rocks!

Blog #3 by Sohrab Ayan

==It's the most beautiful time of the year==
It's me Sohrab and I'm super excited to tell you about my favourite month of the year!!!!
Christmas has always been my favourite time of the year. The lights, the decoration, the cookies and of course Santa Claus. But it was actually the first time for me celebrating Christmas. Yes, you read right. I'm a muslim so we don't usually celebrate Christmas but I still love this time of the year. And I even loved it more this year than ever before.

File_000__4_.jpeg File_000__6_.jpeg

I might haven't celebrated Christmas before but we do had a tree at home! Well, that's what I thought since I saw our trees here in my new home....compared to that our christmas tree looks like a broccoli.


But we also had some great decorations all around the house, it was pretty and so much fun to put them on!

Finally Canada's best friend visited us in Nova Scotia and he had some big luggage with it. You couldn't tell the difference between road and sidewalk. But it was fun because we never get that much snow in Germany. I loved it!
And then there was the shoveling. I thought it just hard work, but it can be so much fun! Our shoveling ended with a snowball fight and someone barried under the snow...

File_000__5_.jpeg 90_File_001__1_.jpeg

My Birthday
Christmas wasn't the only reason to celebrate this month. On the 15th of December I finally turned 17 and it was the first Birthday I did not spend with my family at home or my friends. But it didn't bothered me at all. I had a great new family sitting with me and celebrating this special day with me and a really good friend.


Christmas & Christmas Dinner
On the 24th it was finally the time. Christmas! Waking up at 6 in the morning wasn't that fun but all the presents made me forget how sleepy I was. I honestly have to say that I've never received Christmas presents before and I never gave someone one, but having this moment was great. And I'm not gonna talk about all the presents we gave each other because that's not what Christmas is about. I noticed it in the moment we were sitting in the living room and opening up our presents and I kept noticing it through the whole weekend. It was the joy of giving and the smile on someone's face what makes you enjoy Christmas. The time spending with your family even if it's just for presents or for a Dinner, this is what Christmas time means to me now and I'm thankful to my family and friends here that I was able to learn that because this is an experience that is unique and I'll never forget.


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Christmas in Nova Scotia-it's the best time of the year


Hi everyone,
my last month in Nova Scotia has gone by, which was December and that meant: Christmas!

I always loved Christmas when it gets dark and you can see the christmas trees through every house's window with its lights
or when you can just get cozy on the couch with a hot drink, a christmas movie and friends. This year Christmas was different than to what I'm used to tough. In Germany Christmas is celebrated on the 24th, in the night, which is different from the Canadian tradition. In Canada the 24th is Christmas Eve and in the morning of the 25th is Christmas Morning on which you open your present and usually a Christmas Dinner is following, later that day. This wasn't the only difference to the past years that I celebrated Christmas. This year was the first year I spent apart from my family around that time, but my second family here in Nova Scotia made us such a nice Christmas, so that we missed our families a little bit less.

Snow, snow ... and snow
Right at the beginning of December it started to snow a lot. It was so much that we had no school, because the snow would have made it too hard and unsafe for all the students to come to school. My host sister and I took advantage of that obviously and spent most of the day outside, being in the snow, making a snowman. In the following days it snowed more and more and it got colder with each day. Two weeks after the first snowday my host sister and I woke up and heard the sentense, which all students like to hear: "You have no school today" On this day it was -19 degrees cold outside and a storm was expected to come, so the school board decided to not have us go to school, again. We spent the day at home drinking hot chocolate and watching a christmas movie to get into the christmas mood. I never have had snowdays before, in Germany and I really liked it, I mean who wouldn't ? I have always loved snow and how everything looks so pretty with freshly fallen snow that's why I really enjoyed it. I never had this much snow at home, just when I would go somewhere on holidays so I was really excited to have a lot snow.

IMG_8710.jpg IMG_8737.jpg


Christmas in Canada
Our Christmas preperations started with decorating the house, and let me tell you, we had a lot to decorate. I really liked to do it,
since I never really decorated my house in Germany for Christmas. I was really surprised about how many people change thier gardens to little "winter wonderands" with lights, Santas, Reindeers and ornaments and I enjoyed looking at all the houses when it got dark and everyone turned on the lights.
Christmas isn't Christmas without the tree, so we went to our neighbour's tree farm, cut a tree and decorated it with many nice little ornaments. My host mother could tell us something to every ornament, either from who she got it from, from where it is or when she made them herself, which was really nice because almost every ornament on the tree had a little story. Now that our home looked prepared for Christmas it was about us to get into the christmas mood. We watched a lot of christmas movies with hot chocolate and blankets on the couch, baked four kinds of cookies and went to christmas parties.
On Christmas Eve we didn't do much, because my host mother had to work unfortunately, so we stayed at home, watched movies and put all of our presents under the tree, whilst our hostfather prepared the dinner for the next day. On Christmas Morning we had a little gift giving over at our host mom's mothers house and went to our house afterwards to open our presents there. It was a lot of fun and my host sister and I got so many great presents. My host parents' daughter came over with her partner and son, later that day. We had our Christmas Dinner on the 26th with crackers and a big turkey with stuffing, carrots, peas, mashed potatoes and more, ate until we were totally full and just had a little bit of family time, just how the christmas time is supposed to be.

IMG_2587.jpg 90_IMG_2662.jpg
Our Christmas tree with the presents underneath and the Christmas Dinner table

Two of the Christmas parties we went to, of course with ugly christmas sweaters ;-)

Now Canadian Christmas has become one of my many "Nova Scotia memories".
I am really grateful that I could spend this celebration with my host family and
I am trying to push away the thought, that I have to leave in some days.

A belated Merry Christmas from me, I hope you had some nice days that you spent with your loved ones.

Bye, Merle

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December in Canada!!

Hi, I’m Sera and this is my fourth month in Canada. December was a busy month. I did a lot of Christmas shopping, and had a lot of activities going on. We had a Christmas Party with the international students. Everyone had to bring food. It was great. I got to try different food from all around the world. We also had to bring a small present to put it under the tree. Thanks for my coordinator, and the ambassador students it was a wonderful day.
This month I snowboarded for the first time!! I’ll be honest, it is really hard and I’m still trying to stop. But it is fun. I’m working on the bunny hill, and I think I’ll be on the big hill in a few weeks. My host sisters and my friends are helping me a lot.

Christmas was amazing. We didn’t get a white Christmas like I was hoping but I really had fun. I had parcels from back home. My friends and my host family bought me presents, and I thought Santa had actually came!. We opened the presents first, and then we had a Christmas breakfast. It was delicious. We played card games and listened to Christmas songs. Later on, we had our famous Christmas supper. Of course there was turkey, stuffing, and some vegetables. I had fun that day. We are still trying to finish the turkey though!.
I don’t remember how many times I went to the mall to buy presents but it was worth it. Whenever we go out when it’s dark, we could see pretty lights everywhere. I can say that Canadians really like decorating their houses with lights. The lights are still out.
I also had a surprise this month,when I was at the ski hill. I saw one of my friends that I met at the camp. She is a foreign correspondent too!! And was great to see her again.

This month was amazing! I didn’t realize how the time passed by. I remember my days, counting days to come here and now it’s been four months and I only have six months left!!

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Blog #3 by Sohrab Ayan

Hi guys!
Third month over and it feels like I've never been somewhere else...
It is unbelievable how quick a place can feel like home even though it is not your own house. You can tell what home really means. A place where you have people who love you and people you love, people you feel comfortable with and feel safe. This is what my host family became for me. But let me tell you a bit about this month, what I did and how things are going.

One of the Highlights this month. In the first weekend of this month we went to Hal-Con. I'ts a Halifax version of the Comic-Con and it was amazing!! I didn't even entered the huge conference room and I saw all those strangers, dressed like people you know! Shaking Darth Vaders hand, taking pictures with Pikachu, and have a small talk with Hagrid from Harry Potter. That's the moment you know you're at the Hal-Con. Hundreds of people dressed like heroes from Comics, Movies and TV shows. But that's not all. Merchandise! Lots and Lots of Merchandise!!! I was able to take a picture with my Hero from the Anime 'Naruto'.


School's going great. It didn't take me long to get into the new school, new people and the new system. Thanks to the people!!
I have five different classes in school: English, Drama, Math, Agriculture and Physical Activities.
Physical Activities and Drama are absolutely my favourite classes. In Drama we are working on plays and musicals we're gonna present and that is so much fun.
Our soccer season ended this month because we lost the finals of our league but we did something we're really proud of. The soccer team of our school has never been so far in the history of this school and we are happy about this achievement! But this is not the only achievement you can get by joining a sports team in your school. This is the best way to get to meet new people and becoming friends. I can tell!!
We also went to an auction house with our Agriculture class and it was the first time I went to one. It was fun but I felt kinda sorry for all the animals.


Canadian Culture
Three months are definitely not enough to get to know the whole culture. But I know a lot already. In this month I actually saw my first Hockey Game ever. And I can say one thing. It is intense!!!! I don't care what people say about Canadian and Hockey but I can tell they love their national sport. And it was actually so much fun watching the game. We went to Antigonish to see a game between the team of St.FX and a team of PEI. We went for St.FX and they actually won. Another thing what Canadian love is Poutine. No, it's not the President of Russia. It's French Fries but instead of eating it with ketchup, it's with cheese and gravy. And it is delicious!



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